Friday, September 30, 2011

on the Horizon

October should be packed full of school getting ready. Time to get the RN application in order and get all the entrance exams taken again. Urgh! This really pisses me off... why does the HESI A2 expire? I mean its pre-nursing info. Its not like my knowledge base of reading and math are going to change much in a year!

Humm... now just to figure out when to take them. Microbiology is getting harder. So that's a "thing" , maybe now I will remember that it exists? Ok time to take my weekly quiz!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ha Ha Ha

I changed my mind again. Cross your fingers people. For some reason I really want this. Maybe because its not a beige box? Maybe because its only 7 miles from work? There was alot of interest though. : - (

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Good News

My daughter got her first job and I have decided to curtail the idea of moving in favor of redecorating and buying some new stuff... LOL

I just do not feel like packing, moving, unpacking, etc. I don't know but I think I am getting too lazy in my old age. Or the thought of yet another rental I will not be happy with has gotten to me?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not an episode of House Hunters

I really love that show... my son says, Its my fix for moving when we aren't actually moving. He is very perceptive. I like looking at houses, I love moving into a new place, new house clean, fresh paint smell. I hate the applications, credit checks and waiting. It's like car shopping.... I HATE car shopping.

Friday, September 23, 2011

What is it about this class?

I almost forgot about it again!!! OMG... what is going on with me? I think it's because its only on Saturdays, there is no homework, and so far there has not been a need to study. I took a quiz today though online and realized that I should never second guess my first instinct because I do actually know this crap.

Anyway.. looking at two houses tomorrow after class. Wish us luck, It would be so nice to save money on gas and have a short commute for a change.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

House Hunting again

So we started house hunting again. Just for rentals right now. Since I like to move alot :-) Anyway its pretty much because the need for a shorter commute is just a big deal. Our current landlord wants us to sign another lease, but since ours expired in Aug, I really have only wanted to do a month to month so we could move in the cooler weather for a change.

However, because its a different market than I am used to I am not really sure where I want to start looking. Of course craigslist, but you still have to be careful. Also the areas we are looking in are 1 older and 2 can be sketchy. All I know is I prefer private rental vs management company. But closer to work and school is the key.

Last time this was easier I had a nice rental mls to look at!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Federal Jury Duty Summons

Is this because I registered to vote? LOL Ok, so Federal Jury duty is pretty weird. I am actually "on call" for a whole week. I have to start calling on Oct 29th to see if I have to report to the courthouse and every day that week unless I am called in.

I work nights... this is pretty messed up. I think I would just prefer if they said come on this day and it be done with, like state jury duty is.

I actually wouldn't mind being picked for a jury though. I think it'd be interesting in some aspect at least. But I don't want to have to drive down there after a night shift either... ya know!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Is there Facebook in Heaven?

We have had a lot of deaths in my family over the past few years. Which is normal for an aging HUGE family. Some more expected than others. My point is that is it me or do you think its weird to post facebook posts to the hereafter?

Has facebook replaced good old fashioned prayer or graveside visits?

I think there are some things that social media should just not be used for. Seeing someone post on a dead person's wall is just plain old spooky... and to me it kinda hurts my heart a little every time I see their face and name pop up on my status updates.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Back from Mass and back to work. 3 12's plus class this week. As well as two nights of wearing the sleep study weirdness.

Today was lab work then helping my son get his butt back in gear with his last couple days of his first block of classes. Art History sucks! LOL

So... hum not much else really going on right now. Hope everyone else is well!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


This last couple of days have actually been nice in a way. I have been able to reconnect with family and haven't had to deal with the actual loss yet. Funeral and Wake are Monday and Tuesday. At which time this trip will start to suck again.

My emotions are really on the brink right now. I have that perpetual lump in the throat, every little thing brings the tears to the surface, which I refuse to shed yet, and to top it all off I am having panic attacks.

Mostly the panic attacks were due to driving on these tiny streets again. Wow driving here in the dark sucks! Az's wide open can see for miles streets are a whole new world compared to the cramped and winding, can't see the sky through the trees, pot holed filled streets of New England.

Oh and my asthma had flared up with a vengeance!

So yeah I love and miss my family sooo much... but Massachusetts is not a good place for me to live anymore.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sad way to see the family

Headed out to Boston. My Aunt died VERY unexpectedly. My Mom's practical twin, they were only 11 months apart. Very tough week ahead. I went back and forth over going and in the end decided that in order to make my mom go, or else she'd regret it, I booked the tickets.

Then about 5 hours later remembered that I have a class this week and a test. OK I think there is just something about this class that doesn't want me to go.

Oh well I get one exam make-up and hopefully this will be it.

RIP Auntie Cathy... I love you! Thank you so much for your support, you will be missed!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

When its easy....

Its easy to forget that I am actually taking a class. I have a quiz this week I need to take and an exam this week I need to study for. She says its the easiest of the 4 exams she will give and usually the one everyone does the worst on because of her style of testing. So either I should get my ass in gear and get cracking... or I already know the material. I can't figure out what it is just yet... because I can actually spit out a lot of crap on the topic. Hummm... why does it feel easy when I know it's really not?

The content should improve soon, I also need to study a bit to retake my HESI A2 and HESI-PN for the application. Mine have expired. Sucks because my scores rocked.

This heat is really adding to the tired and lazy feeling I have. I am sooo over this damn dog days of summer! Triple digits begone already... don't you know its nearly Fall?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Protein Powder Samples

So I am not a big protein powder or bar fan or anything. But I have to figure out something I can tolerate for a few weeks. I found this site that sells Peanut Butter Cookie, Chocolate Cake & Vanilla Cake flavors. I assume that just adding cake to a flavor does not actually make it any better than just plain old chocolate or vanilla but the peanut butter one sounds interesting.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Apples to Oranges

Wow comparing Chemistry to Microbiology is like the title suggests. I mean there is VERY little stress to this class at all. I have tiny lab projects, easy quizzes, and no math! LOL

We are told the exams will be a bit harder of course with, multiple choice, essay and fill in the blank labels. But other than the SNAFU at the beginning of the semester so far I feel wayyyy better about this semester as opposed to Chemistry.

Of course I knew going in that Chem was going to be hard which is why I kept putting it off but I do not dream about Micro which is good, because its just nasty!