Saturday, December 29, 2012

NCLEX Prepping...

I feel like I have done this post before... oh yeah that is because I have ;-)

Anyway.. time to officially start the studying again. I have actually been doing the Kaplan Program for a while now, but have taken the past few weeks off from doing any questions. I did score pretty high on those.

I also have Saunders Q&A Review, Hurst Reviews, PrepU, and will most likely hit up the book store and do some La Charity questions or other review books through out this time. It's all about questions questions and questions.

I will also review some content areas I am a bit lacking in, and review those all important lab values.

So about 150 or so a day for the next 29 days and a few content videos. I think I may focus a lot on the SATA choices, since those are a weakness of mine.

Friday, December 28, 2012

ATTs are starting to roll in...

ATTs are starting to roll in to my classmates, so I am hoping to have mine pretty soon. I didn't realize that you had to pay the testing fee before you even got the ATT, so I paid that today. I expect then to see the ATT next week maybe.

Test dates for some are as early at the 15th of January... so who knows maybe I can get a date in January!

Fingers crossed. **Ok got it and scheduled as well @ 30 days from now***

PS... I really hate the staff at my old current job. They still suck and are still a bunch of douchey bitches! Guess who will not be the home health nursing company when I get my little kiddos!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sound off... Are you working the Holidays?

Last year I worked every single holiday... all of them, including the summer holidays.

This year I decided to be frugal with my holiday work schedule. I am however working Christmas Night. I am NOT working New Year's Eve, but am working New Years Day (Night). The perks of working nightshift.

So are you working? Are you celebrating early? Are you just not celebrating at all?

Saturday, December 22, 2012


We have officially started the process to proceed with adopting through the foster care system. The plan is to adopt a sibling group, but we are open at this time generally to those of school age. Of course if the sibling group contains a child younger than school age we are ok with that as well, but we are not actively perusing infants at all.

We are also making plans to move into a much larger house in July that contains 6 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms along with some other great perks.

Surprisingly the entire family is excited about it, including my 18 year old son.

Monday, December 17, 2012


So today was my first day of orientation for my RN job. Officially I have still to pass the NCLEX... but the training has begun and he keeps looking at me and saying, "This is especially important for you as the RN."

It felt surreal because this just all made it real. I mean my current job is going to convert to RN after NCLEX, but it won't change ever so much at first. But yeah weird! Oh and the best news... training is paid at an hourly rate.

CNA $15
LPN $20
RN $30

Guess what he said my rate will be for training!! I was a little shocked because at first they wanted me to train as an LPN and then convert to RN, but they agreed that since I have graduated and will be taking NCLEX so soon, they will do all of my training as an RN. I will be able to take cases as the LPN under the DONs case management and then will take over his group and any new admits as soon as I pass NCLEX.

Now hurry up school and send the damn info to the BON so I can get my ATT!!!

Oh and post my final grade for preceptorship so I can get my damn money while you are at it!

Friday, December 14, 2012


So I have orientation for my new job on Monday as well as orientation for our new journey as well. Lots of new things about to happen.

A new journey will begin soon... stay tuned.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Graduation Pictures

My kids and me.

Hubby and me.

Travis my nephew and little buddy and me.

My Dad and me.

and finally my Mom and me.

A Special Thank you...

Today is my pinning ceremony and I wish all of my blogging friends could be there as well. It has been with all of your encouragement and help, even if it was just a comment on a stupid vent post, that I have been able to come this far.

So a special...

To all of you for having my back!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Status Update

The AZBON has received my application and my name has appeared under the Registered Nurse title. Of course I still have to take the NCLEX to get my official license... but this is an exciting step nonetheless. It's like really real all of a sudden.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finally Finished!!

Final letter grade = None other than...

So at least I am consistent... Every semester I got a B.

So glad to be finished.

Overall pretty happy considering I was working full time and barely got any sleep for 4 months. Blocks 1 & 2 I received the same number grade 92, and for Blocks 3 & 4 I received the exact same number grade 85

Monday, December 3, 2012

and then there were one...

Not exactly grammatically correct, but nonetheless... 1 shift left!! It happens to be only 8 hours long and on Wednesday. Woot!

So today I took a full team of 5 patients. I saw something I had never seen before. A Pt peed in the cover of their dinner tray. Like really? I impressed myself and my Preceptor. Not many new grad's on orientation can take a full pt load of 5 patients by shift #6. I used her as a resource and I didn't do everything... because I am not able to do some things... but I am catching on pretty well.. not that it matters or anything at this point because it's not like I am going to be working there or anything... but it's nice to know I could handle it. Now ask me if I would ever do it.

Very tired... going shopping tomorrow to pick out my whites for pinning... to get a dress or not to get a dress... guess it depends on the Spanx :-)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Board of Nursing Application Mailed...

Ok it's in the mail. After the 13th my final grade will post and I will be able to submit to work my transcript for reimbursement and register for NCLEX and await my ATT so I can set my test date. Hopefully it won't be too late into January or February.

Can you believe I only have 3 more Preceptorship shifts left and 12 days until GRADUATION?!?!