Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve 2009....

Not time for a year in review post yet? Or maybe it is... This year is ending a bit the same as it started. Can't wait to see it go and here's hoping that 2010 will be better.

Cookie for your thoughts?

Sunday, December 27, 2009


So I have been rereading a few books that I haven't read in awhile. Talking to people I haven't talked to in awhile, & just plain catching up on what I have been missing.

I am waiting for the funds to come around to send in my application for the NCLEX and well with 1 income and Christmas, $500 doesn't come around fast enough. So I am in a holding pattern until perhaps the 15th or so of January. I have to also register for my spring classes and it seems weird that the girls I hung around with this past year will be moving on without me. Wonder how they will get along without me to fall back on to help them next semester?

So it turns out that nearly half of our remaining original class of 30 are moving on. There were 3 fails this term. So in total we lost 9. So not bad odds I say, I hear programs with 50% or more failure rates. Of the 21 remaining about half are going to be about a semester behind the rest r/t lack of space in the next Block and/ or lack on pre-reqs. I fall into the later catagory of course!

So I am in limbo just waiting for the next step. I think my spring classes will start on the 25th at this point... I shall keep you posted once I get my test date. At this point it will probably be sometime in February... I HOPE!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Shopping, Tires & Rest

That has pretty much been the order of the week since the semester has ended. I feel "weird" like I should be studying or should feel different or should be doing something. But all I am pretty much doing on the school front it waiting for money. I need to register to take the state boards but I need the money, I need to register for next semester's gen-ed classes, but alas I need the money.... Soooo where is my money going?

Well what little we have coming in right now is having to go to the usual bills, the small Christmas we are giving the kids and f'ing TIRES!! Its a good thing the kids haven't asked for much and are not wanting for much because the car repairs have been numerous. Well in two weeks we have had to replace two tires on car and of course there is still something wrong with the money pit of a Jeep that has made driving it a game of chance.

So to maintain my sanity and to get some quality time with the kids before the NCLEX studying and the inevitable job hunt must commence... I have vowed two weeks of no studying! As a result I am entranced in a new series of marathon reading with the "Outlander" series by Diana Gabaldon and have been working pretty hard at house breaking a very "dumb" puppy!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's O...V...A.... ova

Clinicals DONE!! Its official!!

Wow Peds sucked. I felt bad for the Instructor at the end because I couldn't stand her from the beginning, if that makes sense. But needless to say when you think a skinny little baby could possibly have DMII, and have no idea of the mechanism/patho of Diabetes Insipidus, think Narcan in the antidote for Mag, I doubt your clinical competence and knowledge. Then when you make me hunt down beds/cribs to make to seem busy during my only Peds clinical time when I could be hanging feeds or doing trach care or something that isn't done by fucking HOUSEKEEPING (as it was at this place) instead of doing new nursing skills that I NEED to be able to perform on an actual breathing human being, makes me doubt your teaching abilities. So yeah sorry about that evaluation I wrote... well not really!

Not that there weren't some nice things, but it really was not my favorite clinical. Not a place where I want to work or a field that even interests me. Besides it makes me upset what the deal is with some of those parents. It'd be pretty tough to bite my tongue that much. The facility was pretty crappy overall the equipment to even take vitals was lacking, sheesh get a thermometer that works, actually they will because I am buying them one and bringing it in tomorrow. The one they were using was about as archaic as a glass mercury one! So even though the place was crap the nurses were great as were the kids! So since it was a it a day of CNA work with a few dressing changes and alot of tube feed hanging and flushing with the fun od checking placement... whoosh... that's about it!! 24 and a 1/2 hours. I am sooo tired!

So until January 1st I am NOT studying! Its all about getting things done in the house, reading for fun and the start of heading out to the gym. (we'll see how that goes... lol)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Check it out- A web novel work in progress

Another side of Christine. A web novel that I have been inspired to write. Its still a work in progress but the creative juices are flowing and they haven't in a long long time!

Of course I can't figure out the linking part... urgh!!

But copy and paste into your browser if you please.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pinning Part 2

It was actually more than I had expected even if it was pretty quick! The slide show was really touching and funny and although my husband did not manage to get but 1 picture of the whole thing, there will be picture from the experience from the offical photographer. I'm very glad I went.


Today is pinning... I am heading out soon to pick the kids up and head the hour out to the location. Perhaps I'll have pictures to share. Then its off to dinner with the hubby and kids to celebrate the fact that as of today I am a GRADUATE NURSE!! I will not just be a Nursing Student!!

I can't wait to walk onto the floor and say... My name is Christine and I'll be your Nurse today. Or when the Pt family asks to speak with the nurse I don't have to go and get her... it'll be ME.

So in case you didn't know finals went very well and although I did not manage to get my A for the semester, I will settle for a 91.5% for the semester and the B that it is. I did manage to get a 95% on my final so it was a 95, 96, 97 gradebook. All A's on the finals.

So about half of my graduating class is heading on to the RN blocks in January and the rest of us are heading into the RN blocks in August.

Now time to study for NCLEX and get ready to start my last Gen Ed. semester!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Final Today

The Comprehensive Final! The end of the PN Blocks. The start of what? Two years ago when I made my decision to get off my ass and go back to school the economy was supportive! Nursing jobs included bonuses and there were plenty to go around. Now who knows?

Two years ago I had planned a different path, a path that lead directly to RN. However, that plan was derailed with the acceptance a semester before I was ready into a program that I had only thought to be my second choice. Guess things happen for a reason.

So... here I am about to graduate the PN program and two classes short of the requirement to roll directly into the RN portion in January... yet with many paths ahead of me. I had planned to drown myself this semester in over 20 credits of accelerated online class but I am glad in a way that I didn't, but disappointed none the same.

So... to pick the spring classes or not to pick the spring classes? Should I take a semester off? Do I continue on the ADN path or do I really want to go the BSN route from here? If I do take spring classes, right now it looks like I'll have: Microbiology, Chemistry, Critical Reading & Introduction to Cinema.... lol cake walk compared to Nursing school right? LOL

So I guess the answer will come with the JOB I suppose!

In the meantime its time to start getting ready for the NCLEX (where I am going to pull $450 out of my butt I have no idea)but that's the next chapter on the Journey through Nursing School & beyond!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pot Roast, Carrot Cake & Shrimp Scampi Penne

What do these things have in common? Well apparently they can all be made by me instead of studying for tomorrow's Final!! I sense a theme... comfort food? I am a classic stress eater and when I feel stressed I feel like CARBS!!

Friday, December 4, 2009


You know I hate having too many directions available.
When I have so much to choose from I can't seem to make a decision.
When I make plans, I change them.
Hummm.. life is crazy or maybe its just me.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

IV Class

Is in the books with a 97%. I am now officially certified to start and maintain IV therapy. Of course that doesn't really mean much at this point, but hopefully seeing that on my resume will boost me a bit higher as a new grad applicant.

Pinning is on Wednesday and after much thought and back and forth I came to the conclusion that... I FREAKING DESERVE TO GO!! So I am going. Its my graduation after all and although it is not the ADN or BSN diploma portion just yet... it is still a program I worked damn hard at and had to sacrifice alot of family time and financial stability, and a year of living with the folks,to do. So even though I didn't spend the $50 on the school pin I am still getting pinned with this one:

All in all I can't wait for the cap & gown portion in the near future... because it would be my first one!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In honor of my 200th post... HESI exit exam results!

I scored in the 96.32 percentile for the NATION of Nursing Students who took the HESI-PN test in the last 364 days!

Ok after the nightmare I had the night before of getting a 736... where the hell the randomness of that score came from I will never know... and waking up at 03:30 because of said nightmare I was freaking myself out over this test. It is worth 30 points yet my score got me 28 of those points. I'll take it!

We get in the testing computer lab at 1:00, people are freaking- the tension is so high the bad vibes are all around. It was so bad at one point this one girl couldn't even enter the password correctly 5 times! So as I log on and hit the start exam button my hands started to actually get shaky. But I calmed down after the first few questions. If this is what the NCLEX is like I can only imagine how I will feel... I mean throughout this whole thing, I was like " Where the heck did that question come from?" I was the first person finished... was that a good thing? I took my time, even really debated a few questions, refused to change my answers, even though of course I should have, but when I hit submit and saw the 1037 I couldn't believe it. The class average was 853. Sooo there are a few not too happy people. I found out that I actually can matriculate into the BSN program at ASU instead of the ADN program if I so choose. Not that it changes my plans at this point. I am still going to need to get a job before considering continuing on. I think it just means that I can take a test and I reallllllllyyyyy hope that what HESI says is true... that I can and will pass the NCLEX on my first try!

Well I have 1 test and 2 finals left and its Graduation time! So off to study for tomorrows final in IV therapy!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Mystery of the Test Grades

Have you ever looked at your grade and wondered how the hell that got there, hoped it was some mistake and come to find out it actually was?

That happened to me this term and let me tell you I was sooo shocked when I saw my grade posted I was nearing tears. I am NOT a crying type of person. I was in class when they said the grades were posted and I checked my score. I was shocked and right away the girls could tell there was something wrong. My usually bubbly ( yes I said it, I am bubbly) No really I am... hehe... So anyway it was like a lead anvil fell on my head. I got a what???

The way our tests work is we take the quiz, leave the room when we are done, compare answers, second guess ourselves and then go back into the room and she has the grades posted on the wall. We see the right answers, hoping we remember what we put and then... there no surprises right? Wrong!

So needless to say I KNOW I missed 1/2 a point, a check all that apply and I checked 1 extra.. of course a temp of 100.6 in a postpartum Mom is not normal... what was I thinking?... report anything over 100.4 (duh... probably should have read that slide a little better.. hehe...)

So when I checked it said I had missed 4 questions... each worth 1/2 a point so instead of the 19.5 / 20 I had an 18... WTF??? I was devastated. I just couldn't stop thinking about it... because weird as it may sound this happened to me on another test. I was sure I had missed 2, 1/2 point questions and when I looked it had said 18.5/ 20... That one I let go, but this one just nagged and nagged at me... So I made an appointment to go over the test grades with the Instructor and low and behold... double errors on their test bank and I was vindicated. Course it didn't change my grade by much... but a point is a point and I need all of them I can get.

Now it wasn't like I was agruing a test question or anything, but I marked the right answers according to my version of the test on the scantron and seriously wanted my grade to reflect that! Nursing school is hard enough without getting jipped out of points you earned!

Ok off to a fun filled day of Practicums!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Skills Practicum Check Offs

Thats all I have for the week! 1 day of classes and the rest of the week just chillin'... well if you can call studying for the final and HESI just chillin'.. haha!

So check offs are tomorrow on Trach Care & Suctioning, NG Tube Insertion & Discontinue, as well as IV insertion and Central Line Dressing Change. I hear we will have IV for sure and 1 of the other options chosen by random draw. This is the last day of check offs, the last day of lab and all that remains will be the exit HESI exam and the final! ( Ok and the 2 Pedi Clinical days that we have to do still- which from what I hear is babysitting 101) Of course I could have told them that because the site we have clinicals at I was going to work there, but I got into Nursing School instead and didn't want to work full time while going to school.

So yeah... it seems soooo weird that this is almost it for awhile. Of course that doesn't mean I will not be in classes. I still need Micro, Chem & a Humanities class for my Associates Degree in Science,in order to graduate in May. Meanwhile I'll hopefully have a job and be able to get into the LPN-BSN program through UoP.

Working is the priority so NCLEX studying is in effect full force! I actually don't think I will be applying prior to taking the test like some Nursing students have done. I think I'd rather have a bit less pressure!! LOL So I'll test then start sending out my applications EVERYWHERE!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

90% is still a B

Why oh why does Nursing School have its own grading system? I'd need 118.5 of the possible 125 left in order to get an A. Guess I had better get to studying!

Good luck to everyone taking finals soon!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The End is near...

Three weeks is all that is left until graduation and being a Nurse! 30 years of dreaming is finally becoming a reality. 4 tests left until I am licenced! Now to come up with the $500 for the exam and to get through the rest of the semester with a passing grade!

We have Peds right now and it is hard! Its the extra steps to med math calculations, the new diseases and the spin on the adult med-surg that become tricky. The immunizations and the developmental milestones to memorize. The Piaget and Ericksen theories in and out and back again. Which toys would be appropriate for blah blah blah! Sheesh now-a-days its give them a Nintendo DS not a coloring book, but not in NCLEX land.

Ok well enough blabbing time to get studying... Peds test tomorrow and I'm sure it'll be a dosey!.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Fire of the season...

In the fireplace of course. Sasha spent the entire time it was lit in this exact position. So the weather has been really nice here this weekend, almost cold. Finally its starting to feel like Fall. Of course cold for us is in the 70-50s range for highs and lows. We actually had some rain yesterday which we haven't had in months and months.

The new puppy is driving us crazy. He is cute as hell, eats a ton, and pees wherever he wants. I can't wait until he housebreaks, and stops chewing everything he sees, namely until he stops chewing on US. But of course with both issues there is a process and we have only had him a week now.

School is getting very close to the end for the semester. We have moved on to Pedi. OB was a very good section for me and I only missed .5 of a point on the OB exam. Peds is going to be crazy hard I think. I really need to get some major studying in. I have a bunch of tests coming up, a few papers to write and have become inspired out of nowhere to return to writing.

When I was younger I wanted to be a writer, and used to write novel style fiction of the historical romance kind. I haven't written anything in nearly 16 years. But Friday night out of the blue I got an idea. Wrote it down and since its running the gamut of the popular genre these days I figure I may create a blog site that is strictly for that "novel". Of course where I'll find the time for this idea I have no idea.

I also think that I would like to start a vegetable garden and perhaps get some chickens. Of course I have no idea how really to raise them and if I really want all that work. But it has always been an idea of mine and since we have the land it could happen.

Ok time to go to bed!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


What a difference a year makes. They went much better this semester. I still got a bit flustered but overall I remembered the things I should do, of course implementing them was another thing. I did catch the two errors they put up, but couldn't remember the OR checklist. AND... I forgot to assess the leg ( which was the reason for admission!!) Ooooppppsss! LOL

The next was a Postpartum Mom who was actively hemorrhaging and then the assessment on the baby. Its still very hard to measure the heart rate, they are just so fast.

But all in all it was a pretty boring day. Next week promises to be worse, with Pedi medication dose calculations and such for the 4 hour lab time and a quiz.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On the Nursing School Front...

Today we start end of program Practicums, SIMs days, and its another lab lecture test, this one is chest tube management,with more dosage and calculation math of course. We also has tree case studies due which I had to get finished this AM, since I had not looked at my syllabus until about an hour ago and realized there were 3 instead of the 1 I knew was there.

I am looking forward to the SIMs labs. We have Vita Annie & baby which is supposed to be a simulated birth of course. Then we have our Med/Surg SIM man. I sure hope its not as bad as last semester. The SIMs experience seemed to be a big cluster f back then, I hope we have learned enough now!

The good news is that I am in group 3 for Practicums, so my check off isn't until the 24th. We have to test on Central Line dressing change, IV insertion, NG tube placement & D/C, as well as trach care with suctioning. So not too bad, its just the nerves that take over especially since its by the book and we are being graded Pass/Fail.

I also have a test on Thursday in theory on L&D and I am hoping we won't have to stay all day for that one, its scheduled as 8-4, but they were saying, with luck, we'd be outta there by noon. Its sooo nice to not have the Thursday Friday clinical anymore so that's a break at least. Fridays, I have decided, are going to be spent in NCLEX question land and reviewing the notes from last semester and this one for our HESI. Which is exactly like taking the NCLEX test and is used as a predictor but counts as 30 possible points out of our total 250 for the course to get that minimum 76%. I assume its like the ATI's other programs have. Its also the ruler by which those going into 3rd Block are measured, because without an 800 they can not progress. So of course there are those in my class that are FREAKING out right now. Me? I am just trying to get to December 9th with my B intact!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Meet Gunner

New house, new puppy... that's the rules right?

He's a 10 week old rescue black lab mix.

Adorable and alot of work! Let's just say that when the puppy isn't sleeping no one is sleeping. But he's a cute cuddlier none-the-less and of course he won't be spoiled.

Hubby and the new baby sleeping.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Forced Intervention for Facebook Addiction...

Since the move I have pretty much been on a semi-cold turkey withdrawal from the facebook addiction I had acquired. Farmville and Mafia Wars and a few others inbetween were ruling my life. I'd check for updates and play on that thing for hours instead of reading or catching up on reading and notes that needed to be done. I actually think that the facebook addiction contributed to the fact that even though I had planned to be an over achiever this semester, I actually turned into a slacker. Ok, so I am a slacker with a B average, but you know what I mean. Instead of being ready to roll into Block 3 and progress toward the RN as fast as I had hoped, I dropped the Micro and put of the Chem and I've decided that I would rather, qulp,WORK as an LPN for a year, take a few classes and then head directly toward the LPN-BSN route instead of getting the ADN. The girls in my class think I am crazy, but an LPN= Nurse too, and that was my goal. I won't stop at LPN, but I do need to try and get back into the job market. This economy has me so scared and the land of the desert and sun is SHORT on jobs, so this could be easier said than done.

Yet I that I have the Internet back and can go on Facebook once again or Farmville, its actually lost its appeal. I don't need to go on and don't want to. I have managed to reread the Twilight series and have actually managed to do a lot of NCLEX studying while living in the olden days here in our rustic cabin. But now that its 2009 again the draw is no longer there. So yeah I am happy about that! My procrastination is bad enough without having a stupid addiction to a freaking Farm! LOL.

However, now that clinical is over and I have free time once again, I hope I don't roll back into those bad habits. I still need to finish organizing the house and unpacking and there is MUCH studying to, with only a month till graduation and all. I can't believe that its been a almost a year already that I found out I was accepted into the Nursing Program, and graduation is soooo close!!

Ok time to go and watch another movie... today has been a veg day, but tomorrow I promise to make it a productive one.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Girl Interupted

Internet will be back on Friday!!! Woot! Wow I've been in withdrawal I have no idea what is going on in everyone's blog worlds!

School has been crazy busy, coming toward finals. I will post a better update soon!

Back to your regular scheduled program

Med/Surg and OB are DONE!! Clinicals are pretty much over for the most part now, except those two days of babysitting in December. ( This is what the other group called their clinical time at the Peds location), So yeah not looking forward to that.

We pretty much have tests left, skill practicums, the HESI and the final. Then its tat NCLEX. I can't believe there really are only 33 calendar days until "graduation". But there are only 5 class and 3 lab days left!!

So... I like med/surg, but don't want to "do" it. I really Loved OB, I got to help with vaginal birth #2, put baby skin to skin and got to do the baby assessments. But don't want to "do" that either. What I found was that there was a tie between OR and Women's Health. Particularly I was in Antepartum/Gyn when it all just clicked!! Maybe because I got to do so much, and maybe because I was able to help people and fell like I accomplished something. I had a teen with an ectopic, 2 c-sections with babies in Nicu, a puking post-op hysterectomy and a 32 week preterm with an inverted contraction pattern. It was pretty fun!

So in other the news the move went well, things are good and finally we are starting to feel like we live here.

Ok time to catch up on all the shows I have missed!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Moving Day and an Interuption in Service

Moving Day has arrived and thus the loss of the Internet connection for at least a week. We are moving to a very rural, aka the rustic looking house, area and thusly have some crazy broadband satellite radio signal type of thing for Internet, kinda like the Dish but not. So it takes them about a week after order to get the tech sent out to climb where ever on your house and install the thing. So by next Friday it should be up. I HOPE!!

So last night at clinical I realized that yes OR seems like where I would like to work. But also I realized that I think as far as the learning environment I want to spend the rest of my clinical experience in, I think I prefer Med/Surg at this point. How many people actually say that? So given the opportunity to go back one final time to the OR this rotation, next week. I was thinking of not going. Except I would have to do an extra careplan. Hummm... on second thought!

However, it wasn't that the OR experience was bad, because it wasn't. I actually got to help and the doctor even asked me to get him a lot of things. So the first two bloody surgeries were very cool! The last surgery was laperscopic and lets just say that that is damn BORING!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Life gets in the way

Sometimes the best laid plans are the ones that aren't planned. Or some such nonsense. Soooo burned out with school and I have no idea why. Maybe its a case of Senioritis, because technically " graduation" is less than two months away now. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, plus for as long as I can remember, from childhood play acting, to high-school dreaming, to Aug 2007 when I started this journey, my goal was to be a Nurse. Designating LPN or RN at the time was not important, I just wanted the N... and now it is soooo close. I am excited and nervous and just plain can't wait to be able to say, Yes I am the Nurse!

Of course the RN portion is coming, but it's had to move to the back burner for a few reasons.
1.) Because I need to work and can no longer afford to concentrate on school, and am not able to do both in the specific program I had planned to attend.
2.) Because I did not over extend myself this semester as I had originally planned to do.
3.) Because I am tired
4.) I lack motivation, and without motivation there is no heart! After all who would put themselves through the trials and tribulations and the stress of Nursing school without heart! You gotta want this bad to put up with this crap!!

On the actual school front its OR Clinical again today! Woot! I have to finish up my Careplan from last week. Which actually won't take me long, as the only thing I have left to finish is an explanation of bowel obstruction(Boring). I have a test on Disorders of the Reproductive System and L&D on Tuesday. I have a take home midterm from IV class, that is crazy hard to finish up... and oh yeah I am MOVING this weekend! I haven't managed to nail down an installation date for the Internet and it was a wild goose chase with the electric company about the address of service yesterday. I think once the move is over, my focus can return to school and I can rock these next few weeks. Only 1 month and 25 days left!! Eeeek!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Skipping Class

I can't believe I had to miss a day of class to go to the dentist to find out the swelling is still too much and there is nothing they can do yet. I have never missed a day of class before, it doesn't count against us this semester, but I will have to make sure I don't miss anymore just in case. The dentist did up my antibiotic dose to 300mg q4h from 150mg q6h. So here's hoping it'll work and I'll get relief.

So back to the OR on Thursday, I need to read three chapters for IV class, I have a careplan to finish typing up, and I need to get to studying for my first OB exam on Tuesday! The motivation is sooo gone I am glad I am taking a semester off instead of going right on through to the RN year. I just need to get to that glorious NCLEX test!

So moving day is also fast approaching, hope my remaining student loan check comes in soon as thats the money we are using for the move to cover a few months rent while I finish up school and job hunt!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Balloon face

Half of my face looks like one of those allergic reactions you see on TV. Although I don't think its an allergic reaction, since I had the swelling before I started to take the Antibiotic. But the swelling is spreading and I am getting a bit freaked out about it. So I am thinking of going to the ER, as I am sure my broken tooth has become a medical condition at this point. The Dentist said that he couldn't do anything for it until the swelling went down, because the Novocaine wouldn't work right or some such nonsense. I am afraid of Endocarditis or Meningitis at this point. Sometimes being a Nursing Student is not good for your health!

Anyone ever had swelling that looked like a black eye from a tooth?


Friday, October 9, 2009

Me thinks I am starting to feel like a real nurse...

Or my back is at least. But seriously I actually got some real skills in and did some cultural sensitive care as well. I also was pretty upset with my judgemental partner today that I wanted to strangle, but practiced self control instead. We are there to treat the sick with compassion, not to judge!!

So clinical was interesting this week. I got to admit a Pt fresh from PACU to the floor. Walkie Talkie but still. I helped receive report, my Nurse had to go down somewhere so when the person got to the floor I was there to get them into bed, set up the IV pole, get the vitals started and get them all tucked in and such. Then I got to do a dressing change sans an instructor for the first time! I then proceeded to draw a lab on a hard stick and FAILED. But hey at least I tried and I didn't get stabbed like the RN did!

Today, fresh from ICU came my person who needed a J-tube placed. Failed at that too, but it just kept coiling and that person was fighting it pretty hard. So even the RN couldn't get it. So I get them settled and proceed to get the weirdest come on I have ever had, an offer to be a baby mamacita and they wanted a smooch! LOL So after some Spanglish translation I was able to comfort my person back to relaxed to await an interventional placement in x-ray. Poor person was so upset earlier in the day and kept thinking we were gonna starve them to death! If that tube doesn't get placed soon, they just might!!

I also assisted with a nasty wet to dry dressing change with some deep tunneling on a colectomy with a strange, not sure what type resistant strain of some such contact precautions bacteria. I am NOT a wound type of person, but opening packages all sterile like is pretty fun! Yeah I know I am weird!

So in other news I have a killer toothache right now that is showing signs of swelling and I am trying to figure out how I am going to schedule some time to see the dentist for the damn root canal I know I need. Thinking a quick extraction is going to be the course of action at this point! So perhaps I can find an ER Dentist with Saturday hours tomorrow!

PS. Scheduled the U-haul, advised our storage we would be moving and started going through some boxes in prep for next weekend's move!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday again **updated**

Urgh I hate Wednesday and I dread my IV class. I can't wait for it to be over. Or at least the IV sticks to be over. It's not that I don't think I can do it. I am getting better, its just the pressure. I think its self inflicted, but its there none the less.

Yesterday's theory test wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I got a 20/23 so that's not too bad. I am NOT freaking out about getting the A this semester. So I feel less stress on that note. I do on the other hand think its going to get a bit harder the rest of the term!

In related news I have a careplan to finish up today for last week, and need to go in early to clinical tomorrow to pick a patient and start a new one. I hate careplans! LOL yeah don't we all.

Next week is OR again! Can't wait for that!. Plus its moving week.

Then the next week we have a Thursday (8 hour), Friday(8 hour), Saturday (12 hour) clinical week. The 24th is day 1 of OB. Then we have another 3 day week after that on 29-31. Halloween is the second OB day. Maybe it'll be busy!! Then Med/Surg ends on the 6th of Novemeber. After that we still have two days in Peds, a bunch of mix and match classes, SIMS, and practicums!

When I think about it that way, there really isn't that much more left!! WOW

HESI is December 1st and the final is the 8th... pinning is on the 9th and we still have those Peds days on the 12th & 13. Then its NCLEX prep!

I am debating on whether or not to go to pinning though.


Poked my husband 6 times tonight to get the 2 I needed. I changed to the other instructor after 4 misses and WHAM!! Right in, threaded the cathater with 1 finger, attached the extention tube and success!!! Sometimes a change its the instructor that makes you nervous and it was really true. The one I had been working with just freaked me out afraid to let go of the blue hub. This one was like, " See nothing major hapens if you let go!" and it really did change my mindset. Weird, but whatever...I AM DONE!!No more poking my husband... he's happy. But he was such a trooper and alot of help tonight!. So IV class is now its paper work, dressing securing,hanging IVPBs & case studies. Ok off to do that careplan now.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Another week...

And I have no idea how to prepare for a test that we have tomorrow. Its on health, prevention and maintenance as well as Scope of Practice. I am pretty sure I have the knowledge but I have no idea how on earth this will be tested in an NCLEX style question given the fact that this week was a self taught class with two teachers throwing in their component in outline form.

Tomorrow starts the the OB sections in theory and this week the kids are on their fall break from school.

Good thing is that I don't have much by way of packing to do for this move. Since we are still pretty much packed and the bulk of our "gear" has been in storage since November of last year.

We're all pretty excited here to move. My son is looking forward to the the HUGE yard and all of us are looking forward to our favorite part of moving... decorating! I really like the newness effect of a new place. Which is probably why I need to rearrange or MOVE every year. Its a product of my upbringing... but I am so addicted to it.

It'll be nice to have my own space again and my own things. Hopefully everyone is on the same page here in my family too. Most importantly my kids with their conservation promises and hubby with his financial responsibility promises.

We shall see. 12 days till Moving Day!

Friday, October 2, 2009


So I've done it. I've decided to move. Found a cute little cabin type house in the desert and its beautiful. A bit of a longer drive, 15 miles south from where we live. But hey, what are you gonna do with limited income and a depserate desire for my own space. Things will be a bit tight in the beginning but nothing we shouldn't be able to handle. Actually since we've moved to this state we will be paying the least amount for a house, with the fewest bills!

Bonus is the house looks small on the outside but had a surprise of a greatroom! Of course its only 1200sq but oh what a view!

Of course this is one of many But the pictures I have right now don't do it justice.

Oh and plus it has a really nice woodburning fireplace!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


In Nursing School you have the traditional classes, clinicals and then there are the experiences. Like the ED, OR, Wound Center etc.

So far my experience in the OR has cemented my idea, that when RN-BSN, is entered after my name it will be the OR/PACU that I aspire to call my home.

I worked with two Travel Nurses and although I had heard many things about the Travel Nurse, I learned that a Traveler is most likely in my future as well.

What is a Mom, who's children are soon to fly the nest, to do when her whole life has been taking care of them. But will still be in her 30's when the youngest graduates from school?

Well if she loves to move, aka relocate, as often as I do, and has a husband who is supportive to being supported, Travel Nursing sounds like a great idea. Of course I have to get through to RN and all that but hey, with the potential for another 30 years in this career the limits are endless to what I can accomplish!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ducks in a Row

It has been a turbulent last week or so on the home front and things are about to take a turn. No idea where that will lead but like all growth it begins with small steps. I'm hoping to come out on the other end with the familial connection still intact. But for my family's sake, mostly the hubby and kids, I had to alter my plans a bit and move forward a bit sooner. I think if all goes well on Saturday and we hear what we need to hear, and get what we need to get. I think perhaps we can come out of all of this a lot wiser, and none the worse for the ware?

School is in a lull right now or rather a transition. Which is a nice break. Of course that doesn't mean there isn't anything to study. IV class is lecture this week and I am picking my first patient in clinical too. I still have yet to figure how that will make much difference considering the acuity of the patients on the floor and our current scope of practice. But perhaps I'll get a lab draw or a foley or an equally as exciting IV start this week?

The weird part is that we are not scheduled to start the OB clinicals until the middle of this month. But we will start OB lecture next week. Med Surg Theory is over, but we have a few more weeks of Med/Surg Clinicals left.

Well I suppose I will get some reading done and do some more NCLEX questions. I try and do about 50 a day at this point. I'll work my way up as the tests gets closer.

Ugh.. if only I had a one of those remotes from "Click", fast forward would be a nice option right now! I just want this phase to be OVER!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Trauma.... Drama...

I could say that this was all at the same place, but after a night filled with the excitement of a Trauma, I came home to the DRAMA!! So what else is new. Same story different day, two extremely fucked in the head men in a pissing contest and me in the middle.

I'd slit my wrists and say fuck it all to hell, but what would that solve?

So all that BS aside the Trauma night was amazing. I can see how people could get addicted to this shit! Let's just say that large amounts of ETOH, no keys to your house and a window do not make very good bed fellows. Particularly when you slice open and resect, to the bone, every nerve and artery in your limb. It does on the other hand, make for very happy Nursing Students who got to help. All that blood was awesome!

1.) Neat landing that flying contraption made.
2.) Totally cool to play real life ER followed by Grey's Anatomy
3.) I think the Circulating Nurse is a SAINT and yes I think I may want that job too!
4.) Squeezing blood into the drip chamber so it pours into the body fast as hell is hand cramping business, and my hands are outta shape.
5.) Getting to spike a IV bag, hang it and clear the line in a busy OR and have the OR team clap... is an awesome feeling! LOL

Shhhh... its a VIP

Is it really a secret when a VIP comes in if everyone knows about it in the Department? But the bigger question is... are they still a VIP if the first thing people say when they hear the name is, " Who is that? Never heard of them!" LOL

Today is my first of 3 OR days this clinical cycle. Yesterday they saw an open heart, a couple of fractured bones, some Appendectomies and some Cholecystectomies. Hope they didn't get them all done yesterday so the surgeons could have a long weekend! I'm more excited to see the set up and the take down of the room and the behind the scenes of the Circulating nurse. Not so much the surgery itself. I don't want to be a Doctor, especially a surgeon. I'll stick with Grey's Anatomy for that.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Med Surg is really over?

Well for theory it is apparently. Next week starts OB and then we end with Peds. I'm hoping theory stays the same test wise. People are all freaking out because we have a new instructor and everyone hears she's tough and apparently only 14 people passed second block last term outta, I have no idea how many. But yeah people are starting to panic. I figure after last year how much harder can it be? OB is a topic I think I know alot about plus she's lectured us a few times, and we've had her for Lab, I actually prefer the way she teaches over our Med/Surg teacher. But I guess only time will tell.

We still have Med/Surg clinical until 11/6, but there are 24 hours of OB mixed in there in October. We end with 24 hours of Peds clinical, except its actually even after Pinning! There was a SNAFU with the schedule so they had to change Pinning from the 15th of December to the 9th. I wonder how that is going to work out! CRAZY!

I did some practice IV insertion this AM on a hot dog... LOL, and tonight is lab again. Hubby is coming with me and offering up his veins again.

Ok well off to do some more NCLEX questions and laundry... fun fun fun. Can you stand it?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Torture

So I am off to take a test today in Theory. This is # 4 I think. I have pretty much lost track of time, I have no idea how many weeks we have trudged through so far. I don't feel overwhelmed right now, I just feel a bit discombobulated. I don't think I have a flow with studying this term, but I am doing very well and have a high B. I'm not stressing that its only a B. I've started to more think about the big picture of it all. Graduation, NCLEX, work, then continue school toward BSN. I've been doing allot of NCLEX questions as a study technique this term and hope that it all "clicks".

So much going on but no time to write... need to head out to school soon!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just a note

We have company this week so its been weird around here. Not weird in a bad way... just different. I'm so tired, sleeping on the couch is NOT very restful!! But the food they cook is a nice change of pace! We had some yummy T-bone steaks and a mixed veggie rague (summer squash, zucchini, onion, green pepper & tomato) tonight for dinner.

So the first week of clinical was over I have to say that THIS is the reason I want to be a Nurse. I don't even mind med/surg!!

Next Friday I get to observe in the OR. Finally not just in Pre and Post OP. I'm actually loving my clinical instructor things are soooo different that last semester!

No sooner did I step on the floor than the Charge was said, " Ever seen an IJ d/c'd?"
me: "Nope!" and
Charge Nurse: "Gown up and come on in!"

I got to assist so that was really interesting. I also got to help dc the foley and prime a J-tube feeding. We sat in on a tough stick IV insertion and put on some ID bands. It was very interesting to see how each Nurse worked their patient load, charted and did assessments. I am really liking clinical so far. By day two last semester I was already dreading the next week. I am actually looking forward to Thursday and Fridays now!

Lesson 1 learned in clinical- The effects of a certain drain cleaner when ingested really can do a number on a person and their alimentary canal!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Beginning

So clinical begins today. We are outta the Nursing Home and into the Hospital. It should be interesting I hope. While still being HIPPA compliant, perhaps I'll have some stories. Just a sidebar,everyone in my stories will be 200 years old and a hermaphrodite Martian so as not to risk any verifying information.

In IV news, I managed to get my first "stick" yesterday outta my 5 required for certification. Step one is to find the vein, access the vein, and with or without help thread the catheter, verify placement by withdrawing on the flush, and finally DCing the IV. So with the help of my patient husband, who was stuck twice last night, I managed to complete the task. I do however still need the confidence on threading without help. But its a skill, its a process and I WILL master it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What's the Haps?

Clinical starts again tomorrow and we have yet to hear from our Instructor. The worse thing though is that our Program Director has yet to hear from her too. Wouldn't you think that they'd consider a back up plan or something?

So tomorrow we have no idea where to meet, what to bring, what we are doing for dinner, what we need to have done prior, and have never been to that location before. We don't even have an idea what she looks like. Of course she can find us. There isn't much to miss with a group of 9 girls in green scrub tops and white scrub pants all standing around looking lost!

So in other news, I have completely psyched myself out about IV insertion at this point. I totally don't want to even try. Which is stupid, I know, but the hang up is of course on the what can go wrong and what if I still don't get it. I can practice a million times on the fake arms and on the pool noodle and nail it each time. But for some reason, when the instructor is there and there is real skin I panic.

Tonight is another chance, and since I am bringing my husband to practice on maybe I'll feel more relaxed? Heck maybe I'll feel worse. Who knows.

But he has been amazingly supportive throughout all of this and I appreciate his support more than he probably even knows!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Can you believe it... I've changed my mind again!

So we started talking about the NCLEX exam in class the other day. Of course this was after our Theory Instructor was a no show. The program director, who happens to be our Peds/OB instructor, came over and covered the class for us. I am pretty frustrated with my current Med/Surg Theory Instructor and feel like this course is ALOT of self teaching. Mostly because she is constantly late.

So anyway... We covered test taking strategies and how the questions work. How the computer weighs each question and just how crazy the test will be. Nothing I haven't figured out myself of course. But it also gave me some ideas on how to study more effectively. So that made it worth it.

And the thought of NCLEX being so close got me thinking....and when I start thinking it can go either way! LOL

I have been up and down and all around trying to figure out the route that I want to take. Stop at LPN for awhile, continue to ADN instantly, or head straight to BSN and skip the middle man.

Back and forth I've swung, should I or shouldn't I? I really hate the analytical me that always over thinks, has buyers remorse, and can formulate a plan, yet feels the need to constantly research alternate routes to take. But circumstances in my life seem to change with the tides of the ocean and plans just have to be diverted for the emotinal well being of ME! Even if I happen to be a neurotic control freak at the moment!

So the conclusion I have come to is this... I have no idea exactly what is going to happen!

I know do know this tho...

1. ) I dropped the idea of cramming Micro and Chem in this semester. I want to be successful in this program. I'll worry about the RN portion after I pass the HESI.

2.) I really need to get back to work,make some money, and MOVE! I appreciate the help and support I have been offered and the chance this has given me to be successful and to fulfil my dream of becoming a Nurse. However,I do not like being beholden to the good graces and the constant worry that the object being held over my head is going to drop on me and crush a fragile familial relationship.

3.) With the current job market I really think going the BSN route to complete my RN makes more sense. I can work as an LPN and go to school at the same time via the LPN-BSN route. Where as alternately, the RN ADN route would not afford me the chance to work full time like I need to the way it is currently offered. Besides in 18 months I'd have a BSN!

4.)I would really love some employer support to help pay for the RN portion of my degree!!

5) And lastly have I mentioned that I want to MOVE!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

IV not to be... at least not for me... YET!

Yup IV was not an easy feat! I tried twice and both times I did not get a successful PASS. Of course we have many more attempts as this was only day one. But it was a big fat disappointment for me.

So the first time I thought I had a vein and it was a big juicy one, but I may have gone in at an odd angle and did not anchor it and it rolled away. So no flashback and advancing it did not help. I did not want to dig around or anything.

Then I tried again on another person. It was a hidden median cephalic and POP it went in, awesome flashback, but I panicked and could not figure out how to safely advance the catheter with one finger in a smooth motion. SUCKS!!!

So anyway, I will be going early on Wednesday with the veins of my hubby, who bribed with the new Madden game, has agreed to be a supportive husband to his student nurse wife!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nervous excited... freaked out!

Tonight is the night that we are supposed to get our first "live" sticks in IV class!!

1.) I am so nervous about advancing the catheter correctly with 1 finger, while holding the stylet so that it does not reinsert!
2.) I am afraid my angle will be too deep and I'll blow the vein or something.
3.) I'm freaked out about the saline lock having a bubble when I flush it. Even with priming a bubble can happen!!


4.) I'm relieved at least its not on a real patient and its just on a, just as nervous, classmate!

So... How did you do on your first IV attempt?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Here we go again...

The study group drama and the please teach me pleadings have begun.

What the heck people! I am a procrastinating last minute, grab the info from the recesses of my brain kind of studier! I simply take lecture notes and add them to the photographic remnants of memory that have not been turned into Swiss cheese by anesthesia amnesia.

I don't know how I know this stuff! I don't know how I get it to stick in my brain! Heck I don't even think it does stick in my brain sometimes. I'm just a good critical thinker and sometimes that's what these questions require.

I read what you read, I practice what you practice, and I research as needed, and yes that does include frequent trips to the bookstore for any additional aide that's recommended to me.

Yet most importantly, I want that A but I am not overkilling to get it. I think of it as I need a C and everything above and beyond that is gravy!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sweet 16

My daughter is getting her class ring soon. The first real sign that she is not too far away from graduating. First driving and now this? Where has the time gone since my baby was a baby? She'll be 16 in 21 days ! WOW

Virtual IV Virtually sucks!

So I got to try the virtual IV and lets just say it DID NOT go over very big. It looks really cool in theory, but I did not fair so well. I think its because I had no idea how the thing worked, but now I am VERY freaked out about my first live stick on Wednesday! So many things can happen, can go wrong!

Clinical starts on the 17th. The hospital. So that should be interesting. I've had two tests in Theory and two in lab and am managing a high B and a high A respectively.

My first assignment in Microbiology is due tomorrow and here is the first interruption of family plans that has caused some negative feedback. Hubby wants to go up north for the day to check out the area I was thinking of applying after graduation. Except I have to do homework.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

To Honors or not to Honors?

I was offered a chance to become a member of the Honors program and Phi Theta Kappa this week. Of course heck yeah I want Phi Theta Kappa, I'm just not sure if I want the Honors designation and the extra class work that comes along with it.

The scholarships available would be nice and the tuition reimbursement would be awesome, but I have no idea if an additional research project is the best idea with the crazy schedule I have this semester. All I need is a B in the class but an additional paper worth 10-20% of my grade? The pressure!

So at this point I have to go and meet with the advisor to see about what to do next and I have to do it pretty quick!

I'd feel better if I didn't feel like my GPA was teetering on the tip of my perpetual procrastination habit!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Second Week Over & thats it?

Wow it has only been two weeks since classes started and there has already been so much done!

In skills we've done...NG tubes, EKG, Trach Care, Trach Suctioning, Medication administration via NG and Peg tubes, IV drip calculations, IV insertion & finally Phlebotomy!

We've covered the Neuro and Special Senses, as well as the Endocrine System and started on the Circulatory System. We have already taken two tests and are halfway to another two.

I think I have figured out how they test and am surprised with how easy drip calculations actually are. I was VERY intimidated by the math aspect of Nursing and I always thought that I would never get it when I'd look at the books. But sometimes all you need is someone to say tell you in real terms how it relates and WHAM! It sinks in.

So for all of your pre-nursing students scared of the dosage and calculations aspect of Nursing. If I can do it you can do it!

Ok I am exhausted, hungry and sore. Time to take some Advil for my back,( too much sitting Sciatica attack) eat something and probably play with my IV kit some more! LOL

Thursday, August 27, 2009

IV's IV's an ode to thee...

Yes so IV class started last night. I was simultaneously scared to death and excited as hell. 5 live sticks, 80% is a C, research paper! OMG!

Yet I already L O V E that class, well at the very least I am really fond of the Instructor! She was amazing. I apparently learn much better in a structured, rigid-yet-light atmosphere. One that is put together and flows nicely. So NOT the characteristics of my current Theory Class's haphazard, instructor always late, all over the place style.

3 hours never went by as fast as last night did.

Class will be 1 week lecture, 2 weeks lab, then 1 week lecture, 1 week lab, until the final on 12/2. Next Wednesday we are using the fake arms all night(our first day of lab), then the following Wednesday I am poking my very first LIVE person!! EEEKKKK!!

In our CORE Nursing classes we are also starting the IV section this week, so the extra practice will be great. However, in CORE Nursing classes we are only using the computer simulator and fake arms. I am glad I'll get to a LIVE person before my very first one is a real patient in the hospital during clinical.

OK off to get a few more hours of studying in before my first Theory test today! Think I need more coffee!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And let it beginith to grow...

Ok so now that sense of overwhelming, unbelievable, how am I going to get all of this done has hit. I have my first test in Theory on Thursday and a quiz in Lab on Friday. I start my IV class tonight and Microbiology and my volunteer hours start on Monday. Then class on Tuesday, Test on Wednesday in Micro, Test on Thursday in Theory, Lab test Friday, and then a Micro test on Saturday!

It goes and on from there... I need to work out a schedule I think. See it all down on paper and figure out what needs to be done. It doesn't help that I am surrounded by an unorganized bedroom, with paper strewn about and books all over the place. Disorganized spaces makes me feel all disorganized inside and then I get deadlocked and can't think!

Buckle down time is upon us and I am exhausted! Welcome to Nursing School people!

To top that all off my daughter (16 in a few weeks)is feeling neglected my her father and feels like she'll be further pushed aside in the near future. Not sure if any of you are divorced, but how would you,do you, deal with your child's feelings of impending doom once the announcement has been made by Dad's new wife of a baby on the way? He has never been a very involved father and it was the "now" wife that made a lot of the forced contact attempts between the father and the kid. I assume because she wanted to be raising his children. Every time they'd go for a visit she tried to pressure them into saying they wanted to live with them. So now that she's having one of her own,to add to the 3 she had with her ex-husband, (there's a whole lot of feelings there that I have on that topic myself), my daughter is conflicted!
I can try to dispel her fears, yet I know that they are steeped in overwhelming fact!! He was a disengaged selfish father who likes to show off and she says she can just hear him now. She says she wants him to be a better Dad to this baby, but then again she feels like she'll be mad because he wasn't to her or her brother. Poor kid to have grown-up feelings in a young woman's mind! If ever there was a time for a Dx of "shaken ex-husband syndrome" !!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Algebra update!!

So I received an email from my Algebra instructor saying that I was 19 points away from the next grade increase and that I had not maxed out my take home quizzes yet. Seeing as I was so close she said she would keep the grading period open a few days longer so that I could get the points. I only really didn't ace 1 - got a 77 on it and well I just retook it and am now... happily 19 points higher and yup... now I can brag about my grade! LOL

So anyway a bit of back story. I don't remember saying before, but if I have forgive the senior moment, but I had to get a waiver to take this class online in the first place. I only got a C in MAT092 and you needed a B to be able to be successful in the course. So I went to the advisor and begged and got the speech that, "blah blah... going out on a limb and taking a chance on me, and I had better make him proud"... so HECK YEAH BUDDY TAKE THAT!!! ****

Ok so it is only a B but its not the C I was thinking I was gonna be stuck with after that dismal final exam showing I made! Woot!

Julie & Julia

Well as you know we went to see this movie last night and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I loved it actually. I have seen alot of movies this summer and I have to admit that this one was actually my favorite. It made me laugh, it made me smile, it helped me get to know an Icon and it made me want to see it again.

Plus I wonder just where Julie Powell's blog is... LOL

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Final Finally Final

Ok so that Algebra final is outta here and in the record books. I really BOMBED the final tho, but my grade is much more than the bare minimum required to pass,so thats good however I did not rock it. Ok, so it was totally my fault. 1, because I really didn't learn the material, and 2. because I just wasn't motivated. Yet, I look at it like this, who cares! Because either way you look at it its MORE than passing!! My overall grade is only 1% point away from being able to brag about it! in my opinion. LOL. The much more important thing is that its one more pre-req/co-req DONE!

In other news its family movie night. Generally, I take the girl to see a "chick flick" and he takes the boy to see some "guy" movie. This time the daughter is sick with girly issues and I am taking my nephew with me. Of course he won't understand or care about the movie... but I can't leave him home he'd be devastated. So its Julie & Julia for me and Inglorious Bastards for the men.

Friday, August 21, 2009

First Week of Block 2

Wow we started off with a bang... or should I say a gag? It was all the yucky stuff today. But pretty fun too. We did NG tube insertion, trach care, trach suctioning & enteral feeding management with the Kangaroo pumps. Throw in some PEG tube medication administration and EKG placement and you have our first day of Lab skills!

Next week is IV insertion and blood draws & our first quiz in lab! We did some calculation review and I am still a bit confused on the dosage when the question involves a weight. It just seems weird to me that the dosage would be .11 or some such strangeness.

Ahhh our lab quizzes are based on powerpoints and reading the next week's assignment as some of the questions for the quiz will include topics to be covered so that they can make sure we are prepared for class. OK so its like knowing it before you are taught it or what? Lots of self teaching... but the instructors are also REALLY helpful. We got great detailed instruction in the lab at each station and they were there to answer the questions and didn't say... "what do you think? Or what did you read?" We got a lot of that with one of the instructors last semester.

But all in all I'm really looking forward to learning more skills actually and am starting to feel like I will be a real Nurse at the end of this. Its good to get back into the flow of actual core nursing and once I get this damn Algebra final out of the way tomorrow I'll be happier.

So next week looks like this... Test #1 in Theory moved to Thursday on Neuro & Endocrine. Then Quiz on Friday on NG insertion with NG, Duo, G, & J tubes medication administration, enteral feeding, EKG placement, trach care & suctioning, dosage and calculations. Along with any of the info contained in the reading for that days classes.

I also have my Volunteer orientation on Monday and start my additional IV class on Wednesday! So its beginning to get busier... once Micro starts its bound to get stupid busy!

Well that's about it... time to eat dinner then try and get some last minute calculation memorization in so I can pass this damn class!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baking Birthday cakes, reading chapters & trying to get back in the swing of things

These are a few of the things I am trying to do today. Today is my little brother Travis' birthday. He's 19, has special needs, and was adopted by my parents. Teachnically he's my nephew as he is my brother's child. Urgh... my brother and his assinine self is a whole long drama filled story with a Jerry Springerish ending... just pisses me off thinking about the whole thing.... but anywhoo... since my parents are in Massachusetts right now I had to make him a cake. We'll celebrate and give him presents and such when they get home with a trip to Amazing Jake's ( kinda like a Chuck-E- Cheese, except geared for older children too, and with wayyyy better food.) He loves to drive the go-carts there.

In other news;

Of course I am having a procrastination problem to start my semester off. For some reason after all of the wanting to get back to school and back into the grove, the reality of it is a little less than motivating. The choppy start to yesterday didn't really motivate me. I was a bit afraid of the amount of work and weight of the tests for the term, and am still wondering just how everything will fit, but I just don't feel that hammer slamming down yet, despite the impending first test which is only 6 days away. You know the one, the gotta study, lock myself in a room, and don't see the light of day, let alone the table top through all the papers, kind of feeling? Maybe after Friday's lab it'll feel more real.

So to add to my already seemingly busy semester, I had to add a class on to my already crazy schedule. A Structured Nursing Review Class. Its strictly Pass/Fail and not one of those gotta go classes but it was recommended that we sign up this term. I did not take the one last semester that was offered and for those in the class that did take it, there wasn't one person that said it offered any insight or really helped with Theory as it is designed to do. Our Med/Surg Instructor teaches it this term and she sounded like it'll be worth our while. We'll see I guess. So that'll give me 14 credits at my "home school" and 8 credits online for the semester.

Hummmmm.... I'm starting to talk myself out of my volunteer position, but I know it's an opportunity and an important one at that. Monday is orientation and the thought of sitting through the boring as crap HR BS just does not sound appealing to me, when I know I'll have a test the next day.

Wow... I am so wishy washy... LOL

Monday, August 17, 2009

Second First Day of Nursing School...

Wow what a difference an Instructor makes. Block II is so different than Block I that's for sure. But I think it will be in a good way. I actually really like the style of the new instructor and her style of teaching should fit in with the way I learn. She is really big on teaching more study skills, and teaching the skim the chapter key idea points. However she is a very big proponent of study groups. I myself have my issues with them, and really actually learn better on my own. But we'll see how the semester progresses. We were all supposed to join or form a study group today! So yes down to business right away and we have our first test on Tuesday. She said we will have many more skills check off this term and will also have a quiz every lab day as well. It should be a VERY interesting semester.

Monday - Volunteer 0900-1300 ( Day Surgery )

Tuesday- Nursing Science and Theory II 12:30- 16:30
This includes Med/Surg I, Pediatrics, & OB

Wed- Microbiology(online for 8 weeks until Oct); then
Chemistry(online for 8 weeks starting in Oct ending end of November)
IV Certification 1800-2100

Thursday- Nursing Science and Theory II 12:30- 16:30
Clinical 14:15 to 22:15 (9/17 -11/06)

Friday - Lab 0800-1600 ( Until clinical starts in Sept.)
Clinical 14:15 to 22:15 (9/17- 11/06)

Saturday- Study (Except during Peds/OB)then its:
Clinical 0645-19:15 ( 10/24 & 10/31 & 12/12)

Sunday- Study (Except during Peds/OB)then its:
Clinical 0645- 19:15 Peds (12/13)

This is kinda what my schdl. will look like with a few alterations in the bunch over the course of the semester but you get the gist of it.

Oh one thing that I forgot to mention was that we have lost a few and gained a few this semester. We lost 6 for sure who failed and 1 who had passed but did not show up for class today. I suppose that person has until the next class before being dropped but I am not positive on that. 1 guy transfered into the night class and we have 3 transfers from said night class who have joined our class. We also have two additions to our class who failed Block 2 in the RN direct entry program and now have to repeat Block 2 with us. So it does seem that the LPN/RN programs at our school are aligned to allow for us to roll into Block 3 of the RN program as they advised us last semester.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So I have just come back from my volunteer interview and it went very well. I have orientation on the 24th and then start on the 31st. I'm actually very excited about it! Would be better of course if it were for pay, but I was placed in Day Surgery! Soooo exactly where I wanted to be placed. I really have an interest in PACU Nursing and this is such a start to getting a feel for the environment from a Practitioner side instead of the patient side for a change! Great place to make contacts and, since I will be getting IV certified, what a place to perhaps get a job after December perhaps? Hey who knows but it'll be a great experience I am excited. I hope I don't get too over whelmed with classes and clinical when the time comes.

Does anyone else volunteer?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fall Schedule... & stuff

Ok so next week classes begin again. It looks as though I may be VERY busy this Fall. I decided that I needed an "IN" somewhere to boost the prospects on jobs and to well, make my resume stand out above the others so to speak. So I submitted an application for a volunteer position in pt care at one of the local hospitals. I am hoping ER, ICU or PACU/Sugicenter, but where ever in a hospital that is Pt care related would be great. I just hope I get something I can really learn from. Its only 4to 6 or so hours a week so I think I can handle it.

I have decided to also just try and get what I need for Block 3 done and out of the way. I just hope I don't kill myself doing it.HAHA But then again I'll just have to spend less time playing on facebook and stuff. LOL

So what does my schedule look like? *** updated ***

Monday - Volunteer 0900-1300 ( Day Surgery )

Tuesday- Nursing Science and Theory II 12:30- 16:30
This includes Med/Surg I, Pediatrics, & OB

Wed- Microbiology(online for 8 weeks until Oct); then
Chemistry(online for 8 weeks starting in Oct ending end of November)
IV Certification 1800-2100

Thursday- Nursing Science and Theory II 12:30- 16:30
(until clinical starts in September) then perhaps clinical but not sure.

Friday - Lab 0800-1600 ( Until clinical starts in Sept.)
Clinical 14:15 to 22:15 (9/17- 11/06)

Saturday- Study (Except during Peds/OB)then its:
Clincial 0645-19:15 ( 10/24 & 10/31 & 12/12)

Sunday- Study (Except during Peds/OB)then its:
Clinical 0645- 19:15 Peds (12/13)

Last semester we had Pharmacology on Mondays and I did not spend as much time studying as I thought I would have to. So I think if I buckle down and put my efforts into it, I WILL be able to accomplish my goals. Its really not all that much more overall. I've just replaced Pharm with Micro/Chemistry.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sometimes I think life is a circle of crap you've done time and time again...

Oh how I wish my life were a frickin' triangle so it would just get to the point! Not the end... just the point.

Sometimes I wonder why what I dreamed my life would be doesn't actually appear to be the one I am living and then I think, well maybe it is. Disturbing news this week kind of threw me into a sort of funk, of course I was already really in one, so it made me question everything.

I suppose I have not reached self actualization as of yet and know there is so much more I need to do, to feel, and to discover, along my way.

As I wake myself from my reverie with a shake. I say to myself " You need to be patient! You have a journey left to travel and miles to go before you sleep. Wake up and start enjoying them!"

Have you ever questioned whether or not your living the life you had expected to be?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sorry Officer Sexy

Ok so I got my first speeding ticket today. I got away with a $30 fine and no ding on my licence. So heck yeah I'll pay that and yes he was damn cute! LOL

I am in need of a new laptop, or yet again I have to take this one into be fixed. My letters are getting stuck, so if I don't watch randomly I'll miss a letter. This week it happens to be the (S) it was the (A) before and before that the (.). Must have something to do with that row? Who knows. Supposedly they already replaced the keyboard for me, but yeah this thing is a piece of crap!

Hummm... so my son ha Freshman orientation tomorrow for 4 hours then school starts officially on Monday for the High School. I start back on the 18th! I actually can't wait. So weird. I need to get through this Algebra class, 1 more test and then the Final left.

I am still kinda wondering about what to do about Block 3 ( the RN ) portion of school. I still need two GEN-ED sciences, to qualify, and I can do them in 8 week formats and be ready by January, but I am afraid that it may be overload with the Nursing Core Classes at the same time. But I am also worried about this economy, will I be able to find an LPN job in January. If I don't go right away will it lessen my options?

This sucks!!! LOL... it all, if this then that, but this then that... blah!! I'm such a broken record.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Facts

Fact # 1- Ok so I finally managed to get the financial aide thing all set... well I hope so cuz I received a weird email from them, but it didn't made much sense so I have to go in and talk to them once school starts, because it said something about financial aide not paying for classes at that school that were outside my "track". I only have 10 credits for that specific track. So I think I have to just make sure they put the correct major on there. I was told by my other school that as long as you put Nursing, they knew you had alot of classes to take. I am hoping that I'll have a job that will be able to help with paying for the RN portion in the future.

Fact # 2- My 15y/o nearly 16 y/o old daughter is officially driver's permitted! WOW... it seems like it was forever ago we were talking about it. She has been wanting to drive since she was 12 and she is now in the driver's seat... I think I only panicked a few times. LOL

Fact # 3 - I have a sore shoulder that just keeps getting worse. I fell around Christmas and since then my shoulder has been really sore, especially when I try and sleep, I get a burning feeling and a horrible sharp ache. I think I have to go back to the doctor and get it rechecked. I am thinking its possibly a torn rotator cuff or some such... and I don't want it to be anything that could be too bad as it may affect my clinicals and job hunting... although since I fell at the Mall I could sue them over it. I have no idea if I should do that. But its an option and well I ws luckey enough to slip and fall,and well damn, this thing requires so much Motrin to get me through the night and I am still taking my Flexaril once in a while... like last night, so I can sleep... the side effects to me is, I slept until 12:30 today... not good cuz no one woke me up. I have black-out shades because I used to work nights so I have no idea that it isn't still night.

Ok well enough blabbering... LOL off to get something done today!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

School Countdown has Begun!

Oh the joys of school shopping. Today was the real start of supplies. Backpacks, pencils, pens, sharpeners, highlighters, notebooks! I think everyone is excited about the first day of school. Next is doctor's appointments, driver's permits, and clothes & shoes. My least favorite parts.

So in Nursing school news, I headed out to meet with the Advisor to get signed off on my credits so I could continue my financial aide. The letter I received..." Our records indicate that you have acquired more credits than what you need for your current track."

Well no shit!!. Ever you tried and get a ADN from a Community College? Well, sometimes you have to take the long way when the line ahead of you is 2 years long. So yup even though I only need 22 credits to obtain a Diploma as a Practical Nurse, and I currently have 51... I do actually still have 10 more this semester alone to achieve said Diploma, plus the 3 I have to take to get IV certified, and heck while I'm at it I thought I'd... wait for it.... get a Nursing Degree! Um, that is what you get at a College right a Degree? Stupid people I hate red tape!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Depressed and I don't know why...

I sleep until 12pm and go to bed around 10ish. What is wrong with this picture? My dreams are more exciting than my life right now so I'd prefer to just continue to sleep.

I can't do much, because now we have two "broken" cars. Hubby has been taking the Jeep to work, it dies sometimes randomly, (a throttle issue I think) and now the Ford's check engine light has come on and its acting like it wants to stall and stuff. ( Not to mention the two broken A/C's- Jeep cost to fix $400, Ford cost to fix $200)

Its so HOT I don't feel like going outside and melting, and anything to do around here is a long drive ( impossible with two broken cars) and costs mucho money. Which I don't have any of at the moment.

So is it that I'm just bored or is it an alternate form of S.A.D? I used to suffer from S.A.D when we lived in Massachusetts because of the long winter and the lack of sun in the other seasons. Maybe because of feeling locked in by the heat right now and not being able to escape it is causing this blah!?! I don't know.

I hate to say this but I think I really miss Nursing School right about now! How crazy is that? LOL

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


same ol' stuff!

Not much going on right now. I'm trying to barrel through the last 4 tests in Algebra so I can concentrate on the final and take it so I can get some nursing school studying in. I feel like I won't know anything when August comes around.

I also found that Facebook is addicting, not so much facebook itself, but Farmville, Pirates & Mafia Wars! Mindless mush to play around on to avoid school and house work. No money to do anything fun right now, too hot outside even if we did have money.

I've watched: Harry Potter, I love you Beth Cooper & The Proposal. I want to watch My Sister's Keeper and can't wait for that new Katherine Heigle movie with the hottie from P.S I Love you in it!

Ok off to make some blueberry muffins!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Work Placement Over

Well my work placement with the baby is over. They found someone closer to their works, as I was hoping they would before I started back to school soon. I would have hated to leave them in a lerch come the 18th of Aug. But school comes first of course.

It was a great experience and really helped with my fears of Pedi patients and working with their families. I even got to help give meds through the G-tube... so that was an awesome new skill for me too! I think I used the phrase, " This is fun!" LOL

So time to buckle down and get this Algebra class out of the way and done with, then do some brush up for the next semester's nursing class. I have to go down and meet with the financial aide and nursing advisers to get a request for continued funding form completed and hope that everything works out for my tuition. Of course I don't feel like driving 35 miles each way in a car without a/c in 116 heat!

Alas, I have to fix the car and the Jeep now... AZ is not the place for the a/c's in the cars to break! I HATE freaking used cars!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to the grind

Well its back home and back to the normal of normal life here in AZ. School work to catch up on, respite care to provide, and stress to deal with at home.

Not much else going on right now! I have the blahs... I think its "vacation over" let down

Oh and I think taking this long off of nursing school is a stupid idea between semesters! When Aug 18th comes and Nursing classes start again, I feel like I'll be starting from scratch already! I must read! I must do more NCLEX questions! I must review all my notes!

I must be nuts!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

34000 feet

In flight Internet access! Awesome. Course my battery life is crap so it won't make it the full 4 hours of in flight but hey, its a couple of hours of diversion. Free movie, of course I have seen it, but Delta does not offer much by way of a breakfast like my husband got on Continental. Tickets aren't cheaper these days but you sure as hell get jipped!

Its like a flying minibar!

In other news I had a great vacation and I am sure going to miss everyone, but I am sooo looking forward to getting back to my own bed, my own space, and my dog! I miss her hugs!

Ugh! I wish my battery life was longer or we had a plug here, cuz I could track my flight, love to do that. Currently we are about to leave upstate New York, traveing through Michigan and across Iowa and Nebraska toward Utah.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Colorful trains, food, tall ships and Havard Yard.

Pictures to follow but needless to say we spent a very busy day in Boston yesterday.

We took the Green line into Boston from a T stop outside the city, as we are staying about 45 minutes outside downtown Boston. Then, we took the Red line The Capital Building, then to Harvard Square, had lunch at John Harvard's, great food! Then we took the Orange line to the Silver line to see the Tall Ships at the wharf, from there we walked down to the Old State House took the Orange line up to Quincy Market then took the Green line up to North Station to see the "Garden" and the Zachem Bridge. At that point we took a detour on the Orange line to Chinatown, then hopped back on the orange, headed off to the Blue line to Government Center, then caught the Green Line back out to the car.

At which time we headed to my favorite Irish restaurant and had some great food there, except that my tummy was still full from lunch, so I have some leftovers.

Today I went to a place in Worcester called Bollywood for Indian food... it was actually GREAT! Then for dinner we went for Lobster... i will post pictures of our awesome food vacation once I get home! Oh I miss my bed!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Relaxing vacation... filled with food

I think one of the major reasons to go on a vacation is the food! Being a regional transplant ( moving across country ) I miss some of the foods of the New England area that I can't get in Arizona. That being said, I just ate one of my favorites and it lived up to the hype! Steak, cheese, onion, green peppers & hot pepper relish in a pita!

Hubby and I are going to have a New England Clam Bake complete with lobster this weekend (belated anniversary dinner) with our trip up to Quincy Market Place.

Tonight I am going to have a maple walnut hot fudge sundae from Friendly's!

So I pick hubby up tomorrow at 5pm and we leave here in 6 days!

The kids are all off with their friends and my nephew is with my uncle right now. So just me and my sis and a house full little boys! It'll be nice when we can get at least 1 night and go out and have a drink just the two of us before I head back home. Who knows when the next time will be that I will see her, with school and then hopefully starting a new job after that, vacations are not first on the list!

Ok well off to... well nothing, cuz I have nothing to do at the moment!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Meanwhile in Massachusetts.....

Christine and children are really enjoying their time here. The 4th was wonderful, only thing missing was my husband... but I still had a nice time seeing people I haven't seen in awhile. Connected with a cousin I haven't been close to since we would play house together as children, and here we were with our two kids each, boy and girl and our lives almost nothing like we had planned as children... I however am closer to getting that life, Husband, daughter, son, check, RN ( coming soon ).

Looking forward to connecting with hubby's side of the family soon!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Plan for the Day... talk to you in two weeks

Well I'm about to head out soon to take my midterm. Then its off to the bank to try and get some money from my account, they told me my card would still work with the teller till the new card came in, so we'll see. Then its off to Wal-mart to get some last minute items for the trip and snacks for the plane.

I'm really excited and nervous today all at the same time! I have a love hate relationship with planes. Take off freaks me out! But I like getting on the plane as it means that I am going somewhere fun!

The debate at current time is to check bags or not to check bags? A packed plane doesn't look promissing for finding 4 carry-on spaces available for myself and three teenagers. I hate the hassel. Its so much easier to check bags, especially when it comes to getting through security too. But the thought of wasting $15 each to check bags just pisses me off!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And then there were two

So I should be able to spend the day studying today, and get some things for the trip, but my dumbass husband decided to steal my debit card today to get gas money and proceeded to enter the incorrect PIN number over and over and it locked my debit card, since its a bank in transition its hard to get anyone on the phone in customer service and the closest branch is over 22 miles away... no big deal you say? Well, it wouldn't be if my gas light were not already on! Yikes... so yeah not only do I have to ask my kid for some cash to just put enough gas in to get to the bank, I have to deal with the bank and hope they can reactivate the card, and not just send me a new PIN via mail, blah blah blah, because I am leaving in TWO DAYS! To top that off I'll have to go and pick him up from work, whenever it is that he gets out today because he couldn't put gas in his car!

Oh well, if it were not complicated it would not be my life!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sitting on the Surface of the Sun

Would probably be cooler than this right now. Fan in hubby's car broke so the AC does not work... we can't find the fan to fix it... so it'll have to wait until we can afford the garage. With that being said, a 35 mile car ride when temps are hitting between 104-110 everyday makes for a blast furnace ride home! My oven on wheels just wears me out!

Well as it turns out I have to day off tomorrow, I got paid for my hours at the Customer Service job already, love per Diem! Soooo... tomorrow is haircut, a stuff for the trip to take in carry-on. Oh I suppose I'll throw in some study time as well.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Whatnot

Yesterday my daughter came home from her 10 days in Texas... she loved it, as I was afraid she would! We had a nice remainder of the day as all of us had some family time in the pool, cooked some burgers and just had a nice time together as a family.

We leave for this Friday! Can't wait to see everyone! I wish my husband could have gotten the time off to come with us the same day, it'll be our 10 year anniversary on the 4th and we won't be together ;-(

I have a ton to do, packing, cleaning, and studying! Somehow I have to fit in my midterm and all this work I agreed to do this week. Working Monday & Tuesday at the customer service job, from 6 to 12:30 then off to the Respite job until 5:00ish then Wed and Thursday its just respite... however, I need to do all that cleaning and packing and studying during that time too. I hate ALGEBRA!

I did manage to get an extension on the week's assignments while I am gone so I don't have to worry about school work while on vacation. That's nice. Now to just get through the midterm!

I need to study but I have such a headache right now, even Motrin isn't touching it. I'm afraid that my BP is starting to get a bit wonky! Its hard to manage formula memorization with a migraine!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mixed Emotions

1 more week till vacation.
1 week till midterms.
1 dead Jeep.
3 dead celebrities.

Favorite MJ song or remembrance... loved all the stuff from the early days of The Jackson Five, Ben was a killer song... and Thriller the video/movie... LOVED it. Although in the later years when his face starting falling off I was longing for the 80's when he was still cute.

Michael Jackson, Ed McMan,& Farrah Fawcett

Thursday, June 25, 2009

HawthoRNe vs Nurse Jackie

Ok so most have weighed in on the two new Nursing dramas HawthroRNe & Nurse Jackie.

Ok so I don't like HawthoRNe and probably will not watch anymore. I don't find the characters compelling, the acting is drab, and Jada to the rescue of all? Well, I find that hard to believe that a CNO would be involved in such small matters as a patient's verbal abuse of a Nurse. I would think it would be more like "Suck it up whining newbie! CYA, document and do the care you can do." I also find that it's more like she's a doctor or an NP, at the least, and I don't feel like its realistic nor is it entertaining! I just kept waiting for something to happen, some character to draw me in, someone I could relate to. None of the above for me sad to say.

Nurse Jackie- Well for so many reasons and more its totally NOT a good light for Nurses, but it sure as hell is good entertainment! I love the dark humor of it, you can see bits of reality interspersed with pure unadulterated shock value. The darker side of the profession maybe, but I bet its closer to the inner thoughts of a Nurse than many may think. The value of the show is to explore 1 ER Nurse, her foibles, her insight, her bad and her good qualities. I am sure there are many seasoned Nurses who can relate and many Student Nurses have stood in the shoes of Zoey.

And yet...

I have high hopes for Mercy, coming in the fall to NBC, it actually looks like a Grey's for Nurses, I hope it lives to its potential. I'll be sure to tune in and see!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday What's Up...

Today I have the whole day off! So I'm planning on spending some more quality time with my son, my daughter has been in Texas since the 17th and is coming back on the 27th!

I made a spice cake with cream cheese frosting, put some baked beans in the crock pot for dinner, made some pastrami on kaiser for lunch, and am just checking the blogs while I eat.

I'm going to spend the rest of the day in the pool I think. Of course I will remember my sunblock this time. Reapply reapply reapply!. It's supposed to be the hottest day today... reaching 109-110 possibly!

Tomorrow I am working some hours covering at my old Customer Service job from 6-12:30 then from 1:30 to 5:30 doing respite care for a baby with medical needs. It'll be nice to have some money again!

Well off to get a few problems in for midterm studying then out to the pool!

oh.. the conclusion to my thoughts are these... Second Block is going to contain the usual with the IV cert class. I'll hold off on Block 3 until the Fall 2010 semester and hopefully find an LPN job in this economy. Then I'll take my Chemistry, Microbiology, Humanities, Pathophysiology & Statistics courses through the Spring and Summer sessions, before starting Block 3. It'll put me ahead of the curve and ready for going directly into the BSN portion right after ADN. It's a long road to RN but LPN is still a nurse and a nurse was my goal. Which hey, when you think of it, I only started this journey in October of 2007. I've come pretty far in a short time, even though it feels like forever, and well I'll graduate with my college degree, first in my family, at the end of this!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mundane Monday

So let's see, I'm trying to get this week's Algebra test out of the way today or tomorrow, so that I can start memorizing the midterm examples for the midterm on the 3rd. Remembering all the rules kills me when it comes to math and which formulas to use to solve all this crap... but hey I just need a C.

So on the Nursing School front... I am deep in thought and trying to figure out which direction I am going come December.

The ADN RN program is made up of 4 Blocks.
Blocks 1 & 2 are the LPN year (Which I am official in)
Blocks 3 & 4 are the RN Year.
My dilemma is that once I finish Block 2 in December, I could potentially roll right into Block 3. The problem is that I will be 2 co-reqs shy of eligibility as it stands right now.

Sooo... money is the issue at this very moment that is causing all the issues. Things are really tight, the vacation was an unexpected expense as the money I was going to use to pay that with was shorted me so I had to dip into the bill money. Since that money is still not here, I am still short money and it adds up everyday. So at this present time coming up with the money for my CHM130 class by the 1st a bit of a long shot. The books and lab kit alone are over $100 and the tuituion is another $300. I am going to see if I can get a waiver or a payment option for the class until after the 8th, I am working some extra hours to try and get some money, but everyone and their brother has their hand out for that money and classes are coming a distant second, third, fourth... Hubby's checks are a whole other mess right now and not a bit of help on this front. So say I can manage to do some creative accounting, it leaves me with 1 co-req to take during Block 2, Microbiology. I'd have all the Nursing classes (the hardest ones), IV certification (if I want to get a job in December- which I do), and then Micro. Can I do all of that?

Or.... I can defer Block 3 until Aug of 2010... so instead of graduating in January of 2011 I'd graduate in May of 2011 with my RN-ADN, but in the mean time I'd be working as an LPN and taking the rest of my co-reqs, plus I'd add two of the pre/co-reqs for the BSN program to get a jump start and to keep my student loand at in-school status.`

So do I worry about the chem class now,or do I just think about the LPN portion, take the CHM and Micro over the spring semester with 1 Humanities class, and start Block 3 in the Fall... or do I do some creative accounting, get the money for the class, take the CHM in the Summer II session as planned, take the Micro class in Block 2 and not take the IV cert? Or take it all??? URGH!!

Block 1 was hard but I had some spare time and in hindsight I could have snuck in an easy humanities course or something, but a science? Humm not too sure about that. Which makes me wonder about Micro and Block 2. Its med-surg, OB and Pediatrics. Half of the class in Block 2 were repeaters last semester... so yeah... hummm... still so much to think about. The most important thing to worry about is passing Block 2!

Ok I have rambled long enough. Sometimes it just helps to write/vent it all out and have others to shoot the ideas off.

In the long run does it matter January or May?