Start Date 9/2/14

Applications of World and US History GKE1 9/2/14-9/16/14 PASSED

Analysis of World and US History GKT1 9/10/14- 9/13/14 PASSED

Applications of Humanities IWC1 - 9/13/14-9/13/14 PASSED

Analysis of Humanities 9/14/14-9/18/14 PASSED

Care of the Older Adult- 9/14/14-9/14/14 PASSED

Biochemistry GT1 -9/19/14-10/5/14 PASSED

Language and Communications: Presentation LUT1 10/7/14-

Nutrition- 10/7-11/8 PASSED


Health Assessment-

Community Health 1-

Community Health 11-

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