Monday, October 13, 2014

Just slacking

Because I've had a crazy shift this week and an annoying Boss from hell...schoolwork didn't really get done this week. More so because the stuff I have left to do I need to be at home to complete. So no news on the school front right now to report any completed classes.

I have tomorrow off, at which time I will complete my visual aide part of my project. This weekend I will then try to complete the outline for the paper to submit with it. With that said, I still need to videotape the actual presentation,which probably won't happen until this weekend either, since I have my 4 in a row off starting Friday, I may get this done. I also need to bust out that Nutrition exam...I think I have that one planned for Monday (in my mind) we will see how the pretest goes.

No this wasn't actual procrastination,it was just simply life getting in the way this time...:-)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sometimes you feel like a nurse...

I like it when patients don't know how sick they really are and come in here to be treated. ER acute care patients... DKA anyone... love it more when I get that difficult stick turned into a running IV!

How do you make people see that yes I do infact have acute care experience. That Chest Pain person was pretty real and needed full chest pain protocal work-up and then a lot of interventions prior to sending directly from our center to the cath lab at the heart hospital... isn't that what the ER does? Same with the acute kidney injury related to dehydration and a raging pyelo that needed iv antibiotics and a foley for strict I&O before heading out to be admitted to the floor.

Yes sometimes I feel like a nurse and then there are the times I actually get to be one instead of a glorified MA. Maybe I should apply to an ER?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Technically I have Officially

Completed my first "semester" of my RN-MSN program with the completion of Biochem! of course I have accelerated Nutrition and Speech into the semester and continue to plan a few more as well. But I am so happy with this so far I must admit.

Ok need to get working on some projects :-)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Just about finished

Will in fact be submitting my last Biochem task tomorrow, hope I won't need a revision, but I probably will.

Either way that makes 12 CU's completed in 1 month. If only I could keep that up... but I don't see it as possible for some of these classes, but I will surely try. My Course Adviser put me on bi-weekly contact instead of the weekly contact because I was doing so well.

I have a speech to work on for one class and Nutrition exam to pass. I missed the cut score on the Pre-Assessment by 3% so I need to review a little bit and then I will try and take the test the end of next week.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A tisket and tasket

I'm so punny... anyway... Biochem is plugging along. Passed task 1 with no revisions needed. I submitted task 2 yesterday and am 234 in the que as they are only up to grading from the 22nd at this point, I think I will probably have task 3 submitted by the time I hear back from that one. So so far 2/5ths of the way from completed with my 12 CUs... tomorrow I talk to my adviser and will have her open those other three classes for me if she will, or at the very least Nutrition, since I talk to her normally weekly, she may just open one officially a week. But I'm just guessing.

Ok back to work... need to build a model of a Hemoglobin... have you seen it? Squiggly mess of crazy!

Friday, September 19, 2014

In the bag

One more class done. Now onto Biochem. 5 Projects for this class... each with 5-6 parts. Some have models to build, while some have diagrams. All have a powerpoint and "paper".

Staring it in earnest today. Hoping to have Task 1 submitted this weekend. It's the only class I have left open in my semester so I have to have my Mentor (Like Advisor) open up my next two. Which will be Nutrition and Stats. Not looking forward to Stats at all. So far I am very happy with the format though.

***uodated- Naw did not start my next class this weekend. Actually I wanted Outlander on Starz*** lol

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just submitted

Another project, hoping it'll be the last one and I can kick this Humanities class outta my que. Yesterday I wrote the Art History Essay part of it and passed the first time. Today I submitted a Powerpoint presentation, but I am less than confident in it because some if the themes I had no idea what to write on. Maybe there was enough BS filler in it to get by?