Saturday, April 30, 2011


Well I start overnights on Monday for another placement. Unfortunately it will eventually mean that I will not be doing my Friday Saturday case anymore.

In other news, this change also means that I will not be able to sleep a few days a week once I start the official Nursing Program again, so it may only be until January.

I have also had to rearrange my chemistry class because I would not be able to go from work to class, so I made it that I go to class then go to work. So I get to sleep.

The dogs tend to enjoy sleeping during the day, so some black out shades and I should be in business.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


So I have come to the realization that in order to go back to school I HAVE to stay in the Homecare field. Good news, I have a current homecare position. Bad news, it fucking sucks!!

So I am calling the office this AM and asking for a new placement for my Wed and Thur location. The last straw and all that. There is a revolving door of nurses at this place and not one has lasted longer than a month. I, myself am just about at two months, so I am sure they won't be surprised with my call.

I just can not take the abuse anymore. They constantly play the blame game and God help us if we do not do something perfect. " YOU PUT SOCKS ON HER!!!" 1 parent wants it one way, the other parent another and the nurse is stuck in the middle, called a liar and berated over and over about it. Sure I may have been unable to determine the style of dressing over the j-tube, that has changed five hundred times when I removed said saturated dressing and replaced it the "old" way. Sure I have no idea what your taped sign says, and I am sorry I am was not aware I needed to be rough with the child when putting them in the chair. I am not comfortable with it, and I am in fear everyday for my license because of the way they are always throwing the blame at the Nurse for everything. No I am not perfect and yeah I would have excepted that I did not do the dressing the same way. But the let's gang up on, yell at, accuse and scream at for 30 minutes over. Yes I will defend myself and say, " I did not see the way the tape was, it was so soaked it was all peeled away from the skin, I removed it with the top 4x4 and replaced it the way I thought it was." Sheesh! I am also pretty pissed about being screamed at first when they assume I did something wrong, then they see it is right, they laugh and then leave the room. "YOU PUT SHORTS ON HER!", "Oh, haha".

So yeah I have HAD IT. I have to go back there today and am seriously wishing I could call in. I would but I am sure they would fire me and I actually really enjoy a paycheck. Go figure.

So have also sent out some feelers to some other homecare agencies. I wouldn't mind keeping only the Friday Saturday gig, I really like the family over there, but I think adult homecare per visit may be something that will fit in better.

So we will see. I think they may have someone who can take my place, it'll just be a matter of if they have something else for me.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog Roll

So my daughter has decided to start a blog detailing how her life is changing as she attempts to graduate highschool and moves on toward the real world. If you want to re-live those days gone by or just spy. Feel free to peak in on her Blog. Leave a comment if you do, she'd love it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Motivating Factor

With all the talk about going back to school, all the NCLEX-RN questions I have been studying, and all the sharing of information, I have been doing. My excitement and research of EVERY freaking nursing program out there in my area, has motivated some long time LPNs to continue their degrees and I am glad they credited my enthusiasm as a motivating factor to their final decisions to enroll and get the ball rolling.

Do I think every LPN should become an RN? No, but with the many choices that one initial change makes, along with the boost in respect, I think that every LPN should feel confident that they have the ability and the option to continue their professional nursing career!

I can't wait to get started already myself and get this over with. Of course I will be regretting it and bitching about it in the process. LOL But I have come to the conclusion that the year and a half since finishing school, the wavering, has put me in the exact place to know that the decision that I have made will be the correct one in the end.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nuttin' Honey

Well things here are pretty much in a holding pattern. Not really much going on. Not much different than last week.

The boy did get his driver's license on Monday. My last baby is now a driver too! First thing he says, " How old do you feel Mom?" Nice kid.

Hum... work is work. The good thing about work is that there is now another nurse to chat with on my Wed, Thur location. There is another child there that gets their own Nurse. So it's broken up the boredom and given me some of the required social interaction that I need.

Oh and I have become addicted to the Veronica Mars episodes on Netflix and am half way through season 2. I have seemed to have developed a thing for this guy...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Revisiting my old posts.. Q&A's

So I just started rereading my old posts of those first few months of nursing school, how naive was I? So I just noticed that some people have been posting on them. I don't get any notification when that happens, with the way my blog comments are set up, so forgive me for not responding. I haven't read through them all yet but here are at least two I have found.

1. Label Maker I bought at Wal-mart for $10 or $20. It came in very handy and I will use it again I am sure.

2. Assessment Ho... I walked into the "toy" store and said, " Where are your gag gift blow up dolls." It was a hilarious conversation that took place, along with another weird conversation. TMI to be sure. ( I had never been into one of those stores before ) So I actually just cut out pictures and Sharpy'd her body with the landmarks as close as I could. I got a perfect score on my head to toe assessment practicum so it must have worked.

If there are any other questions please feel free to ask!

Friday, April 15, 2011

I have become an Academic Advisor apparently

So it turns out I have to decide just what classes my friend can take and in which semester, so that she can catch up with me to be able to apply into the Advanced Placement RN Program come January.

Sure, its easy for me to say take such and such, then such and such. But hell Chem and A&P together? Micro and A&P 2 together. The options are totally across town from each other too. Its alot of pressure

But I guess all I can do is give the info, and let her make the decision. It was not my idea I tell you.

But I love the fact that she has confidence in me and trusts my opinion.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Doggie Abortion

So I took Miss Sasha to get fixed today. The mobile surgical spay/neuter clinic was in town. I am cheap and well after the vet bills we have had for her, a $400 spay was really not in the budget. So I was waiting for the $50 clinic to come to town. To be fair I did book this visit months ago. So I guess we didn't get to her in time because, although she was still spayed, she was in fact in the early stage of a new litter. Since her heat had only just ended the week before, I am not to worried about the fact that she was not going to carry these pups. Hell after the drama with her first litter there were NEVER any plans to have more.

Summer 1

So in order to defer my current student loans back into in school status I was 0.5 credits short. So thus the search began for an online relateable and/or easy class for the Summer 1 semester. So I am taking:

1.5 credits Pharmacology and Med Administration for Nurses (online) This is actually a repeat class because mine has "expired". So since I know way more about meds than I did the first time, I am hoping I can continue with the A.

4 credits Chemistry 130 w/ lab- In-person Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu with added lab on Mon and Wed. Which I am freaked out about. My daughter's boyfriend promised to help me with the class, and a friend from my old work is actually going to be taking it with me.

Then I found this gem...

0.5 credits Interpretation Of Laboratory Diagnostic Examinations - (online) This one I am actually excited about because as a Nurse these are very important. As a working nurse, I used to see these values every day and wasn't really sure about the understanding of what is critical to report etc.

AND most importantly, as a Nursing student any " 1 up " I can get is a massive help. Oh and let's not forget the NCLEX!!

Sooo if you haven't noticed I am a type A personality with a proclivity to procrastinate and change my mind. It may be the Gemini in me. However, I like to plan and plan ahead. Once I really set my mind to something, I charge full on. yet, we all know that if I am not sure sure...I waiver and woe. Thus you get all my previous posts about RN school and school options.

I have even being studying the RN Q&A book from NURSE TEENY whom I won it from. Which has helped alot, and the best part is that I actually have been doing VERY well with the questions. I have to retake the HESI-A2 and HESI=PN for entrance exams and although I score HUGE on both previous, I would like to ROCK my old scores out of the water.

But, most importantly, I am also excited. Which means, that yes this is finally the right time for a return to school. I just hope that having to work full-time this time, is going to be ok.

PS... I have another interview... LMAO

Socially Antisocial

So I have discovered that I am socially antisocial. I need conversation while working, however, outside of work, well... I do not like to have alot of things to do with friends. Its like my time home and with my family I don't, and have never really wanted to split it going here or there.

Case in point, I text or email and eat lunch with people while at work. But when I am home, I usually decline offers to go anywhere or meet up with anyone, unless I have to already be in that area for something.

To prove this we were at the grocery store and we ran into people we know. I stopped to talk and moved along. That's the type of relationship we have. But, when we were about to run into the neighbor I refused to meet them and walked away before my husband could drag me over there. Why? Because my husband mentioned that they wanted us to go over for drinks or whatever. You know that once that starts there is always something.

Is that crazy or what?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monday Managed

Ok so its Wednesday but its my Monday. 4 days with the kiddos. I managed to get some of the things done yesterday I wanted to.

Ran into a SNAFU with the Pharm but I was told its because technically I have already graduated from that school, so its a process. So they are working on it for me. But if I don't hear from them by Monday then my butt is gonna have to go back down there. I need sign off to enroll and I do NOT want to miss this class start date.

Seems things are moving along... like they always should have. I am a bit worried about how I am going to be able to juggle the work hours and if its going to be possible. I NEED to work at least 32 hours a week to make ends meet. Soooo we shall see.

I think I see the path right infront of me even if it does wind a bit.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things to do...

Today I have a million and 1 things that I need to get done for school. I have to head out to one Campus and meet with an advisor and find out if my application for advanced placement is still only missing the things that I know of.

I need to meet with the Nursing Administrator and get signed off on being able to take the online Pharmacology class. This class starts next month, the other Pharm class doesn't start until Aug. I really don't want to have to wait for the other class.

Then I must enroll & register for the Microbiology class that starts in July. I want THAT professor and so does everyone else, so space is filling fast.

Then I need to head all the way across town, which is about a hour drive, over to the other campus to give them some paperwork for my Chemistry class so I can get a cheaper tuition.

Before all of this I must go to the bank and cash my check, get another form for direct deposit, bring it the 28 miles over to HR so I don't have to hunt down my paychecks anymore.

All this while feeling like crap. I have had a headache for 5 days now that is just sitting at the edges of existence, but enough to make me feel nauseous all the time none the less.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pink and Frothy...

When I say I think something is wrong and you need to call the doctor, please know that my nursing knowledge exists beyond the scope of changing diapers and tube feeds.

That YES in fact I can recall numerous things I learned in Nursing school. My assessment skills have even been practiced for over a year, and I have actually developed nursing judgement that is evidenced based.

Ok, so I may be just an LPN, however, I have learned that I can answer 80% or more of the NCLEX-RN questions in Saunders RN Q & A Review and probably could pass the RN exam given a few weeks of additional study. (This is a post for later)


So when I see pink and frothy sputum coming out of a trach, all day, and it's accompanied by crying every time she coughs, plus she has a fever.

Don't be surprised when she is admitted to the PICU! (Which she was)

Friday, April 8, 2011

An inconveinent truth

So apparently I can NOT turn down a shift when offered to me by my current employer. I received a call from my staffing chick, asking if I would pick up a shift today. So no I can't, I don't have a car today, as I let the girl take it to school. So needless to say I can not cover a 10 am to 6 pm shift. So, she says can you do tomorrow? I say no I had other plans and really can't and don't want to. I picked up extra shifts at my other job and well I am tired. So she huff's and whatevers and hangs up. Mind you I actually was considering it and going to call back. But I needed a minute to think about it.

So needless to say I get a call back from the HR person, with her haughty attitude pretty much ripping me a new one. Demanding this, bitching about that. So I am like, "Well whatever, I guess if I have to I have to." in my equally haughty attitude. So I pick up tomorrow's shift. Whatever.

But mind you... I AM NOT the one who changed my hours this week to begin with. I graciously agreed that I would work a different set of hours this week so they could cover another parents. Is it my problem that I agreed to accept the extra day off because the staffing chick did NOT want to call a bunch of people and rearrange things, because the other case settled early? Is it my bad that the Nurse on the case I work 2 days a week got sick and I have 8 hours of "available" time because the scheduler didn't want to do her job?

Fuck them and fuck this shit! Someones true colors come out with their attitude and I am not the type of person who will put up with it. Apparently as flexible as I am they are NOT. Onesided bullshit.

Live and learn. Its the nature of the beast that is Healthcare.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A work day without Barney?

Well I did my monthly PRN shift today at my "old" job. Celebrated my 1 year with that company and enjoyed feeling loved. Everyone was sooo happy to see me. Wow they do like me. LOL.

I miss the people but not the place, if that makes any sense.

But over all I enjoyed the adult conversation and a day without Barney.

It's him or me... I vote for him.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flourescent Orange Pee

Oh my God.... I had the worst bladder spasms on Sunday and Monday night. Weird because they followed a completely normal day, with no issues or symptoms. Then BANG both days right around 3 I thought I was going to die.

The spasms were so bad by the end of yesterday I must have seemed like a crazy person. Mind you I was at work, so for two hours I had to run to the bathroom like every 5 minutes. I also had to try to hold in a scream as I peed. But of course the tears were just pouring out of my eyes. Thankfully no one was there and the baby was being nice and taking a nap. So weird because I have NO burning, just this feeling that can only be described as a MAJOR contraction, yes I mean labor pain, with the sensation of "let down", nursing mother's will get the idea. So after peeing blood. I had to run to Urgent Care after work and get some pyridium to numb my bladder. I also had to buy some urinary support pads so that during the drive home I could... yes so I could pee myself. OK so its totally more that you want to know. But if you have ever had this type of pain you would do it too.

The weird thing. Dipstick negative. But I do have a low grade temp. Soooo... Prophylactic Bactrium DS and pyridium PRN for spasm. Because I have a crazy history and KNOW I need meds. I am sure the culture will grow something nasty and the UA will show some RBC & WBCs when it comes back.

Have you every had this?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

On the work front

Sooo 3 posts in one day... wow apparently I actually have a life.

So Peds. Peds private duty. Hum.. I have 3 cases. Two that are practically in the veggie state and 1 that has developed into a modified preschooler with a flare for temper tantrums.

My day consists of some baby sitting, a lot of Nasal, PO and trach suctioning. A constant battle with the Pulse Ox, AFO's, the joys of a G/J tube, hanging feedings, bolus feedings, and administering meds. Changing diapers, & straight cathing q 4 hours. Oh and don't forget resinstering a trach at least 3 times a shift.

I have learned how to change the circuit on a vent with confidence, how to assess the vent and check its functioning, and that a trach is NOT as scary as it seems. However, straight cathing a 4 year old gets old quick but I am getting better at it. Although changing diapers still sucks!

My nursing skills are being used, and kids are not as scary as I thought they were in clinical. Good news, since I have another clinical rotation in Peds when I start my RN year.

But overall... NOT where I want to stay forever, at least not at this acuity level. I am hoping this will be flexible enough to pay the bills and allow me to go to school. We shall see. I gave up my days off to be flexible for them. I hope they are flexible enough with two hours a week to work with me.

I have a date with a 16 year old boy

Is that wrong? I am totally overjoyed that the Boy still wants to spend any time with his... gulp... MOTHER. Especially at 16 when there are so many other perfectly nonconforming, rebellious things a teenager can do.

I love my kids and I am glad they think enough of me to want to spend some quality time together. So its Starbucks, "Limitless" and I think Mexican for dinner. Just the two of us.

Next weekend is shoe shopping, facials, & lunch with the Girl.

I am a baseball widow, so who knows when Hubby and I will get any time together. But in the meantime I am enjoying my precious moments with my most favorite people on my 1 day off a week.

Blog Cleaning

So I have been doing some Blog roll cleaning and clearing out all those fellow bloggers who just aren't anymore.

I need some more blogs to follow! Any suggestions? They do NOT have to be Nursing or Medical related.