Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Mystery of the Test Grades

Have you ever looked at your grade and wondered how the hell that got there, hoped it was some mistake and come to find out it actually was?

That happened to me this term and let me tell you I was sooo shocked when I saw my grade posted I was nearing tears. I am NOT a crying type of person. I was in class when they said the grades were posted and I checked my score. I was shocked and right away the girls could tell there was something wrong. My usually bubbly ( yes I said it, I am bubbly) No really I am... hehe... So anyway it was like a lead anvil fell on my head. I got a what???

The way our tests work is we take the quiz, leave the room when we are done, compare answers, second guess ourselves and then go back into the room and she has the grades posted on the wall. We see the right answers, hoping we remember what we put and then... there no surprises right? Wrong!

So needless to say I KNOW I missed 1/2 a point, a check all that apply and I checked 1 extra.. of course a temp of 100.6 in a postpartum Mom is not normal... what was I thinking?... report anything over 100.4 (duh... probably should have read that slide a little better.. hehe...)

So when I checked it said I had missed 4 questions... each worth 1/2 a point so instead of the 19.5 / 20 I had an 18... WTF??? I was devastated. I just couldn't stop thinking about it... because weird as it may sound this happened to me on another test. I was sure I had missed 2, 1/2 point questions and when I looked it had said 18.5/ 20... That one I let go, but this one just nagged and nagged at me... So I made an appointment to go over the test grades with the Instructor and low and behold... double errors on their test bank and I was vindicated. Course it didn't change my grade by much... but a point is a point and I need all of them I can get.

Now it wasn't like I was agruing a test question or anything, but I marked the right answers according to my version of the test on the scantron and seriously wanted my grade to reflect that! Nursing school is hard enough without getting jipped out of points you earned!

Ok off to a fun filled day of Practicums!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Skills Practicum Check Offs

Thats all I have for the week! 1 day of classes and the rest of the week just chillin'... well if you can call studying for the final and HESI just chillin'.. haha!

So check offs are tomorrow on Trach Care & Suctioning, NG Tube Insertion & Discontinue, as well as IV insertion and Central Line Dressing Change. I hear we will have IV for sure and 1 of the other options chosen by random draw. This is the last day of check offs, the last day of lab and all that remains will be the exit HESI exam and the final! ( Ok and the 2 Pedi Clinical days that we have to do still- which from what I hear is babysitting 101) Of course I could have told them that because the site we have clinicals at I was going to work there, but I got into Nursing School instead and didn't want to work full time while going to school.

So yeah... it seems soooo weird that this is almost it for awhile. Of course that doesn't mean I will not be in classes. I still need Micro, Chem & a Humanities class for my Associates Degree in Science,in order to graduate in May. Meanwhile I'll hopefully have a job and be able to get into the LPN-BSN program through UoP.

Working is the priority so NCLEX studying is in effect full force! I actually don't think I will be applying prior to taking the test like some Nursing students have done. I think I'd rather have a bit less pressure!! LOL So I'll test then start sending out my applications EVERYWHERE!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

90% is still a B

Why oh why does Nursing School have its own grading system? I'd need 118.5 of the possible 125 left in order to get an A. Guess I had better get to studying!

Good luck to everyone taking finals soon!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The End is near...

Three weeks is all that is left until graduation and being a Nurse! 30 years of dreaming is finally becoming a reality. 4 tests left until I am licenced! Now to come up with the $500 for the exam and to get through the rest of the semester with a passing grade!

We have Peds right now and it is hard! Its the extra steps to med math calculations, the new diseases and the spin on the adult med-surg that become tricky. The immunizations and the developmental milestones to memorize. The Piaget and Ericksen theories in and out and back again. Which toys would be appropriate for blah blah blah! Sheesh now-a-days its give them a Nintendo DS not a coloring book, but not in NCLEX land.

Ok well enough blabbing time to get studying... Peds test tomorrow and I'm sure it'll be a dosey!.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Fire of the season...

In the fireplace of course. Sasha spent the entire time it was lit in this exact position. So the weather has been really nice here this weekend, almost cold. Finally its starting to feel like Fall. Of course cold for us is in the 70-50s range for highs and lows. We actually had some rain yesterday which we haven't had in months and months.

The new puppy is driving us crazy. He is cute as hell, eats a ton, and pees wherever he wants. I can't wait until he housebreaks, and stops chewing everything he sees, namely until he stops chewing on US. But of course with both issues there is a process and we have only had him a week now.

School is getting very close to the end for the semester. We have moved on to Pedi. OB was a very good section for me and I only missed .5 of a point on the OB exam. Peds is going to be crazy hard I think. I really need to get some major studying in. I have a bunch of tests coming up, a few papers to write and have become inspired out of nowhere to return to writing.

When I was younger I wanted to be a writer, and used to write novel style fiction of the historical romance kind. I haven't written anything in nearly 16 years. But Friday night out of the blue I got an idea. Wrote it down and since its running the gamut of the popular genre these days I figure I may create a blog site that is strictly for that "novel". Of course where I'll find the time for this idea I have no idea.

I also think that I would like to start a vegetable garden and perhaps get some chickens. Of course I have no idea how really to raise them and if I really want all that work. But it has always been an idea of mine and since we have the land it could happen.

Ok time to go to bed!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


What a difference a year makes. They went much better this semester. I still got a bit flustered but overall I remembered the things I should do, of course implementing them was another thing. I did catch the two errors they put up, but couldn't remember the OR checklist. AND... I forgot to assess the leg ( which was the reason for admission!!) Ooooppppsss! LOL

The next was a Postpartum Mom who was actively hemorrhaging and then the assessment on the baby. Its still very hard to measure the heart rate, they are just so fast.

But all in all it was a pretty boring day. Next week promises to be worse, with Pedi medication dose calculations and such for the 4 hour lab time and a quiz.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On the Nursing School Front...

Today we start end of program Practicums, SIMs days, and its another lab lecture test, this one is chest tube management,with more dosage and calculation math of course. We also has tree case studies due which I had to get finished this AM, since I had not looked at my syllabus until about an hour ago and realized there were 3 instead of the 1 I knew was there.

I am looking forward to the SIMs labs. We have Vita Annie & baby which is supposed to be a simulated birth of course. Then we have our Med/Surg SIM man. I sure hope its not as bad as last semester. The SIMs experience seemed to be a big cluster f back then, I hope we have learned enough now!

The good news is that I am in group 3 for Practicums, so my check off isn't until the 24th. We have to test on Central Line dressing change, IV insertion, NG tube placement & D/C, as well as trach care with suctioning. So not too bad, its just the nerves that take over especially since its by the book and we are being graded Pass/Fail.

I also have a test on Thursday in theory on L&D and I am hoping we won't have to stay all day for that one, its scheduled as 8-4, but they were saying, with luck, we'd be outta there by noon. Its sooo nice to not have the Thursday Friday clinical anymore so that's a break at least. Fridays, I have decided, are going to be spent in NCLEX question land and reviewing the notes from last semester and this one for our HESI. Which is exactly like taking the NCLEX test and is used as a predictor but counts as 30 possible points out of our total 250 for the course to get that minimum 76%. I assume its like the ATI's other programs have. Its also the ruler by which those going into 3rd Block are measured, because without an 800 they can not progress. So of course there are those in my class that are FREAKING out right now. Me? I am just trying to get to December 9th with my B intact!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Meet Gunner

New house, new puppy... that's the rules right?

He's a 10 week old rescue black lab mix.

Adorable and alot of work! Let's just say that when the puppy isn't sleeping no one is sleeping. But he's a cute cuddlier none-the-less and of course he won't be spoiled.

Hubby and the new baby sleeping.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Forced Intervention for Facebook Addiction...

Since the move I have pretty much been on a semi-cold turkey withdrawal from the facebook addiction I had acquired. Farmville and Mafia Wars and a few others inbetween were ruling my life. I'd check for updates and play on that thing for hours instead of reading or catching up on reading and notes that needed to be done. I actually think that the facebook addiction contributed to the fact that even though I had planned to be an over achiever this semester, I actually turned into a slacker. Ok, so I am a slacker with a B average, but you know what I mean. Instead of being ready to roll into Block 3 and progress toward the RN as fast as I had hoped, I dropped the Micro and put of the Chem and I've decided that I would rather, qulp,WORK as an LPN for a year, take a few classes and then head directly toward the LPN-BSN route instead of getting the ADN. The girls in my class think I am crazy, but an LPN= Nurse too, and that was my goal. I won't stop at LPN, but I do need to try and get back into the job market. This economy has me so scared and the land of the desert and sun is SHORT on jobs, so this could be easier said than done.

Yet I digress...now that I have the Internet back and can go on Facebook once again or Farmville, its actually lost its appeal. I don't need to go on and don't want to. I have managed to reread the Twilight series and have actually managed to do a lot of NCLEX studying while living in the olden days here in our rustic cabin. But now that its 2009 again the draw is no longer there. So yeah I am happy about that! My procrastination is bad enough without having a stupid addiction to a freaking Farm! LOL.

However, now that clinical is over and I have free time once again, I hope I don't roll back into those bad habits. I still need to finish organizing the house and unpacking and there is MUCH studying to, with only a month till graduation and all. I can't believe that its been a almost a year already that I found out I was accepted into the Nursing Program, and graduation is soooo close!!

Ok time to go and watch another movie... today has been a veg day, but tomorrow I promise to make it a productive one.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Girl Interupted

Internet will be back on Friday!!! Woot! Wow I've been in withdrawal I have no idea what is going on in everyone's blog worlds!

School has been crazy busy, coming toward finals. I will post a better update soon!

Back to your regular scheduled program

Med/Surg and OB are DONE!! Clinicals are pretty much over for the most part now, except those two days of babysitting in December. ( This is what the other group called their clinical time at the Peds location), So yeah not looking forward to that.

We pretty much have tests left, skill practicums, the HESI and the final. Then its tat NCLEX. I can't believe there really are only 33 calendar days until "graduation". But there are only 5 class and 3 lab days left!!

So... I like med/surg, but don't want to "do" it. I really Loved OB, I got to help with vaginal birth #2, put baby skin to skin and got to do the baby assessments. But don't want to "do" that either. What I found was that there was a tie between OR and Women's Health. Particularly I was in Antepartum/Gyn when it all just clicked!! Maybe because I got to do so much, and maybe because I was able to help people and fell like I accomplished something. I had a teen with an ectopic, 2 c-sections with babies in Nicu, a puking post-op hysterectomy and a 32 week preterm with an inverted contraction pattern. It was pretty fun!

So in other the news the move went well, things are good and finally we are starting to feel like we live here.

Ok time to catch up on all the shows I have missed!