Thursday, February 28, 2013

Considering Teaching...

So I was approached about teaching CNA classes. Eeekkk.... Here is where the reality of actually teaching in the future may actually be tested. I am not sure however how this will turn out, because it is far from my house, but... I would love to consider the opportunity. Except I am sitting here blogging about it instead of calling the program director back.

*** Ok so I called them and it looks promising. I am hoping to pick up the weekend shifts for 10 week stints at a time. I will meet with them on Monday and go from there. Lots of training and support so they don't just they you to the wolves so this could be exciting.. We shall see if it pans out. ****

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An update of sorts...

Confirmed my schedule today for late spring semester start for BSN. My books have been ordered and are shipping soon. Start date is officially still a little bit away, 4/8/13... but things are moving forward, and my finical aide for this is in progress as well.

I had an orientation for another new position today. I should hear hopefully soon about my starting hours shortly, although things may hit a snag, not sure yet. Finding a second position has seemed to be easy, it's just the actually starting and getting regular hours and a regular paycheck that seems to be the problem.

I did not get the Indian Health Position because it was more clinic work and less med/surg work and they thought that my goals of my BSN and OR program would make me over qualified for the type of experience that this position would offer me and I probably would not be happy there. (The bait and switch that I was referring to in previous post) soooo.... to be continued.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Cherokee Scrubs Flexibles - A Review

When I was approached by Uniformed Scrubs to write a review for an item from their Cherokee Scrubs collections I was very excited! They are the makers of my new favorite scrubs, The Flexibles! You see I already had quite a collection of them.

They sent me the solid color Navy and if their shipping for orders is as fast as this I will be a very happy customer in the future.

So the good: I love the comfort of these scrubs, the flexible sides allow for stretch and although they are form fitting, they are not binding at all. I also love the fact that they are not boxey looking like most scrubs are. For someone who has recently lost weight, I want it to look like I lost way more weight than I already have, and these new Cherokee Flexibles do just that.

Now for the bad: I really only have one complaint about these scrubs and its the pockets! They have a kangaroo pocket in the front, completely useless for holding any kind of equipment that an actual nurse may need. Pens fall out, flushes fall out, and well you guessed it, pretty much everything falls out. Despite being my new staple wardrobe, I do need to make sure that I buy pants with plenty of pockets.

For me the style and comfort wins out over the function, mainly because currently my position in Home Health allows me to use a bag and not have to shove everything in my pockets. These new Cherokee Flexibles are also good for the new dress codes that many facilities are adopting since they come in solid colors as well.

So check out the selection of Cherokee Scrubs or any of the huge selection of scrubs from Uniformed Scrubs and say I sent you buy using this coupon code 15pbrm to get 15% your order!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

First Panel Interview

I don't mind the format... but all in all... I freaking hate interviews. I always feel like either I say too much or not enough or whatever. You get a good feeling and then well a bad feeling all in one interview. It just is NOT the best way I make my impressions. Anyway ya just never know about these things.

So the job is a bait and switch, if that makes any sense, it was advertised as 1 thing, but is actually something else. Not bad, but just something else. I won't go into a lot of detail just yet, but either way and I should know early next week, I guess. So I will tell you more about it later.

Right now I am at work in my brand new Cherokee Flexible Scrubtop which I will write an official review on later, sense this one I was approached about. But let's just say these tops have become a staple in my wardrobe since I found them in my last uniform shopping trip where I discovered I had gone down 2ish sizes, if only they did not have the Kangaroo pouch pocket and had regular front pockets, but the best part, they are form fitting instead of boxy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Perioperative Nursing 101

Enrolling this week for the Fall 2013 start! So excited about this one. The class consists of hybrid lecture and clinical and lab components with an internship in the OR.

They teach you how to scrub, circulate and even first assist with some procedures. THIS is the opportunity I have been waiting for since Block 1 in the nursing program way back when.

I am hoping that this will give me some networking opportunities to parlay my RN into a career at the surgical centers, or a leg up when it comes to applying for positions that require "experience" at the hospital level OR programs, not having to be trained from scratch by an employer probably looks better right?

Looks to be a VERY busy Fall!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

When it rains it pours...

With that said I just received a call for an interview next Thursday for an inpatient RN position, plus that interview I mentioned yesterday for the other Peds Homecare position, as well as,I am still in the mix for the visiting nurse position, and well we all know that I am not willing to give up my current case EVER.

So anyway, I applied to a bunch of places, just like everyone else, and a bunch of places have started calling back... eeek

Ok so THE perk of this position... student loan forgiveness!! It is for the Indian Health services!(Gosh now this one I really really want!!) 10 hour rotating day shifts with EOW. So this allows me to maintain my other position and still pick up some of her school hours as well. Like I said before, she has many days where she doesn't go to school at all, so I will be good there as well and can do PRN with the visiting nursing company. Of course if I am only able to pick up a few of her days that is ok too. She was VERY excited at the idea of having even more time with me.

So with all of that, here is the scoop as to why am I doing all of this. The simple concept is Career satisfaction and pay checks! Those are the keys right now to accomplishing the rest of my "list". Debt free, downpayment on the "A" Mansion, decorating said house, and of course being able to support hubby not working full-time outside of the house so that we can get kiddos. Of course my long term goal is NOT to have to work more than 1 or 2 jobs forever, but long enough to get all of the things accomplished that really need to be seen to, like my credit score.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why I am not changing my name...

Because the journey continues. Nursing school that is. Of course it's not all that exciting now, just boring classes, but another 18+ months to go. Is it me or does it feel like school will just never end?

18+ months from now and the next Journey will start and that is my Master's Degree Program, of course at that point I shall have to decide exactly what I want my degree to be in. Do I go the Education route, the Management route, the Informatics Route (not likely), or do I go the FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner) route? I am leaning toward Education right now.

Ok so anyway, back to preparing for this first batch of classes.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Completed my ACLS class today. Now I just need to complete PALS. I need some more money first though. I submitted my reimbursement request today, so as long as it is on my next check then I will turn it around and do the PALS class.

I am also considering adding a few other certifications, the problem is, the more I realize that I am lazy and really don't want to work that hard for not a lot of money, the more I realize that acute care doesn't mean that much to me. Makes me wonder why exactly I am even doing the BSN aspect of it? But ya never know because I always change my mind. (Still want the Perioperative one, however there is some not good news with that one right now, but it could change.)

So anyway... got a call today that a nurse is leaving my case that takes her to school. So guess what! LOL... Since it is with another company it does not interfere with my current full-time job, but allows me to pick up the extra hours that I need to allow me to get this plan moving already!

Let's see, be with her all night then take her to school 3 days a week. Actually it could be all week. They do have other hours they would like me for, except I am not bilingual. I really wish I could make the Spanish Language stick inside my head!

Monday, February 11, 2013

RN to BSN update

Enrollment has begun. Got the degree plan today. Official start date of April 8th. I have already completed the College Success class they require though, so at least that one is out of the way.

Anticipated Graduation date 9/21/14

Sem 1

NUR3816 Dimensions of Professional Nursing (4)
HUM-Work & Family (4)
ENG-Adv Comp (4)

Sem 2
NUR3508 Quality and Safety in Nursing (4)
ENG-American Lit (4)
HIS-Visions of America (4)

Sem 3
NUR3177 Health Assessment (4)
HUM-Contemp World Lit(4)
MAT-Gender in Math & Science (4)

Sem 4
NUR3205 Applied Pathophysiology (4) BLEXK (The one I had taken was not on a 300 level so retake it is, but could be worse)
NUR3655 Transcultural Nursing (4)
NUR4165 Nursing Research (4)

Sem 5
NUR4870 Nursing Informatiics (4)
NUR4529 Public Health and Community Nursing (4)
NUR3418 Introduction to Alternative and Complimentary Therapies (4)

Sem 6
NUR4773 Leadership and Management in Nursing (4)
NUR4909 Nursing Capstone (4)

Senior Seminar

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Careful Careful Careful

IV antibiotics x 2 via central line 1 q8 and 1 q6. TPN via central line continuously. Q4 blood sugar and q4 T & BP. Not to mention numerous NGT meds. The good part... only 1 pt. So yeah this is really where I belong!

Super freaked out about maintaining aseptic technique so we avoid another line infection. It's pretty hard with a home case who is neutropenic as well. I really wish there was a line cap we could use like a Curos or something. I am considering taping a chlorhexidine wipe to the end between accessing and stuffing the end in a glove finger... maybe that will work?

I seriously have to get a hold of my Administrator and get my damn RN raise! They have my info now. I will call again tomorrow. So so many things right now that need to fall into place with jobs. Urgh, I sound like a broken record.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Soul Searching...

Did I work this hard to dread a shift already? NOPE

So I thought long and hard, and over and over, and realized, that this acute care position is just not where I want to be. I just do not want to work with acutely sick kids. Never have. I am also not a fan of screaming babies, so yeah. I had the chance to experience quite a lot of areas of nursing during clinical and as an LPN, and I know what I like and don't like, I don't want to waste anyone's time, especially don't want to be sitting here eating cookie dough all stressed out over not liking a position.

So I have some phone calls to make tomorrow and a few things to work out. I may be hearing from the Neuro/Rehab position, but that is not my plan, it's just a back-up just incase they do in fact call, but I am actually going to submit an application for my old job, while I work toward my BSN and do the OR program. This way I can stay as primary nurse for my current position as well.

Much more to think about and update, but until I know for sure...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

PICU again

Homecare case in PICU- condition GUARDED. Septic Shock. Neutropenia and invasive lines, with access to schools during flu season is NOT a good place. Endless strep despite multiple oral antibiotic therapy. Probably should avoid oral antibiotics with a kid that has malabsorption issues to begin with... don't you think?

Anyway this is a reason I have had to make the hard decisions. It's not their fault, it's just that bills need to be paid. I think I will be able to still get the rest of my hours in for the week on another case at the house, so at least with my 24 hours I have already at the Hospital it will be a regular check... but I was kinda looking forward to a month of OT.. don't it just figure?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Houston we have a problem...

Well I am not exactly sure if we do or not, I guess I will stick it out and see how things go... but like, um.... I really DO NOT want to be a baby nurse.

No offense to all the babies out there reading this, but yeah I really don't like taking care of babies. They cry a lot, especially the sick ones, and it is up to us to soothe them, as well as treat them, and chart at the same time.

Soooo... lots to think about I guess.

Oh and yeah I still feel like a moron right now... slower on the uptake than I should be, I really don't like this feeling, maybe because babies are not my thing? Hell in OB I stayed FAR away from the "Baby Nurse"


PS: Updated...

The parties that be agreed that I could work both locations, what happened was... Mom said, "Then we will not have Nursing anymore because I really want to keep Christine and do not want to train another nurse so you will be losing over 500 billable hours a month." that totally changed their tune and they were, "Oh ok of course Christine is awesome!" LOL

PPS: So guess who also called today... my adult homecare job finally! So ride-a-long either tomorrow or the day after, then I will finally be able to make my decision and if I get hours then we are golden.

Monday, February 4, 2013


A term I learned yesterday, apparently it is the concept of making the new nurse do the scut work or being your slave. Of course my Preceptor said se wasn't going to do that, but it was a funny concept, accurate in most cases, but funny nonetheless. I have never heard that term before.

So my night as an Acute Care Pediatric Nurse... I couldn't remember the most basic math and I couldn't remember reconstitutions and concentration math either. But it was basically just nerves and being put on the spot and literally my mind blanked. I felt so dumb though, soooo not like me. Other than that I watched how things were done, then I jumped into holding babies, changing babies and hanging feedings. So the usual things for me just on a tinier scale.

What the night consisted of was,getting acquainted with the unit, quieting a fussy baby who had stridor and just would not sleep, pulse ox alarms aplenty, q2h diaper changes, q2h repositioning, giving meds via IV push and NGT, hanging IV antibiotics via syringe pump & slow IV push, hanging tube feeds,making formula, drawing labs from both a PICC and a scalp vein (the scalp vein venipuncture, OMG terrifying!)and answering the many needs of many needy parent. Anyway this IS the big time ladies and gents.

The morning arrived with an onslaught of RN nursing students to our tiny facility and it hit me that I am the RN, this is real... and thank GOD I did not have to write a school careplan on my patients today.

Back tonight then next shift on Sunday again. The only part I don't like abut it is that it is NOT 7 miles from my house like my other job, I am not looking forward to a Monday 6pm commute. I really hope the traffic is going the other direction.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Is it meant to be?

Do you ever wonder how you end up in the places you do? In Block 1 we were asked, "What do you want to do when you graduate?" My reply, " Anything but Pediatrics, I don't even want Peds during clinical." I just knew that the PACU and OR were areas that would interest me. I had a lot of patient experience with that area of nursing and was fascinated with it. (Nothing has changed there, btw and I am stilling applying into the Perioperative Program's next start date) Yet, I enjoyed my clinicals in Peds. Especially the time I had in the PICU. The "floor" was interesting as well, whereas NICU didn't have enough action for me, I could now see the opportunity there for me as well.

So I sit here and contemplate how I ended up here. I am about to start another chapter of my nursing career, this time as an RN, and as Pediatric Floor Nurse at a small children's hospital tonight. I am a bit scared and yet very excited about the opportunity that this will allow in my future career.

Of course I am not totally out of the running for an acute care position in adult neuro/rehab... but I would not count on getting that one at this point. I still must maintain two jobs either way for a year so that I could continue on my path to being debt free and getting the money for the down payment and mortgage on the new McMansion. Who knows maybe my visiting nurse RN job will get their census up and give me a call to start seeing patients!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Broken Heart

So I did explain to the family about the new Peds job and the likelihood that I would not even end up there at all as a nurse. We did discuss possibly 2 shifts at 8 hours each then doing the other 24 at the Hospital. I am mostly hoping for this and would love to continue in this case. I hope she can push for it with the agency and that they don't decide to reassign me off it totally as they had threatened. This still allows the agency to get a nurse for 32 hours a week ie full-time so it's not like they haven't done that before. But we did discuss that they need an RN for her and not an LPN if they rehire. However the Mom does not really want them to replace me at all and has even suggested not getting nursing after I leave and I will just take her on weekends and when I get kiddos Mom will come and work for me. We also discussed changing the agency, but since she works for them, she wasn't sure if they would retaliate or something. But her husband was all for it! LOL So I am at least hoping.

It sucks but they understand the reasons behind needing to get acute care experience as a new grad so that I don't get locked into a limited path.

Anyway, I do start training at the Peds Hospital tomorrow night.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Acute Care and then some

So I had two interviews today. Both were for acute care hospitals. 1 is the sister company of the one I work with, the other the large corporate hospital that spans the entire valley. Peds and the other Neuro/Rehab

Interview #1. PRO: AWESOME! Great staff, great managers, a lot of acuity, with potential for overtime, although potential for getting low censused as well in the off seasons, but she said if I train for Charge then I would not get low censused first. They also do have some LPNs on staff so of course they get low censused first but they are currently 60% RN staffed as with any facility. NO tech though so it's total care. but they are mostly babies. Anyway, It's Peds of course with the average age under 3 but can be up to 18. Lots of NICU step-down, drug withdrawal, RSV, and antibiotic therapy, as well as cardiology step-down. 5:1 ratio. Small hospital no loss of seniority or benefits, more pay, harder job of course than my homecare case, but so much more to learn and it counts towards that oh so important acute hospital experience that is a make or break right now.

CON: Can not do my homecare case anymore. Despite the bond we have and desire to maintain the relationship and such, the bitches at the office were like, "Oh you are going there, well we will just reassign your case." I told them I was only going to do part-time at the hospital and could still work 16 ours or 2 days to give me the 40 and they were like, "No we will use you somewhere else because they may have an issue staffing if the hours are less than that.. Of course you KNOW the only reason I have put up with these people for this long is because of the case so there is no way I would stay if they reassigned me to another case.

So anyway, I have to talk to the Mom and see what she says and everything, maybe she can insist that I do 2 8 hour shifts and whoever they get work there the other 4 days = 32 hours for them? I KNOW that they split cases all the time, heck that is how I started. The Mom and I had a talk about it yesterday a little, because we knew they were going to pitch a fit, but yeah... maybe we can can rearrange some things, or at the very least I will just see them in a non-nursing way... after all we are buying their other house from them, and the Mom may come and work for me if we get cases with nursing hours, which I am determined to do!

The key to this whole mess is that as a new RN I really need to get acute care experience or I am going to be stuck in homecare forever and well.. what if something happens to my only reason for staying in Homecare to begin with?

Interview #2 Neuro/Rehab. What else can I say. It is also considered acute care, the interview was mostly situation type of personality questions. I probably blew it, mainly because I was a tad disenchanted with the unit as I walked through it. But either way I still answered the questions the best way I could, but well... bleck. Of course I expressed interest, beyond what I actually had, and asked about training and whatnot. She said they were interviewing next week as well, and if I made the next cut it would be a peer panel interview. So yeah I would not turn it down, because of the opportunity, but really, Neuro/Rehab? It's like a Nursing Home on steroids! These pts are too unstable to go to facilities and too stable to be on the floors. The acuity changes but the majority of the until consists of -No vents but there are trachs, burns, LVADs, TBI, Stroke and Cardiac(non-monitored) beds. (Technically the designation could be termed Med/Surg)

So stay tuned I guess...

So anyway... I have not slept yet, I have to work tonight, I have not been able to eat anything, my band is so damn tight because of the stress, so maybe I will try and get a few hours of a nap before work.