Saturday, February 26, 2011

School front

So I am almost finished with my first class (toward my RN). I have regrets and what ifs and am mad at myself for all the procrastination. But I also have the tools I need to succeed and am making progress, so hey it can't be all that bad. Graduation is still in 2012 at this rate and Not 2014 so that's good news.

I wonder if I made the right decision. I always have second thoughts and buyers remorse over EVERYTHING. So hey. The final is coming up March 9 so we'll see if I chose the right path or not. LOL

To say this class is boring and hard to stay focused is an understatement. Of course with being sick for 3 weeks and all the drama going on at work, I haven't been my stellar student self either.

So an A would be great but a C would be just F.I.N.E

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Dark Cloud is looming over the Vista

And Noah can't even build an Ark big enough for the shit-storm a-brewing.

So I had to reschedule my interview from Wed to next Wed because of my freaking bronchitis. Yup still sick. So hopefully with a little help from my friends Prednisone and multiple Abts, we can kick this thing in the butt before next week.

Sooo many changes at work, sooo much added paperwork and crap, soooo little support, and alot of waiting for the hammer to drop.

You know things are bad when everyone one in the building is talking about the posts on for positions.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So I have a job interview tomorrow for a Pedi homecare case. Its $1.50 an hour less than I make now but the big kicker is that the commute is 1.5 miles instead of the 59.8 miles I drive one way. So I really hope I get it. I have applied and been hired by this company before so if all goes well I get hired again , I would just need to update some of my certifications. So here's hoping.

I would stay on my current job as PRN to keep my foot in the door of a facility. But with all the changes, even though I love the people, I just don't think that I want to deal with the stress of it all.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mock Survey

So our new Corporate owners sent in some white coated "Mock" Surveyors bright and early this am.

I escaped having to do the run through with them today, but I know I will have to do it tomorrow. I managed to get the cart pretty cleaned up, but I am sure there will be SOMETHING that I will miss, or that will get messed up. I mean after all the evening shift and the night shift will have used my cart since I fixed it.

Today they came through and asked a few questions of the CNAs one of which was, " Do the licensed staff come through and check the meal tickets before the trays are passed?"

Ok, is it me or does this sound like an out of the question kind of thing to do.? There are 3 carts of trays, 60 meals that come up twice a shift and I have to go through and read every ticket before it is passed out? What do I drop my med pass and pick up a clipboard and go through and check off the diets and such?

1. I have meds to pass at that time (which mind you need to be on time & correct)
2. Can't the CNA's read the ticket ?
3. Hasn't dietary already checked the diet?
4. I already have to interrupt med pass to answer the phone, get O2, in case of emergency, and to hunt down any number of medications missing for the AM pass.

Apparently they do this in California. Um? Do they staff differently? WTF?

Why on earth would the only person who has 30 + people to give med to in a two hour window, have to do ONE more thing?

I received a call from home health care... I am thinking my ass will be calling them back pretty soon!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have a...

Super rash, I think its from the super antibiotics... add another med to this ever growing list of things I am allergic too.

I mean come on already... forget about the germs being resistant to medications. My body is fighting everything.

Oh and said rash started in a respectable place and is spreading to a very very uncomfortable place. The painful, bright red, feels like a sunburn rash, is creeping toward the inner thigh and coming dangerously close to the lady parts, after already reaching the groin/ crease adjacent to that property.

Cream, powder, Benadryl. Hot soaks! Something help me! It hurts to wear pants and that might become an issue at work!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Babies babies babies

Exhubby and the new wife had twins yesterday. My niece had a baby last week and my sister in law is overdue and ready to pop any minute.

Here I am with 1 kid about to graduate and constantly fighting with the other about his lack of motivation for anything, his language and of course his grades.

10 years ago I wanted more children only to be told that I had uterine cancer and couldn't.

I am kinda bitter about the fact that my ex who NEVER wanted more children just had two more with a women who already has 3, when he hardly pays any attention to the two he has now.

However, when I think about starting over vs. a nearly empty nest and freedom, which I haven't had since I was 18. I think... wow would I want to start with diapers, colic, teething and potty training again. Do I want another 18 years of fighting about grades when I am almost finished with that?

The answer came quicker than I thought.


I look forward to grandchildren, travel and maybe, just maybe a bit of time in a career that I love with the flexibility to try living a bi-coastal lifestyle at the ripe old age of 40... which is only 4 and 1/2 years away.

Friday, February 11, 2011

pneumonia really?

Since I have manged to spend yet another day home with horrible tightness, with coughing fits that send me into agony.. a quick visit to the Urgent care and its... "left lower lobe infiltrate consistent with atelectasis or pneumonia."

So are they just guessing really when they send me home with the Z-pack?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Don't worry... be Happy

In lecture right now I am learning about stress, GAS, aka General Adaptation Syndrome, and stress Management. Of course its all about coping mechanisms and how stress can effect your patient,resident, client ( whatever the damn PC thing to say is ), but as I am coming off of the worst week so far of stress at work, I can't help but wonder if the sore throat, hacking dry cough and earache isn't just a tad bit of a conversion reaction despite the 20 degree temps we've been having during this "flu" season.

So in an effort to achieve a little retail therapy and replace the couch the black lab ate when he was a puppy last year I bought this one:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Let me explain about school...

So since I have been doing this back and forth back and forth crap for the past year here is what I have endeavored to begin.

Excelsior college and all its cracked up to be. Its a self paced Exam based program, with a HUGE Clinical Skills Exam ( 3 days ), which has a less than 30% pass rate on the first try. Then I have a 120 hour clinical preceptor ship at a local hospital, plus a few seriously graded Careplan/Case Study Exams all before I can sit for NCLEX-RN.

Most of you are nursing students and you may sit in a brick and mortar lecture hall, some of you may take hybrid classes. But as I am sure any of you nursing student already know one thing. NURSING SCHOOL IS ALL ABOUT SELF TEACHING!

Heck my LPN year was here's a power point, I am going to read it verbatim to you. Here's a disk with your skills on them, learn them. Then there is a HUGE test at the end of the topic and... yes its your whole grade.

So hey EC is just self paced. I have 10 "classes" aka exams to take. So if I don't procrastinate too much I could be ready for my NCLEX-RN in mid 2012. Because I hear the longest part is the 3-4 month wait for the CPNE ( Clinical Exam ).

I have textbook, study guides and a series of PowerPoint lectures, the Made Easy books and great study and note taking skills.

But I can sit here in my pj's, go to class when I need too and still work full time.

So there is the story. First exam will be by the end of February I hope. Of course I will keep you all posted.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I feel like I am negative Nelly all the time. But I have to say that yes my job sucks. Today was payday though and my check is nice! LOL. Gosh, its the only reason I stay. Ain't that the truth for us all.

Just where to begin? Hum... I think I will hit myself on the head and just forget about this week.

Good news is I am going to Body Worlds tomorrow!! Woot! Last time I went to see this was with a bunch of 12 year old boys who snickered and laughed at the boobies and penises... HAHA... it was kinda funny to watch and hear them.

But this time I really want to SEE it.