Thursday, June 30, 2011

New RNs in the House

Congrats to all you new RNs out there. WTG! Seems like this time just flew by!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

T minus 23 days...

Until this Godforsaken Chemistry class is over. I am doing OK. Although I totally bombed my last test. The instructor does not grade on a curve but does do best 2 out of 3 on the exam scores, so I really hope the next one is better and I can just CaCO3 this up to a toss away. However, with the aide of a few sessions with the tutors for the first test which nailed me an A, its back to the tutors I go. I went today and things clicked. So I'll just have to put in a few hours to get through this intact with a high enough grade. I really want an A of course, would be OK with a B & would begrudgingly settle for a C. Of course at this point I just hope I pass.

My lab partner is flailing and floundering at a C before this exam and nailed a nice 36 on the last exam and a 1 one the last lab quiz. She still hopes to pull out an A. Um.. I think there may be something wrong with her math.

Oh and Pharmacology final coming and I have not even really put my effort into that class. So this weekend will be concentrated study, since the testing center is closed on Friday, it'll be off to take the Pharm final after chemistry class on Tuesday.

If I didn't procrastinate so much I would be ready since I don't have to work this week yet.

Monday, June 27, 2011


So I may need to think about another job? I mean I love this one. It gives me alot of freedom and allows me to go to school and study. But I need a job that I actually make money. If she is sick, like she is again, then I end up out of work and not paid. We rely on my money wayyy too much. So I worked a total of 80 hours on my last check then, I am off today, most likely I wont be back to work until the end of the week. A holiday is in there and if she is home I will be working it, despite my anniversary, because we will need the money again. I may have to think about switching to .. what exactly?

Saturday, June 25, 2011


So I seem to need to sleep all the time. I think this night shift then staying up all day for class has made it so that I must be missing a ton of sleeping. I wasted my whole Friday just sleeping. I went to bed at 7am when I got out of work on Friday morning, slept until about 12 I think, then went back to sleep at 3pm and slept until 9pm. Then stayed up until 1am. Then slept until 10 am this morning.

I am finished with my Pharmacology class except for the final which I think I am going to take next Friday. We got an extension until the 5th.

The second Chem exam is on Monday. A few of my quizzes had dipped down into the 70-80% range from the previous 100% range with these new chapters, but this is getting to be the hard stuff. Chemical equations and all that. I should be studying, but I am procrastinating like a big dog on everything lately.

My private duty case is in the PICU again. So I may or may not have to work on Monday. Sad on a few counts that's for sure.

I really want to get my son out of the house today to do something, but its 113 outside and we really don't have the extra money and I really should be studying. LOL what to do?

Ok so this is pretty much just blabber at this point... so off to finish up some Pharm final related study guide crap.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Holiday Pay

Wow thank God for Holiday pay. I was totally unaware that I was even getting any and forgot that the only day I had worked that week was Memorial Day. It is times like this that being a Nurse really PAYS off.

I had 34 hours for 2 weeks, and my 1 day of holiday pay was nearly equal to the amount of all of those 34 combined.

Woot! I can pay bills this week :-)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Huge Time suck....

That facebook game Gardens of Time is totally addictive. I can't seem to stay a way from it. Of course back in the early days of Farmville I played with that alot too. Then I got bored with it, so that was good. Right now though the problem is that 1, I have a ton of homework to do. 2, I really should be sleeping instead of playing that stupid game because I have NOC shift WORK to go to. & 3, I have a houseful of chores to accomplish if things 1 and 2 are complete.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


First Chem exam in the books with a nice big A. Of course these were the easy chapters, although I must admit, easy or not, Chemistry has been all kinds of stressful. I dream about it. I used to dream about work. Hell I used to actually sleep. But right now I get bits and pieces of sleep. Its pretty hard to sleep during the day some days with all the people coming in and out of my room.

Exam #2 is 1 week from today and my Pharm final is on the 29th. So we are getting closer!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Survey says...

That I am seriously glad I am no longer hanging at the "Vista/Blossom". State should be in next week. The place is crazy in an uproar and all the other not so nice changes going around, well, I am pretty sure I made the right decision. If only she would get home already. Mom, tells me "please hold out." so at least I know they want me to stay.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Temporary Lay Off

Due to a fever of unknown origin related to surgical complication, from what should have been routine, my night job has been on lay off status. Hopefully I will be able to go back to work next week. If she comes home. (This could get very ugly fast in the bill department), I may have to pick up some other hours, but with school right now I don't have many to choose from.

In school new Chemistry is going well, I have my first exam next week. Of course with the help of some tricks from the tutors. This test shouldn't be that bad. I am actually starting to be able to understand the concepts well enough.

Pharmacology is almost over. I have the final on the 29th. Nothing major to report there. It is what it is. Some NCLEX questions and short answer and case study homework every week and the grade rests on the final.

Tomorrow night is Les Miserables with the girls from my old work. Everyone else bailed on me. But it'll be nice to catch up. There have been major changes there, all the LPNs have in fact been replaced by new grad RNs... the worse part is that the LPNs were told to train them. FUCK that. No way would I do that. Its like here's the cart, management can train you. All I know is that if this economy changes once these RNs have some experience ( the word is this place will be subacute/rehab no longer LTC), then you know if the hospitals hire again they will all be out of there pretty damn quick. I mean what would you want 5 patients or 20-30?

Monday, June 6, 2011

In Bullet Points

*I discovered that Gardens of Time game on Facebook! Urgh! Its nearly made me late for class a few times. Hehe!

*I also realized that the thing about homecare when you only have 1 patient is that if they are not there you don't work. You don't work your paycheck sucks!

*Good news is, I kinda get Chemistry, but still can't figure out the math aspects. Although I am understanding concepts better now in an actual class than in online mode.

*It's exciting that my daughter is taking her college placement tests this week, and has been all over me about FAFSA etc. Glad she is so excited about starting college.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In Earnest...

Classes have started and I am so buried its crazy. I even have this week off of work, but there is so much paper work to catch up on. Some college stuff for my daughter and I really want to spend some quality time with them while I can.

I ordered a new battery for my dead laptop, hope that helps. I REALLY need it to fix the issue. it just stopped taking a charge and it just died. We haven't really thought about it in awhile then yesterday I search for battery and found one cheap. So we will see. Of course somehow my charger disappeared so I may be on the hunt for another one of those too. I can't afford to buy a new one and with these classes and my work schedule I really need a laptop. I have plenty of time to study at work so that is NOT an issue.

Hummm... well off to see Pirates with the kids. so I can back and finish up my Chem homework and maybe tomorrow I will actually get to look at my Pharm homework :-)