Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nursing School starts again...

In 21 days school starts again. Not looking forward to the endless papers and the lack of any free time again. I must find an APA site, because let's face it, APA sucks and no one is as good at it as the professors require. Or is it just me? I am NOT looking forward to the rest of the general education classes they require, like crappy stats, but maybe taking some in person classes will be better. We shall see.

But the Journey through nursing school has started again and this time the end is RN with a BSN.

On the work front I start day shift tomorrow.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sometimes you just need to brag...

When your skills for seeing S/s & assessment can actually come together and you can actually see the subtle changes that signify a change in status and the doctor agrees with you & takes your suggestions & ......

It turns out you are right!

1.)The resident who suddenly thinks you are holding them hostage.

Nurse Christine: How about a UA C&S?
Doctor: Yes sure.
Result: UTI

2.)The poo that won't end.

Christine: Want a sample for c-dff? Can we start them on Flaygl just in case?
Doctor: Sure.
Result: C-diff

3.)The eye drop therapy that isn't working on its third course with Gentamycin and seems to be in fact getting worse.

Christine: Can we get some Cipro drops instead?
Doctor: Sure
Result: Eye infection clearing, swelling gone, and resident c/o 0 pain finally.

Wow... sometimes I really feel like I actually learned something in nursing school. Then I remember that, No, I actually learned it on the job! It's times like these that I think that I am doing more than babysitting and when I do get that RN... I will be able to handle and learn sooo much more.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WTF thoughts

So with the new company coming in my day position may disappear if the person who left for MDS is not allowed to stay. Of coure I haven't even started the day shift yet, other than extra coverage and at this point if it were not for Christmas money and wanting the OT money to add to my working the holiday money, I would have told them to take the extra shift and shove it. Of course I don't want to burn my bridges but they really know that I am NOT happy with the lack of communication regarding when or if my hours are going to change. Why can't they just hire people for the damn hours we need and not this crazy shuffle shit they have going on?

Ok so enough with the vent.

So anyway I totally want to keep the puppies. Well the boy puppies that is. The girl is spoken for and well one bitch in the family is enough. But my hubby is totally against it. But then again if no one wants them then of course they are staying with me. LOL Yeah hummm 7 dogs isn't that bad. Its not hording or anything. But they are just so damn cute.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Foggy eyes

I woke up this AM with foggy eyes and am having some major trouble seeing out of my left eye completely. I already have vision issues and need to wear glasses to see far away... but this is kinda weird. Because of the haze the glare from the computer screen seems much much whiter. Very weird.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Days days days days days!!

Woot ok so I got a days postion. Wed Thur Fri Sat on front hall but days yeah finally. Apparantly it was between me and a nurse from the other hall and I was voted in by the RN charge, the other LPN and even the day CNA's ;-)

I will have a life again and get to see my family!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Excited and Annoyed

So I am pretty excited, I think, to start nursing school again. The one year off and distresser year, free of classes, has really made me long for the school atmosphere again. My mind needs to be learning again before it becomes mush. I am not looking forward to the work load and paper writing that this program consists of, but I am really looking forward to the letters RN, BSN after my name. ;-)

I am of course annoyed because the first whole year is nothing but Gen. Ed. classes again. So to me its like, am I really in nursing school or what?

Also I am wondering if I want to start looking for jobs closer to home to cut out the commute or do I want to stick with where I am because my hours may be more flexible?

All I know is one minute I have every Wednesday off, then they hire some new nurse who wants that day so I switch to Monday... cool both days work for me for school, the new nurse will switch for a month so I can take the Wednesday off. Then they hire another nurse to work those days we each have off and guess what? She can't work the Monday, can I take Friday off instead? Hummm... well yeah I guess. So I switched for days with the day nurse on Monday so I could go to school on Monday and still have Friday off... now she says she cant work Friday and can work Monday days.

Confused yet? Our staffing coordinator is going to go bonkers with this one.

PS... big pat on the back to me, from me, for remembering a lab value for K and knowing it was only 0.1 lower than the normal value off the top of my head.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bought out

So the place I work for has been purchased from a larger corporation. I have no idea how this will effect things, hopefully it can only get better. The worse thing is that they do not currently offer direct deposit. The best thing is that they do however have a tuition reimbursement options.

So we shall see what comes of this. Speaking of work... time for another fun filled night at the loudest place on earth... sometimes I think the flight deck of an aircraft carrier would be quieter than some of our nights.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Meet the grand-puppies

After 2 days of zero sleep I am proud to announce the birth of....

In Birth order

Tika - female
Sako- male
Jake (aka Moocow) - male
Smith - male
Wesson - male

After a trip to the ER vet and 3 oxytocin injections and some extra extra lubing up... Sasha gave birth to the last two puppies 9 hours after the first started coming.

So far Mommy and puppies are doing very well... Papa is a bit upset that Mommy is being really really mean to him.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

random stuff

So back at home, back to work and there have been a few very nice changes on all fronts.

At home: My bedroom set finally came in so finally I will be able to decorate my room. Most importantly I will finally get off the mattress on the floor. My back has been killing me!

At work: They removed some extra charting we used to have to do. So that is always nice and there have been some changes to staff. They hired another nurse so hopefully these constant extra shift calls will be ending. Next week is a 5 day work week though so that kinda sucks... but I do need the money.

My health: I did have to call in on Friday to work due to a cracked tooth that I broke on a pretzel on the plane home. There was just no saving it, as in cracked right in half down to the root. I ended up having to have it pulled and that was a MAJOR pain! I felt bad but I just couldn't function through the pain anymore and Motrin was NOT touching it.

At school: I should be starting classes this month. First up is Healthcare Ethics to start my BSN program. At this point graduating in 2014 is what looks to be the best option. Have I mentioned that still 3 months later friends of mine that graduated with their RN's have not found jobs. A new batch is coming out next month and the market doesn't look promising for them either. I figure my BSN by 2014 going part time may just be worth it because maybe by then the job market will improve.

Marriage: PS things have been going VERY good.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back to reality

Well vacation is over. It was nice to sleep and not dream or even think about work for 1 whole week. Back to work tonight, but at least its only a 3 day week then a 3 day weekend again.

I miss everyone from home already. The nieces and nephew are getting so big and are so much fun now. The fall leaves were still in abundance and the weather was nice 70's & 50's. Of course now that I am home I hear its freaking cold there again.

Oh well got stuff to do and am going to enjoy the fact that for now at least I feel like getting out of bed this early.