Saturday, August 30, 2014

World and US History Combined

Yup first class of BORING! I had this excitement thinking maybe I'd accelerate through and blow this out in the 6 months people kept talking about, then I saw the actual course work I have to do. I have 5 weeks to have it all completed, which includes 4 multi-part essays and a huge Powerpoint research project. Now I am thinking instead of getting all the essays out of the way in a week, which I thought I could do in my haste to get started while reading other people's experiences, I may have over thunk my actual availability. I now know it may take longer... but technically I can't see the whole course until Monday, so what appears to be a daunting never ending source of CRAP filler class with not many resources to draw upon, may be doable accelerated IF I had time.

Who knows, but I did realize one thing...

The reason I waited until my children were older before attempting nursing school last time, was that school and an infant, and a full-time job, but most especially an infant... well let's just say that I have NO free time to accelerate anything!

I need to get hubby on board with a bit of a change to this Nanny thing, because YES I LOVE LOVE LOVE our nightly routine and NO ONE is going to step in on that part, however, I really do need a day at home to work on school work and not be preoccupied with keeping Mr D happy.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Getting ahead of the course...

First class opened and I have been looking at the tasks and papers. First up Geographical Factors that contribute to the Diffusion of a Population and it's success.

Yeah ummm... I wanted to go to school why? Papers, papers and more papers.

Problem... I am really bad at concentrating on one topic without getting bored. That is why I must have more than one class opened a the same time. It was hard to explain to my Adviser why this was a good idea but I hope she sees it my way after I submit the first set of papers due next week.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Graduate School

Apparently because I am designated RN-MSN means that I am direct entry into Graduate School. Is that weird or what? I don't think I honestly ever thought I would actually be at the point of obtaining my Master's Degree.

When I set my current schedule and look toward graduation it looks as if September 2016 is my projected date. Of course that will only happen if I can proceed through the program without issues and at a steady pace.

September 1st is my Official start date and I have access to start History, Humanities, Speech, Biochem, and Statistics.YUCK!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


First tuition payment installment paid! Yikes that hurt.

Friday, August 15, 2014

The BSN Semester

Classes start Sept 1. I have orientation next week. I am also finally supposed to complete my PALS class. I really hate my job. Lots of changes and none of them good. But I am holding out to change jobs at least until after I finish my BSN, then my options will be greater. I have no idea exactly what I want to do though.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Let's get this party started. School actually doesn't start until September 1st. But nearly all of the ducks are in a row for this one, plus I can afford it.

I've gotten so close previously to starting the BSN, even took a few classes... but I hated the format. I DO NOT like posting and responding to discussion boards. I also HATE group projects. I think I have finally found a way around both!

It's a tad alternative, but accepted and the BSN portion shouldn't take too long.

Forward progress... because seriously, this job is still NOT what I had hoped it would be, and seriously NOT what I want it to be.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Once upon a time...

I used to write on this blog. I have been pretty busy in the whole Fosterhood thing, so I haven't really been into what's going on the wonderful land of Urgent Care Nursing. Of course this job is BORING.

I start a BSN program again in June so that I can get my Masters in Education. I want to get Wound Care Certified too.

I also am sending in my resume for an LTAC, because I NEED to do MORE. I feel lazy here, and when I actually get cases that are interesting, I don't like them because of the fact that I may have to stay late or run around like a chicken with my head cut off over something because we don't have what we need or because I am so fearful of my IV skills, as rusty as they are, that when I miss, I fear for my job. Which is completely stupid and only a self imposed anxiety at this point but since it's MA work more than RN work... I feel totally... well... BORED!

Is there a field of Nursing that I like?????????