Monday, April 14, 2014

Once upon a time...

I used to write on this blog. I have been pretty busy in the whole Fosterhood thing, so I haven't really been into what's going on the wonderful land of Urgent Care Nursing. Of course this job is BORING.

I start a BSN program again in June so that I can get my Masters in Education. I want to get Wound Care Certified too.

I also am sending in my resume for an LTAC, because I NEED to do MORE. I feel lazy here, and when I actually get cases that are interesting, I don't like them because of the fact that I may have to stay late or run around like a chicken with my head cut off over something because we don't have what we need or because I am so fearful of my IV skills, as rusty as they are, that when I miss, I fear for my job. Which is completely stupid and only a self imposed anxiety at this point but since it's MA work more than RN work... I feel totally... well... BORED!

Is there a field of Nursing that I like?????????


  1. You'll find what is right for you dear. I know exactly how you feel and I have done exactly what you are doing now, looking. I found a new adventure, Trauma! I am also going back to school. It's very funny how we don't see each other but our careers are flowing in the same direction

  2. I love how nursing is very versatile that is one of the reason I became a nurse but here are some fields I do not like....nursing home and ICU. Those places don't match my personality at all. Congrats on getting your BSN in June. Can't wait to read about your journey doing so :-)

    A fellow nurse

    Sarah :-)

  3. I've been in psych nursing for a year, and so far, everyday is different.
    Let's just say I've NEVER been bored. ;)

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