Friday, December 30, 2011

RIP Murphy


What a way to end the new year...

Well we had planned to do some shopping today... I got a new Laptop finally. Dell Inspiron! Go me! While we were out however all hell appeared to have broken lose. When we arrived home we were in for a shock!. Apparently a Momma will still protect her baby even if it is over 1 year old, or at the very least, help baby gang up on Papa! Murphy really must have pissed her off! As I type this he is sedated and undergoing suturing to numerous puncture and bite wounds! I don't think I have ever seen a dog look like that, that wasn't involved in some kind of dog fighting ring. But man poor Murphy! I have no idea now what to do about this. I know he has been trying to assert more dominance lately, but Sasha is not having any of it. I wonder if this is going to end it or open a whole other can of worms? They will be seperated when we are not at home that is for sure! So instead of a day tomorrow filled with a trip to the shooting range for hubby, Korean BBQ for both, followed by the movie New Year's Eve.. its a $300 something dollar Vet bill and some crunch-n-munch! Why do the dogs always pick the worst times to cost us money?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

caption this...

I have this one "friend" on on facebook. She posted a picture recently....
Was your first thought... "Where's Harry?"

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ah Christmas Time in the Valley

I really hate baking, but I braved the mess and made 4 different kinds of cookie dough from scratch this afternoon. My son was helping with the flour and was amazed at how messy it was... yeah baking takes too much time and is so messy. I hate the clean-up part. I still have to actually roll out, shape, bake and decorate most of them. But at least I started it. Gingerbread, Sugar cookie, Jam Thumbprint (strawberry,apricot and grape), peanut-butter kisses. I may even bake a batch of mini cheesecakes. Of course I still have to work this week, finish Christmas shopping and wrap! Why do we do this to ourselves every year?

If only I were a food critic...

So today I went to meet my daughter's boyfriend's Dad and Step-Mom for lunch. The kids have been dating for nearly 3 years and we had not met yet r/t them living in TX. So we all decided to meet up at this restaurant called The Old Spaghetti Factory. So it's myself, my husband, the two of them, the girl and her boyfriend, and his sister and her three kids. So a party of 10 not bad really. The Restaurant is totally not busy, which is a surprise since it is part of the food court at a very busy mall. So we order straight away, salads come about 20 minutes later. 1 hour after they clear the salads entrees finally come. Frustrating but whatever. So anyway they place the food and proceed to tell us that myself and my daughter's order will be out in like 6 minutes. The type of Lasagna that we order is fresh made every day and they didn't have any. They had to make more? Ok so after nearly two hours of having our order they didn't have time to make two veg lasagnas? WTF? I mean come on, I prep and made that in 1 hour. So anyway, everyone was waiting for us to get our meals, so as not to be rude before they started eating, but after 10 minutes, I really had to insist that they eat, their food was going to be absolutely cold. So about 10-15 minutes later, a total of about 15-20 minutes past the 6 we were promised, out comes 1 order of the lasagna. I mean WTH??? At this point I was like, " Look this is totally unacceptable. I want to speak to the manager." Everyone had completed eating and I had yet to get my food. First off its pretty embarrassing to for me and for others for them to hate to sit there and have to eat infront of me. Second, at this point the freaking waiter was coming around asking everyone else if they wanted their ice cream that came with the meal. Third, I had never met these people before. So either this is going to be a funny, remember when, story or it has totally soured everything. So randomly the other Manager, not the one the waiter was supposed to bring back, comes over doing their normal,"How is everything rounds... " So how are we treating you?" he says with a big smile. Like he knows everything is awesome and I bet he was not expecting what he got. Appalled he runs right back to the kitchen many apologies in his wake. Comes back about 5 minutes later with my plate, and then states he's going to comp the lasagnas. Umm... yeah well DUH! So he comes back a few minutes later with a spiel about, " Wanting to assure us that they have great food and great service and that they want our repeat business." At this point I have had two bites of the lasagna. Not only does it taste watery, like wet noodles were thrown onto the plate, but the inside is freezing cold! This bit of food had not even been baked! That's IT! I'm done! Game over! Christine has absolutely checked out at this point. So as he hands us 5 $25 gift certs for a return visit, I am have to say, " This is cold. This is crazy. Not only do I NOT want to come back, I do NOT want this "free" lasagna, or ANYTHING else from the kitchen at this point." End of story.... Party of 10 entire meal comp'd, plus the gift certs. ( Which BTW are getting regifted, because I will really not "try them again"), and sorry to say even the waiter was not getting tipped. I don't feel bad, because after an hour from the time you served the salads, you really should have refilled some drinks or offered some fucking bread or something!

Friday, December 16, 2011

All in a day's time

So after work I shuttled the hubby to work, then headed out to my WLS doctor's appointment. I ate before I went and got weighed in, who knows if that really was the reason for the 5 pound weight gain since last visit, or if it was all that cortisol from last week that just packed it on? Oh the joys of finals. However, since I missed last month, I may have to start my 6 months totally over! Or just add an extra month, we will just have to see what the insurance says. I am trying something new this month, so maybe I'll see some weight loss that way too!

Then after that appointment I went and had my fingerprints taken, ran over to the bank to get the damn money order, was raped by the teller in fees, now I know better than to buy one at the bank! Then went home and mailed the application.

I am hoping that it won't take too long since, hell, I have had quite a few background checks done over the last few years because of jobs and school. I shouldn't be too hard to find in the system.

Then I tried to get some sleep when I got home at 0930. Of course that took awhile to wind down so I managed to sleep from about 1030 until 1600, when it was time to go pick up the hubby again.

To my surprise I got a phone call from one of my very first AZ friends, whom I haven't talked to in about a year, so I called her and chatted while I was waiting for hubby to come out.

Course then it was over to get dinner, Indian food for me, pizza for the boys, stop over at the phone place to have my phone fixed and then home to eat.

Bet you wish you had stopped readying before this? LOL

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lots to do...

Ok so tomorrow I will go down and get the fingerprints taken, and send in my application. I hope that it doesn't take too long to get the card back, but this time of year who knows?

I have yet to start my Christmas shopping so I need to get that done as well. The kids are leaving the day after Christmas for 3 weeks to visit the relatives in Boston and Delaware so it'll be very weird around here.

The next semester doesn't start until almost the end of January, so maybe this month I will be able to get those HESI's out of the way without stress and everything will be all set for when that cards comes in.

Ok off to work. A bad reaction to a medication caused me to miss a day this week, so I still have tonight and tomorrow for my week. But its all good. I mean I really can NOT complain about my job!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Block 3 Entry SNAFU

Well it does not look like I can apply for the spring semester to start in January d/t a new fingerprint card law. My card just so happened to be received previous to the date they started printing a difference on the cards. So now I have to resubmit my fingerprints and wait the 4-6 weeks to find out what they put on my card, and then I can apply! I can submit as soon as it comes in of course, and my application goes in the pile for the next available start. But that will totally be after everyone is already placed for the spring start. I think though there may be a March or a summer start since they have the accelerated programs. But who knows?

What this means is MORE pre/co req drudgery for next semester and limbo on the RN start date portion.

So it will be Human Pathophysiology and Clinical Healthcare Ethics for the spring semester. Which leaves me with Human Nutrition, College Math, Statistics and Health & Culture, to round out my BSN Gen.Ed. requirements.

I guess this delay in start will be good for my surgery in Feb/March if nothing else.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Nook Study and Aps for Nook Color

Really piss me off because I have a Nook. I love my Nook. I love having a million books in my hands at once and it being light as a feather! I love not getting the hand cramp from holding the books, and the backache from lugging them around.

But... I really would like my textbook and exam cram aps on the Nook I already have!

The problem with technology is that they don't make it universal for their products. So if I want exam books I need a pc, so I have to lug around my laptop. If I want exam aps, I have to buy a Nook color!

Frustrated, cuz I want them all with what I already have!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

what I learned this semester...

1. I am not cut out to learn anything that is based on the cellular level.
2. I must have been in a totally different class than the material being tested on.
3. If its a pathological immune response I understand it
4. Taking a Saturday only class is NOT good for the GPA!
5. I am so freaking glad that class is over!
6. I am pretty sure I only got a C :-( ( Which would make 3 C's in my entire college career... oh how funny, they are all based mainly on cellular level study!


***update: final grade still not posted, but according to the total number of points, all I need are 4 points out of the total 60 points available from the final and I will get a B for the class! No chance for an A unless I got a perfect score or pretty darn close to it, which is impossible! But I'll take a B ***

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Finally I was able to figure out an UNKNOWN in Microbiology! After a very rocky start and a sample that even the instructor couldn't identify, I was able to isolate 1 colony and from that achieve an A on my final lab test! 25/25 Woot! I can tell you that I totally sucked at lab this semester when it came to figuring out the unknowns, hell, just figuring out how to find it in the microscope was nearly impossible. But when it counted it was perfect!

Now for the final and that make-up test. Hate finals that are anything goes! I really wish they would have offered some type of focused study guide or something. I mean hell if hardly anyone passes the final, that may be a sign or something!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Finals week

Well it's that time already...Finals! Felt like I would never get here. So the last test went very well. I think I managed to pull off an A. So if I can swing an A on that make-up an exam, then I could pull out a B for the class. Which is OK by me!

Its then off to finish up the final stuff for the RN application and waiting on a spot. I hope!

WLS... had to reschedule some appointments so it looks like it will probably be in early March instead of Feb. But we shall see.

Hummm... that's it for now.