Here I will post about the LPN-RN journey.

1.The Application process... Submission will be on 1/30/12. Done

2.I need to score a 75 or above in Reading and a 75 or above in the Math on the HESIA2. Last time I scored a 98 on Reading and an 88 on Math. I hope I do the same or better this time. DONE I did BETTER in math improved to a 90

3.On the HESI-PN I scored a last time 1037... I needed to get at least an 850 to be eligible. Which my last score totally beat, but I hope to do better this time! I have been doing NCLEX RN questions and have been doing very well, especially in the analysis questions, so I hope that is a good sign. I would be pretty upset if it was a lower score. I am sure for Advanced Placement higher HESI scores get the spots. DONE I did BETTER 1052!

4. Wait for a spot **** Still waiting **** 3/23/12
DONE 4/9/12
5. Accept Spot
DONE 4/9/12
6 Start classes - 5/21/12!!!!!!!
7. Finish Block 3 8/4/12
DONE HESI exit score 1083
8. Start Block 4 8/20/12
9. Pass Block 4 - HESI 11/9/12
DONE Exit score 1147
10. Senior Practicum - OrthoTrauma Floor at St Joe's
11. Graduate 12/13/12
12. Application to the AZBON to test for NCLEX
DONE- PASS!!!!!!!!!!! 1/24/13

This was such an exciting and exhausting time in my life. I worked full time while completing this program as a Pediatric Home Health Nurse. As jobs go it was pretty easy to balance this with school, but I sure was tired! Many a day would include a full day of classes followed by a full night of work, only to turn around and do it again. But I am so glad that I completed it! It was sooo worth it. HARD but worth it!