Monday, July 30, 2012

Pardon the Interruption...

Nothing going on right now. OB clinical on Saturday was BUSY and fun, 1 more shift there for the semester which will be in NICU. Still enjoy women's health and Postpartum was great.

In the throes of studying for HESI right now and the Lab Practicum, which are looming ever closer. Aug 1 and 2nd respectively.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eeek... Block 4 information

So today was the last day of lectures for Block 3. Next week is all about the exams.

So in honor of that the Block 4 Instructors made their appearances and low and behold the glorious Preceptorship info was passed around along with the Block 4 Critical Care and Mental Health clinical sites. Yikes!

So we had to make 3 hospital choices with 3 department choices within those hospitals

Hospital 1: (Have been to all of these at this hospital before)

Hospital 2:
Urgent care

Hospital 3:

Totally all over the spectrum but I was trying to avoid a huge system of hospitals, however I did stay pretty close to my heart and try and get as many options in Peri-Op as possible with a sideline in L&D.

BTW: We had to have a "B" currently to make our choices for a specialty unit instead of a Med/Surg floor.

***updated 12/6/13 - Yeah I actually didn't even end up getting ANY of these options. Trauma/Ortho/ Med/Surg is what I ended up with***

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Worst test by far

Thank God for the cushion I had because of my other tests. This test was awful and I actually straight up failed it. 74% Although it appears so did half the class.

Whatever... onto the Final and I WILL study study study for that one.

Don't get me wrong, I still have a proctored points grade of a high B (which are exam grades) going into the final, with quite a few extra points already to add to that so I am not on the cusp or anything, but yeah maybe finally making my A has just been replaced with PASSING.

Monday, July 23, 2012

I'd make a good L&D Nurse

Is what my Primary RN said to me, which was awesome to hear, but I really don't think I want to do that type of nursing in the future.

I had a great day as usual when it comes to clinical experience in the Unit. I managed to do a lot of interventions, education and eventually saw my first C-Section. I bonded with the family and felt totally comfortable just getting all up in there.

Of course Women's health does interest, and I always have a great time, but to spend day in and day out in such a litigious field. I think L&D is the highest risk for lawsuits.

Two Lectures

Yup that is right two more lectures and that's it.

Next week starts exams! HESI on Wed the 1st, Skills Practicum on Thur the 2nd.

I can not believe how fast this semester went. Of course it's only just now started to get stressful and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Drug Test Debacle

So I get a phone call at 7am about the drug test that I took the day of orientation. Turns out the results were never sent to the college this whole time!

Now they want me to pay the $68 so they can send the results to the school finally because they forgot to collect the amount attached to my original order.

Mind you there are only 3 weeks left in this block and they have not mentioned this yet.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2 down 1 to go... Déjà vu!

Peds and Med Surg clinicals are completed. Today is OB Sim then 3 Saturday shifts of OB to go.

Of course Peds and OB lectures are already DONE!

First Med/Surg exam is tomorrow. I finally finished my paper yesterday, hope it is cited correctly as the majority of it came from quotes, paraphrases and stats from about 4 articles and websites.

Honestly this totally has a very Déjà vu feeling!! Can't believe the end of the semester is so close. Block 4 will be here before we know it and then the really hard work begins.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My month at a glance...

Week 1

Sunday -
Monday- 12 hour clinical 6a-6p
Tuesday- 8 hour clinical 8a-4p, work 7p-7a
Wednesday- class 8a-1230p (EXAM), work 7p-7a
Thursday- class 8a-1230p, work 7p-7a
Friday- no school, no work, Trainer
Saturday- 12 hour clinical 6a-6p

Week 2

Sunday -
Monday- Clinical 8-4, work 7p-7a
Tuesday- NO SCHOOL, work 7a-7p (Trainer probably)
Wednesday- School 8-1230, (EXAM), work 7a-7p
Thursday- School 8-1230, no work (Trainer probably)
Friday- no school no work! Trainer
Saturday- 12 hour clinical 6a-6p

After this all hell breaks lose because it's finals time!

Week 3
Monday- work 7p-7a
Tuesday- work 7p-7a
Wednesday- HESI Final, no work
Thursday- Lab Practicum Final- work 7p-7a
Friday- No school, no work, Trainer
Saturday- last OB clinincal

Week 4
Monday-work 7p-7a
Tuesday- work 7p-7a
Wednesday- no work
Thursday- FINAL!!
Friday- work 7p-7a, Trainer

And if I make it to week 5... there is 1 whole week off until Block 4 - the SENIOR YEAR begins!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I may have been at lecture today...

Except I can't remember it because I was inspired to complete my Powerpoint presentation on Advanced Practice Nursing moving toward Doctorate Level Practice instead of the current Master's Degree practice.

Now if only I could write the damn paper on this... but alas... not motivated enough for that yet!

Monday, July 9, 2012

ED Bust

This is not the time of year to actually be trying to get some clinical experience in. The census is so low hospital wide that there is too much standing around.

So let's see there is officially 1 month left of Block 3 and actually as predicted I did totally bomb that last test. I did pass, but it was a squeaker. So yeah I really should have gotten some sleep prior to that class because I could not remember anything, and these are actually concepts I was familiar with.

So what's up next? Two more Peds clinicals, 1 OB Sim Lab, 3 OB clinicals, and then 1 Med/Surg Sim Lab. Which all leads up to HESI 8/1, Lab Practicum 8/2 and the final 8/9.

Block 4 will startm if all goes well, on 8/20 and Senior Practicum is after that with graduation in early December.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bindi Loo Who?

Ok I tried to change my mind, cuz I mean really who in the world has extra time for this with my schedule? But my hubby would not let me. Course I think now he is regretting it. But anyway...

This is Bindi our new Queensland Heeler (Blue Heeler) She is now 7 weeks old and has come into her "attitude" this week and is driving our other 3 babies crazy!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm loving it...

New clinical instructor for Peds does not believe in careplanning! Woot!

OB Lecture is done. Med/Surg lecture starts on Monday.

Was unable to make myself study for the last OB exam, really it was totally impossible and I have no idea why. But anyway I probably BOMBED it.

But we shall see, I know of at least 1 question I totally got wrong and a few others were very on the fence based on the post mourtum rumblings I listened to after the exam today in the hallway. I never talk to anyone about my grade at school or what I put for which question, I usually hide in a corner and listen off and on to the others around me as I see fit. So now I sit and await the final verdict.

Monday, July 2, 2012

2 outta 3 ain't bad...

Time for round two of clinical rotation. Peds on the agenda starting today. Not looking forward to it as usual. 5 12 hour shifts in total. Mon/Tue week, 2 Mon/Tue week and then 1 the Mon the week after followed immediately on Sat of that week OB clinical 3 shifts.

OB last lecture and exam is on Thursday and then it is on to the final lecture rounds with Med/Surg.

Med/Surg Clinincal- DONE
Med/Surg Lecture - 7/9- 7/16

Peds Lecture- DONE
Peds Clinical- in progress

OB lecture - DONE
OB Clinical - 7/21, 7/28, 8/4