Friday, November 21, 2014

On to the Next Step

Well it's on to the next next for me. Last day at Urgent Care was today and was less than Urgent. Excited to start this next chapter after a two week break and a ton of school work! :-)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cardiac PCU

Received my offer letter and orientation paperwork. I have my pre-employment physical on Tuesday. This is getting pretty real here. 1 more week until my last day at my current job, then I have a two week break before starting the new one on the 8th. I have a ton of school work to get through before starting since I know my time will be limited.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Career News

Ok so I did get a call from HR from the ER position and tentatively accepted it. Given that I needed a start date that wouldn't bankrupt me and I have already given notice at work. I was starting to get worried that come my two weeks notice being up I'd be unemployed in the end.

So in order to not to burn a bridge I went to an interview at a closer facility in their Cardiac PCU (step down ICU) that a very good friend from nursing school told me about. Walking out of there, just like NCLEX, I left feeling like I totally blew it and had no hope. The floor is a big change for sure.

So lets see...

ER- too far away
ER- Kids
ER- more money than I make now
ER- Nights
ER- Huge variety, fast paced, some things I already know a lot about. Some things I know NOTHING about.

PCU- Lots of things I know nothing about, small things I know some things about, LOTS of learning potential and critical care experience
PCU- way closer
PCU- No kids
PCU- more money than I make now
PCU- Nights

There was one thing I had no interest in doing was kids ER... so that and the distance were the deciding factors for sure on why I would take the PCU job. I mean either way I am excited to get to be a NURSE!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Finally knocked another one out

Class that is. Nutrition is in the books with a pass. I kinda psyched myself out more than spent any real time on the topic. What should have taken me all of a week to complete, took over a month, mostly because I didn't do anything with school for nearly that.

I have one more class open right now and it's still that communications class, why? Because I have been procrastinating on this one like no one's business. But today I tackle it in earnest and send the outline in for grading and get my visual aide completed. I will record the video on Tuesday no matter what.

Since I want to start a new job, and anyone in nursing knows that new jobs equal more learning and less time for extra stuff in the beginning, I know I need to get as much of this course finished as I can if I want to stay on target for my May BSN completion deadline.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Future ER Nurse

Had job interview today and was offered the position.. I am SOOOO excited!

Just waiting on HR to contact me to give me the particulars and get the compensation and offer letter.

So I will be back on night shift, which is so much more preferred for me for sure! The job isn't close, there are about a million and one hospitals between it and me, but you go where you know people sometimes.

So finally that ever sought after position in acute care hospital!

When I told a friend of mine where I was planning on working she said she could through my resume at her director for a position at her hospital. Yes they are closer, but it's not a speciality that I would enjoy, it's on the PCU (CABG recovery) it's such a hard decision.

Location vs Location
Speciality vs Specialty

It's a dead heat... I'm still totally leaning toward ER.

On the school front... well the slacking continues but I just took the second Practice Assessment for Nutrition so I am thinking to attempt the final tonight. My communication class, well I will work on the project script and hope to get the video uploaded this week... it's the thought of recording myself that is really just getting to me, I don't know why. But gotta push through. At least Statistics is NOT my next class after all. My Advisor wants to move forward either Health Assessment or Community Health (depending on testing locations)