Monday, September 29, 2014

Just about finished

Will in fact be submitting my last Biochem task tomorrow, hope I won't need a revision, but I probably will.

Either way that makes 12 CU's completed in 1 month. If only I could keep that up... but I don't see it as possible for some of these classes, but I will surely try. My Course Adviser put me on bi-weekly contact instead of the weekly contact because I was doing so well.

I have a speech to work on for one class and Nutrition exam to pass. I missed the cut score on the Pre-Assessment by 3% so I need to review a little bit and then I will try and take the test the end of next week.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A tisket and tasket

I'm so punny... anyway... Biochem is plugging along. Passed task 1 with no revisions needed. I submitted task 2 yesterday and am 234 in the que as they are only up to grading from the 22nd at this point, I think I will probably have task 3 submitted by the time I hear back from that one. So so far 2/5ths of the way from completed with my 12 CUs... tomorrow I talk to my adviser and will have her open those other three classes for me if she will, or at the very least Nutrition, since I talk to her normally weekly, she may just open one officially a week. But I'm just guessing.

Ok back to work... need to build a model of a Hemoglobin... have you seen it? Squiggly mess of crazy!

Friday, September 19, 2014

In the bag

One more class done. Now onto Biochem. 5 Projects for this class... each with 5-6 parts. Some have models to build, while some have diagrams. All have a powerpoint and "paper".

Staring it in earnest today. Hoping to have Task 1 submitted this weekend. It's the only class I have left open in my semester so I have to have my Mentor (Like Advisor) open up my next two. Which will be Nutrition and Stats. Not looking forward to Stats at all. So far I am very happy with the format though.

***uodated- Naw did not start my next class this weekend. Actually I wanted Outlander on Starz*** lol

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just submitted

Another project, hoping it'll be the last one and I can kick this Humanities class outta my que. Yesterday I wrote the Art History Essay part of it and passed the first time. Today I submitted a Powerpoint presentation, but I am less than confident in it because some if the themes I had no idea what to write on. Maybe there was enough BS filler in it to get by?

Monday, September 15, 2014

A comma, a divided compound word, and a long sentence....

All that stands between me and passing this freaking 4th task for US and World History.... SERIOUSLY!! So I made the corrections and deleted a line and resubmitted... third time's a charm right? #137 in the que. **** update- YES IT WAS!!***

Oh and I passed another class last night took the Care of the Older Adult test and PASSED!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Analysis of Humanities... a project

Seriously who the heck makes up some of these assignments? 3 topics that relate to my profession randomly need to be picked from art, film, and a specific list of literary choices... like really! What am I suppose to do read all frigging 20 of them?

I am almost done with my Powerpoint and seriously hoping that the BS I fill it with is enough to meet the rubric. I am just filling in the points and trying to use the key words to make it sound real. Some topics suggest 4-7 slides... I can fit a compare and contrast into one... should I really do 4-7 ? That's 21 slides just for one section alone and there are 4 sections with subsections galore... who on earth wants to sort through and grade that?


Saturday, September 13, 2014

2 and 3/4 Finished

Still waiting on revision for task 4 of my GKE1 Applications: in US and World History) class.

PASSED the GKT1 Analysis: of US and World History Class on the first attempt! Woot- Powerpoint accepted!

PASSED the Applications of Humanities final I had scheduled for next week. I pushed it up a week and took it today instead. Was a bit nerve wracking and seriously I think I just guessed at most of the questions... however I improved my score from a 64% cut score to a 71% cut score. (Cut scores are not percentages based on a 100% grade btw- it's some totally other weird subjective formula... in this class for instance a passing cut score was 55%)

Friday, September 12, 2014

On the agenda

Well I have three tasks of 4 completed and passed and 1 awaiting revision review. So hopefully that comes back ok and then I'll be done with my first class.

I submitted by PowerPoint for my second class which is the only thing due. Last I checked I was at #15 in the que. It'll probably be reviewed by tomorrow. I'm hoping I don't have to do too many revisions, let's hope for NONE, and that class will be done.

I scheduled the exams for two classes for next week. I have Care of the Older Adult on Thursday, and Humanities on Saturday. IF I pass those first time out I could be finished with 4 classes in 20 days!

I'll start my essay part for Humanities, its a compare and contrast essay, on Sunday after I take the test and see if I can get that written and submitted by Wednesday and at least I'll have meet my goal and attempted all 5 classes that I want to get done prior to October 1st. I plan October for Biochm, but from what I read on the support site it may not take that long since it's just 4 tasks based on things I have already learned in previous course work. Then it'll be November for Stats. I haven't even hoped that class and I am scared to do it too!

Monday, September 8, 2014

x1 week in to MSN program

I have completed the 4 tasks of the US and Global History Class, three so far have been graded, two passed on the first attempt, the third I misread the question and wrote the whole first paragraph on the wrong, so I rewrote it and resubmitted it today (#119 in the que) I submitted task 4 this afternoon for it's first grading. I HOPE it doesn't come back. I think I have the style they want down, just need to make sure that the content is there :-)

I have also taken and Passed two Pre-Assessments, so I think I will schedule the tests for next week. I have hope that I can get through my first 9 CUs of the semester by the first week in October at this rate and work on BioChem and Stats for the rest of the month.

Typically we take 12 CUs a semester which is 6 months long. CU= Credits technically, 12 is full-time. I am hoping to take more like 24.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Two down, Two to go

4 tasks total for this section. I have completed and passed two. I am about to complete the third paper, I spend about two days usually on each task. Research, write, and tweak. It then takes about two days for them to grade it while I started writing the next one.

My timeline so far has been, started Task 1 on Sept 2, completed and submitted on Sept 3, Started task 2 on Sept 3,Received graded Task 1 on Sept 5th, Submitted Task 2 on Sept 5, Started task 3 on Sept 6, Received graded task two on Sept 7th...etc.

I am hoping to completed task 3 by tonight and submit it. It's a three part paper, section 3 is written, section 2 is almost done, and section 1 is started.

My GOAL is to have all of the Tasks for this class submitted by Wednesday.I am hoping I don't have any rewrites for the tasks and can be done by Friday!

I still have a Powerpoint presentation to do for the Application portion of the class, which is set up as it's own class,but I am hoping that I can blow that out in one week and be done with US and World History by the end of next week.

I really want to knock these damn general eds out quick! Hate'em so much!

Friday, September 5, 2014


At WGU assignments are called tasks. For my first class there are 4 tasks to complete. These tasks are multi-part essays. I submitted task 1 on the 3rd and am awaiting grading. I was 109 in the submission que! I have researched most of the topics to prepare for Task 2 and have written half of the two part paper for that. I would like to get it done today as well as Task 3 started and perhaps finish the final task on Sunday. At that time I will be finished with my first class, IF I don't have to do any rewrites.

Wish me luck cuz the Procrastination fairy has already reared her ugly head!

*** Checked the portal and I PASSED the first task! ***