Monday, January 30, 2012

HESI deja vu

So I went to submit my application and tackled both the HESI-PN and the HESI A2 today. I am here to report an increase in BOTH scores!! Yeah me.

I was very surprised at how well I did. On the HESI-PN I increased my score from a 1037 to a 1057. All I needed for application was 850. But higher scores get placed first! On the HESI-A2 I went from a cumulative score of 89% to 92%!

Let's just say that the atmosphere this time was a whole other world compared to this experience. When I looked at the sign in sheet you can see what everyone had come for and there were quite a few for the HESI-PN.

Now it's a waiting game and who knows what'll happen next.

Webcam class

I just found out that when I take my midterm and final for my Patho class that I have to use a webcam while I am taking it so I can be monitored, or I can take it in person at the learning center.

Wow... I think that is weird. But way to use technology I guess!

Oh yeah and this class already sucks! LMAO

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Much ado about Monday

Tomorrow is the big day. Lots to do. Then it's all about the waiting game. I intend to send off an email to all of the nursing directors tomorrow as well, putting my name in the line-up for any available sport. I am hoping for a summer accelerated spot. It would put graduation in Aug instead of starting in Aug. Well as long as for some unforeseen reason I don't blow these exams that is. I have been doing NCLEX-RN questions and still scoring very high, I also reviewed my old HESI tests and went over the content that I missed on them.

Then I am making a bunch of doctor's appointments to get all my blood work done for my antibody titers. You know, all of that medical crap that you have to get done. I need all of my ducks in a row because this is going to be a last minute placement either way.

I also need to get a grip on this anxiety thing I have going.

Today we wanted to try a new grocery store, but when I went inside, it was claustrophobic feeling. I am not claustrophobic, I can have a closed MRI without issues, but when it comes to stores I like wide isles, bright lights and high ceilings. I also like some type of order. This store was chaos! So while hubby was returning RedBox, I turned right around and walked right out of the store. I just started to get this panicky fuzzy feeling. So it was back to our usual store. I knew it was weird but I just did not like that feeling of inner chaos that the vibe of this place gave me. Normal or an indication for Prozac?

Friday, January 27, 2012

LPN to RN bound... 1 step closer!

Ok people my card came in the mail today!! Woot Woot! So application day is MONDAY!!

I Need to spend this weekend getting a little studying done because I have to take the HESI-PN before I can apply. So its going to be an NCLEX review weekend I suppose. But I haven't actually stopped doing questions this whole time, so that is a good thing.

So here's hoping to get into a program come this FALL!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Fellow Nurse in Peril

As a fellow AZ nurse it really astounds me the total lack of professional respect that we as nurse's receive from any entity that dares to call themselves a Nursing Association. It is appalling that in this era nurses still have zero support from anyone in their own profession. It seems the public gets protection from us but who gives us protection from them?

What other public service profession receives such little support for its members?

Ms. Trujillo really deserves some support with her case.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Text to Speech Software

Is pretty fun to play around with. I think having your computer tell off your husband is kinda funny!

In other news, it was actually helpful to convert my online lecture to a text to speech recognition software program. I could read it, hear it, and apply it this way.

Sometimes lectures just need to be heard to click. Of course I really think I am not going to like this ethics class very much. Too many discussion board projects.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Some Bullet Points

School- Tomorrow starts Clinical Healthcare Ethics and Human Pathophysiology starts next Monday. I am still enrolled in the Interpreting Arrhythmia course but there are only six people in the class so I have a feeling that it will be cancelled for lack of enrollment. I emailed the professor about it, of course I do not want to pay for the class, and buy the book, which mind you costs more than the class does, if the class is just going to get cancelled.

WLS- I have 1 more scheduled appointment to make 6. I could be having surgery either in March or in June. June if insurance requires me to continue with the visits, because I missed November, March- if the letter I write to them is sufficient. Somehow I really think it'll be June.

RN- still waiting on word from fingerprint card to submit my application.

Work- SNAFU with my paycheck vs vacation time, so I am working on getting that fixed. I should have been getting higher pay in lieu of benefit, thus no vacation time or tuition reimbursement, except I haven't. So either they have to pay me the past years worth of wages at the higher rate, or give me the vacation and sick hours to use, and I can submit reimbursement for my classes to them. So we shall see how that all turns out.

Friday, January 20, 2012


So my blog is starting to have a few added features. I have added tabs to the top. They are currently under construction. But as the big changes in my life take place, these tabs will be where to find a topic specific post.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A sense of comfort

I have no idea why but I feel a sense of comfort over being able to pay out of pocket for classes and books.

When I started this process, way back in the day, it feels like it has been forever some days, but anyway, I would never have been able to afford to even think about it.

Of course I still have student loans looming over my head, but eventually I have a plan to get those knocked out.

I will fund my future education ambitions with the fruits of my labors thus far!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why do you want to be a

This is not an essay question, only a thought I have from time to time given the job outlook for new grad nurses currently.

Me, well getting my RN means a lifelong goal achieved. I already have a job waiting for me as an RN, not my dream job, which is why my, in a hurry attitude, has waned of late. It's been replaced with an, I'll get there when I get there attitude instead. My hope is that the market will have improved by the time I get the Registered Nurse title. Plus I want to spend the least amount out of pocket to get there.

How about you? Are you still on a waiting list? Have you just started? Are you about to finish? What are your opinions about the job outlook? Do you think it won't effect you? Do you have a job lined up? Do you have connections? What are your plans?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Never ever let someone else rent space inside your head!

Great quote from someone named sharpeimom on

What a great concept. This conversation was in regard to a doctor yelling at a PCT. But that gets me thinking, because we all have been there, with fellow nurses, parents, bosses, patients, staff members. EVERYONE and ANYONE in our lives has been there when something someone has said it just hits something personal.

So great advice, Never ever let someone else rent space inside you head!

Admissions people are dumb

I know I said it and I will stand by it!

First, my tuition payment for my Ethics class suddenly, and I do mean suddenly appeared on my current due status. I checked on the 9th, nothing, I checked on the 10th it was there, Ok so I will pay it on the 13th when I get paid. No big deal? Well GONE on the 11th and dropped from class. WOW that was fast! So I figure I will just add it back on the 13th. Nope can't do that online because the class is closed/filled.

Me: Can you put me back into the class I was just dropped from so I can pay the tuition?

Admission: No class is full.

Me: Yes I am aware, one of those spots is mine. Is there a way to get put back in?

Admissions: Yes you can go to the class the first day and have the Prof sign a waiver.

Me: It's an online course. Is there another way to get into the class?

Admissions: You can go to the class the first day and the Prof can sign a waiver.

Me: It's an online course thus no classroom!

Admissions: You can contact the instructor by email then.

Me: The class states that there is only STAFF listed as the instructor for that class. Do you have a name so I can contact them?

Admissions: There is not an instructor assigned to that class yet.

Me (Banging Head on Keyboard): Ok let me get back to you. (hang up)

So I went online and searched the classes for that course. My HCR240 instructor is the alternate teacher, so I emailed her and requested to be put in her class for HCR210. Once she said it was OK, I sent that email over to the admissions office. Clearly stated in the first line and the subject line of the email is the section and class code that I am looking to enroll in.

Admissions response: Our records show that you are already enrolled in HCR240!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Almost Friday

That means that my kids are coming home soon! They have been gone since the 26th of December and apparently it has had its ups and downs, both are very excited to get back to their own rooms. Sans crying babies, and people who hell more than we do? LOL is that possible?

Anyway, so much seems to have changed since they were gone.

So I am trying to plan a vacation for my birthday. Generally we go someplace or do something nice around my birthday, remember this trip?

Last year was Sami's graduation and the year before that was a poor year related to school. But when we first moved here, the first two years we went to this place.

So the options are, cruise with just hubby and I, or Harry Potter land with just me and the kids!

I think cost will be the winner... so stay tuned for the results.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Staffing Changes Poll

Please take a minute to answer the poll question posted on the site. Between this site and another, I want to poll at least 100 nurses about staffing changes in the LTC/SNF area.

The last time staffing ratios were adjusted was in 1987! So much has changed in the last 25 years, the acuity of the clients in the LTC/SNF alone has increased the amount of skilled nursing care some of these people need. I think the measly "hours for nursing" requirements are outdated and need to be adjusted to reflex the actuality of floor nursing in an LTC/SNF.

PS... This is not homework or anything, I am actually thinking of getting some activism going on this.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Poll of the Day

I frequent I am a frequent commenter on the boards. I have insight I think about certain things and I like to share. So if someone asked if they should choose NICU their current job or interview for a Public Health job, just to be close to a boyfriend, what would you say?

I say they are freakin' crazy and as a new grad should just wait a year and a half and become an experienced nurse in a specialty that actually lets them take that RN experience and move whereever they want with confidence in the future.

Let me see NICU or pregnancy tests to teens on the road to a lifetime of welfare?

Um.. no brainer right?

Disclaimer: (Yes, yes I know Public Health is more than pregnancy tests in reality... but not by much)

3am.. & this is why I should sleep on my nights off.

I feel like I am at work right now, because I am doing exactly what I would be doing if I were there, except I would be getting paid good money to be there. ( Sitting on the couch messing around on the computer.) Hehe

What I found was this:

I just read an article about this guy that was killed by deer. At first I thought it said, " Man killed by 3 deer, police trying to identify them." That is funny!

What it said was, " Man killed by 3 deer, police trying to identify him." Not as funny right?

But can you imagine:

Officer to Witness: " Are the deer you saw run down Mr. Jones in this picture?"

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Are you new?

If you are a new follower, if you just found me and have a blog I haven't visited yet, please be sure to comment and I would love to check out your Blogs and add them to my blog roll!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Much ado about nothing

Trying to decide if I want to take the 4 week Interpreting Arrhythmias course this semester or not. It's great as a resume booster to go with my ACLS, PALS, NRP certifications and would be a big help with cardiac when I get to my critical care block.

Buts its a 10am class. Is it worth the lost sleep over?

Of course it's not like I actually want to work in an ICU when I get my RN, but those skills are great for the OR and PACU, which are two places I really am interested in.

Of course what are the odds of getting that?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nursing Education was/is only as good as the student's dedication to learning!

Advise I gave on a website regarding someone blaming their school because their own "skills suck!"

I think because I can come up with this crap from the top of my head, that Nursing Education is exactly the path I want my career to take ultimately.

Restless School Syndrome

I am always so restless when it comes to school and the direction that I want to go. What is killing me now is that I am at the mercy of someone else to do their job, so that I can move forward with my plan.

As that drags on I have a tendency to research things too much and find way to many alternate plans.

Urgh! I hate this feeling. I need classes to just hurry up and start and then I will be too busy again to think about it.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let the games begin

Spring semester about to start first up is Clinical Healthcare Ethics. the textbook arrived today.

I have still yet to buy the book pack for Human Pathophysisology, its like $148 for the dang thing, but I have time as that class doesn't start until the 30th.

Dream Interrupted...

So I had this dream and it kinda bothers me. I mean it could be taken so many ways, as dreams often are. So I figured I'd get your opinions on it.

I was at my Mom's house and in walks our dog Murphy, who just died. He was obviously hurt as he was still limping and you could still see blood on him but,he didn't seem too bothered by it. I was shocked, in my dream I said, " Murphy what are you doing here?" I was fully aware that he should not be here. He just came over to me and licked me and I bent to pet him and kissed his nose like I always did. Then he just turned around climbed the stairs and stood up on his back legs and turned on the light switch.I yelled for my hubby, " Do you see this!" He said "Yes" acknowledging that he was seeing this "ghost" too. He disappeared and then I woke up.So whatcha think?

As you may or not know, due to his injuries, his length of recovery time if any, and the extent of his lung collapse, we actually had to make the decision to euthanize him while he was under anesthesia. He already had a lame back leg and an issue with vomiting and losing weight periodically. I just feel so guilty for having to have made the decision that way.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blogs You Read

Ok so I have some free time to kill and need blog's to read. Free time you ask? Well at work I have this new laptop to use, classes do not start and I have ALOT of free time overnight! So, anyone have any ideas that are not already on my blogroll? The problem with Blogger is that there does not seem to be a way to search related nursing blogs. Or is there?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

My year may have sucked going out, it may not have been like I planned. But overall I think it was a productive year.

*Samantha graduated High School and also started college!
*I passed Micro & Chemistry!
Family came to visit!
*I found an awesome job!
*We moved out of Maricopa!

Unfortunately we said goodbye to two special family members this year! I love you Aunt Cathy and Murphy! You are missed!

I hope 2012 is a great year for you all!

Looking forward to some special events this year...12-12-12 My baby boy turns 18! This should be his lucky year!I hope to start the RN program. More family visits coming! Maybe huge weight loss? Who knows what else the year will bring... but here's hoping to a happy healthy one!