Monday, June 24, 2013

So much, yet so little

So much is going on, but then again not much has happened. work is work. Not much movement there. Same old same old. I may get an actual vacation at the end of July! My little one has been given a Make-a-Wish and of course Disneyland is on the agenda. I'd like to spend that time doing something sleeping ;-)

Fall is just around the corner and then school starts for me again. I am so looking forward to this program, I really hope it has a fruitful ending.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Like a Loop

My personal life is like a loop I just can't seem to shake. The trouble with other people's addictive personalities is that they have them. Maybe it's because I just had some major changes happen and what I thought I could use to fill the void just isn't working. It seems its time to take a hard look at the big picture and make some tough decisions.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Guest Posts

It's not that I am not flattered with the fact that people are actually reading the drivel that I write on this thing. But mainly this is for me. I use this forum as a diary I guess. A journal or log of the ups and downs that go on in my life. I like being able to read back a few years and see how much has changed, or how much has not.

I blog because I need an outlet to express whatever I want. I don't expect a book deal from it, or tons of money, or heck even a soul to read it, though I would be happy with any of those items.

Since I have begun blogging I have met many people on here who I actually consider friends, though we may not have met IRL. So as people complete their blogs and move on with life's adventures I remain steadfast in my blog here. It may not be exciting to read, but it's mine.

My point... Thanks but no thanks.

Monday, June 3, 2013


I really need to gather up all of my text books and see if I can trade them in for some cash towards the huge book list that accompanies the OR Program which starts in a bit over two months. I also said I would help my daughter with her semester expenses for the summer, of course that was before I added 3 new members to the household and a house payment more than double what I was paying when I agreed.