Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nurse Meany

Why is it that when I have to write someone up its a MAJOR deal and results in termination? Sheesh people I DO NOT like to be the mean nurse, but damn if the alarm is going off don't walk by the room just because it isn't your resident.

I do not write anyone up just randomly. I have only done it twice and it was because of blatant safety issues. Now come on THINK PEOPLE!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Working too much

Yup that's where I have been. Just working working working and wondering if I am ever going to get off this shift.

I have enjoyed my few day shifts. The RN Charge really wants me on her shift, so someday that will happen. Of course the RN Charge on my current shift does not want me to leave either.

I have put in a few 40 + hour work weeks and my poor foot is really not responding to the double shift I have been pulling either. I must learn to say NO even when bonus is rubbed in my face. The regular paycheck is much better than being on comp because my stress fracture has finally given way to a full on break.

So anyway off to work I go again...which includes a Mandatory Nurses Meeting. Good news is that they have canned the new ADON and maybe the tension and cloud of doom and gloom over the building will clear soon.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sad & weird

So we thought our cat that had been gone for a year had returned. Of course I started to have my doubts almost right away but it had all the same markings and did alot of the same things and well trauma can do some major things and the cat can change. But it sure as hell can't change a cat's GENDER!

When Baby left she was a girl but it came back a Boy? So needless to say it was weird. I mean we had Baby fixed and if I recall no one mentioned that it was a boy when we brought it in and I think the vet would have marked it on the paper.

So when this new cat needed a vet visit today I took it in and I was like." Can you check the gender because it doesn't seem right." Well its an altered BOY!

Of course he was so sick that we had to put him down, but still... did I have a boy all along or is this another cat?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mini vacation

I just booked my ticket to go and visit my sister for her 40th birthday next month. I can't wait. A mini vacation for me!

Now I just have to request those 3 days off!


Oh and I heard back from advising and I need 16 credits to graduate with an AGS. All of which are Humanities classes with the exception of a Communication course, a one credit computer usuage class and a literacy class. So I have them picked out and will begin to get those pounded out starting next paycheck!

8 weeks at a time and First up are:
Powerpoint (1)
Communication (3)
Introduction to Cinema (3)

Then 8 weeks of these:
Clinical Healthcare Ethics (3)
Humaities Unversial Themes (3)
Crictial Reading (3) (Although I tested out of this as a requirement it fits in with the Literacy class I still need and this one is cake so I'll take it)

Then I'm finished and will graduate and get to walk in May.

After which I will take the Micro and Chem classes in person and head toward RN if the mood strikes me.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Gosh what's new?

I seem to be spending so much time on decorating every weekend that that is pretty much the extent of the goings on in my life right now. Work is still work. Not much going on there. I like the new nurse alot. There are some major changes coming though and I am thinking I will not be liking those at all. But we shall see, because even though we are greatly effected over all of this the RN's on our side are the only ones that have actually been told about the changes.

Humm.. my ex husband just found out his wife is pregnant with twins. Yeah my kids are not happy about the concept... and for once I am actually in a "better him than me" state of mind. At this point in my life starting back at the babies is not something I would want to do. I have my heart set on introducing some more travel & trips into the works as my kids leave the nest and am excited to see where my career is going to take me. I've toyed with the idea of adoption and the like but I always talk myself out of it because of daycare and the babysitter factor. For me grand kids are the next babies I want to cuddle ;-)

Oh and for the time being I have decided to finish my Associate's Degree in General Studies and defer the RN-BSN portion for a bit until I can find a job closer to home with less of a commute or until I figure out if I want to parlay this into a Social Services Degree instead.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Things to do

Picked up the new car, I bought a silver one instead of gold. younger less miles and same cost... how does that work out?

They hired two new nurses that started training with us last night. Pretty breezy night for me. But alas I agreed to work a shift on Sunday. But Monday is my first double time shift holiday so that'll be NICE!

Heading out for a jam packed day with the kids in the new car! LOL

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Random thoughts

I have nothing really to blog about. Just setting up the new place. Painting again this weekend. Finishing my upstairs hallway and I think starting my bedroom. I am finally picking up the PT Crusier tomorrow moring and I will be working the next two days.

On the work front I am wondering who I will be working with today as the spot for the other LPN was blank when I left on Tuesday. I hope they hire someone soon. I hope they hire my nursing school friend. But she's taking her RN this week and well... its only an LPN position thats technically available. But RN jobs for new grads right now are nonexisitant around here for the traditional new grad that does not belong to the large chain fellowship program... so it's be a job in nursing and they can always use another RN PRN to take charge.

Well my carpel tunnel is making it impossible to type now so I guess I have rambled enough. I really need to get in gear and make some doctor's and dentist appointments for the family and myself. It's time to at least get this hand fixed.