Sunday, August 25, 2013

After all of the Anticipation

I have to drop the OR course this term. Hopefully they will run it again next fall. at which time hubby should be a stay-at-home dad and I will be able to concentrate of school again. Who knows... I haven't 100% dropped yet, but I think given the fact that I do not have any extra money I want to spend on the course, and the lack of time I have, well I think it's better to drop now.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thinking a lot today

I have a few decisions to make and 1 is if I will drop the STORN program or continue. I have so much going on right now with the foster care and adoptions, not to mention the foreign exchange student, that I just don't feel like this program is going to fit into our schedule right now.

Babysitting is a huge issue. Who is going to watch the girls during the overlap in schedule? When we planned this part of our lives, hubby was to be a stay at home dad and I would concentrate on working. But that hasn't happened yet and probably won't for another year.

So it's almost like we are back to square one. Working full-time mother. Some men and when I say some, I mean mine specifically is just not able to balance work and taking care of kids. He never had to actually be the primary caregiver before, and honestly I am not even sure he gets it.

So until he is a stay at home parent... I have to just keep plugging along at my current job and see how things go. Maybe just maybe things will be different in the future. Maybe next fall I will be able to take the class? Who knows.

All I know is tomorrow is a class day and already I have a conflict. Next week hubby has to go out of town and already there is a conflict. Heck there is a conflict with who will be home with them as I work which is a BIG conflict since my check is the on that pays the bills.

Lots and lots of thinking to do. I may just have to miss Friday and then see what happens?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A little bait and switch

As with any upstart changing program, our current Perioperative Nursing Program has been changed drastically from the last cohorts who have graduated from it. Currently it's now called STORN - Surgical Technology for the Operating Room Nurse. We are a surgical tech program on steroids, in a very fast paced program. We have two quizzes every class day, 1 in lecture which is written and 1 in lab which is consistent with the checkoffs of Nursing school.

I hope to have a ton of pictures, we are also going to be the subject of a local media outlet is doing a series on this class. It is also being written up for the Journal of AORN.

The only thing is that I really don't want to spend 230 on 1 book! It's not even the only book for this class, it's book number 5. For 1 semester the books alone have costed 500, with rentals!

I had better get a job offer outta all of this!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

And so it begins.... AGAIN

What is the deal with me and this specific nursing school? I have a feeling I am going to end up teaching here someday ;-) Anyway.. tomorrow is the big day. Perioperative Nursing 101. Which will include instruction as a scrub, curriculator, pre/post op. Here's hoping that I get a great internship in the spring and a job offer in the summer!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Major Meltdown... diverted

I almost had to drop the much anticipated Perio-Operative Nursing Program that I have been so looking forward to!! The foster care business sorta got in the way. I was in major meltdown city wondering how on earth I was going to get to classes two days a week when they don't even start school until 11? Crisis averted by my wonderful daughter who is in need of a job, and since I have been paying all of her bills, well she seriously owed me and I really really need the help.

I am so looking forward to this chapter in my career. I can see my goals of OR nurse in sight! I mean working in Peds Homecare is a nice cushy job, but seriously BORING! I am as lazy as the next gal, and hey an easy peasy job where I spend about 1 hour out of a 10 hour shift actually working, (unless the shit hits the fan), is nothing to complain about, but I miss the action.

I am afraid of my carpel tunnel however getting in the way, some days my hand cramps right up and I drop things all day long not such a good thing for the sterile field!! Anyway, I am still excited about it, also worried about it too!

We shall see how things go.. wow 16 days left until the start of class again... back to the old Gateway!