Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just things...

Ok third Micro exam coming up this weekend. 1 more and a final after that. I really want it to be December and this class to be over. Its just so tedious, but at least I am actually learning and applying the knowledge. I actually made a statement about a central line infection and then the doctor quoted me verbatim as the reason for it too! I feel so smart... LOL

My application is in process for the RN program. I have those entrance tests I need to take and get some medical stuff done again. I just updated my CPR so that's one thing to check off the list.

In class its hard to not listen to others conversations and there are many applying for Advanced Placement too. But not a whole lot that I am worried. I mean at this point starting in January or August makes no difference to me. There are not many good jobs out there anyway, plus I could always fill the gap with all those BSN classes that are still on the horizon! What a change from the girl who wanted this to be done so quickly.

So the new house is coming along. I am really liking how close everything is. Just a few more things to clean up and out of the old place still, can't wait for that to be DONE. My back is killing me!

In WLS news... not much else really. Gotta think of just exactly how I plan on losing 5 pounds this month without stepping on a scale... oh and with Thanksgiving! LOL

Friday, October 28, 2011

Half way till L day...

Today marked the half way point until my surgery date. Today's appointment marked a 2.5lb weight loss... an overall weight loss of 3.5 pounds so far... but then again, I haven't been trying either. I am only trying to make the scale go down at each visit. Only 3 more "weight loss" visits required by the insurance company. October's goal of 3 pounds lost was almost obtained. So November's is 5 pounds.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


All moved... this commute is awesome! Home by 0715 instead of 0800.

Now to not get in trouble over charting. I keep changing it to what they want then its not enough! Urgh!!

Oh well.. moving on.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 1 Liquids

***update** Due to moving the blender is half here and half there. So liquids today will not be the start date. Once again the Medifast oatmeal straight out of the packet induced large amounts of emesis. So needless to say... that may be a weight loss trick but NOT one I can "stomach" Nasty shit! So moving on to try something else once the blender is in one place!

Oh and tonight at midnight starts the first attempt at a week of liquids! This is going to be soooo hard. But its only 7 days right? If I want this then I have to prove it. Doctor appointment/weight loss appointment #3 is on the 28th.. my hope is to be down a total of 4 pounds since my start weight. 3 for this month on top of the 1 last month I accidentally dropped. Haha!

Moving day

Is fast approaching. My case came home yesterday but there is no way I can make-up 40 or for even 36 hours at this point and still get all the stuff I need done to move. My next two days would have looked like this...

Thursday work 7p-7am Friday , pack or sleep, Work Friday 7p-7a Saturday, drive 30 minutes to school, have class from 8-1230ish, then home to finish packing, help with loading, then unloading, then unpacking, then sleep when? That would be just too much and I know there is NO way I can do that and still function. Its a nice thought but one I know that would end with me doing nothing.

I was telling the Mom that I can only work my regular schedule this week even though there was no work on Mon and Tues, The mom was like, " You can spend the day here if you want to get your hours." Um yeah thanks, but there is this thing called sleep? She laughed, " Oh yeah I forgot."

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weight Loss Surgery

So have I mentioned I started the process to get weight loss surgery? Well I have, In August I met with the doctors for a Lap-Band procedure. Its the least invasive and most reversible, with the least amount of complications. However, many have had success with it.

So I found out insurance covers it, but there are many hoops to jump through. I think I am on hoop number 10 of 1 million. But anyway, there is a cardio appt, psych appt, sleep study, blood work, lung function test, and monthly diet meetings and weigh ins for 6 months. I am on month 3 if they counted that first month. My surgery should be around the first week in February.

Now the lap-band is not a weight loss be all end all like the gastric bypass is. It works slow and only with a very restrictive diet phase. It requires frequent follow-up visits and exercise to make it work.

So all in all its a tool like any other but with a bigger edge for those of us who need an extra helping of willpower.

So with that said, my second/third weight loss appointment is on the 28th. For the week leading up to that appointment, I have to be on a liquid diet, because it will include a liver ultrasound to see if my liver shrinks down to make accessing my stomach during surgery easier.

So its protein shakes and only Medifast meals for a week. With luck I will also drop the 3 pounds that was my goal this month too. ;-)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

How many more days until this semester is over?

I actually did better than I thought on that last exam so that was a good thing. Class isn't all that bad, but I am really bored with it and just want it to be over. I am not a fan of germs.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I agreed to do what?

Monday I called off so I could decontaminate myself from the gallon of paint that was still attached to me after the 4 day painting fest that took place.

Last night I worked 12 hours to catch up. Today I got called off as an unexpected GI bleed lands case in PICU again.

However, I agreed to work another case 7a to 9 p Thur and Fri to make up the rest of my 40. Two back to back 14 hour shifts, packing, moving, cleaning, painting and school.

What the heck was I thinking?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

It looks so easy on HGTV!

Urgh I hate painting. I love painted however. Trying to figure out color combinations and what looks good on the sticker vs. what looks good on the wall are two totally different things.

This is the kitchen wall color. Cabinets are white and the counters are a grayish blue as well.

This is the family room color... except it was supposed to be a soft brown , but looks more peachy gold.

I cannot however figure out a color to paint my bedroom wall. This is the decor.

Any ideas?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

When will I ever learn?

So today's Micro exam was an epic fail! I didn't really get to study as well as I should have, and not having had an exam created by that instructor, I had no idea exactly how to study. But I talked myself right out of the correct answer in the last minute. That correct answer was a MAJOR concept and of course effected every other question pretty much. So yeah I think an A is gonna be out of the question.

This class is boring and so stress free, unlike the rigor that was Chem, that the material just does not stick in my head. I really should have known after the first day I went, that the teacher's style and mine were not compatible.

Oh well... moving on and moving forward, can't look back. Maybe I'll rock the rest of the material!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


82 degrees in Arizona means AC off and windows open. So as I am opening said windows it becomes apparent that I am a terrible housekeeper. I also hate hate hate to do it. So that makes sense. I say this because there is at least 2 inches of dust on my windowsills. Who would have thought to dust those? LOL

So I have decided to start looking for a housekeeper/cleaning service for the new house. Start right away and it'll stay clean right?

Ah...Domestic help... not just for the rich anymore!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So I am thinking this will be my new couch and loveseat for the new house. I want a bold color to go with the the taupe, beige or gray walls I want to paint in the living room. The family room gets the old couch. Keeping in mind that pretty much all the walls in the common areas will have the same shade of paint. Except perhaps the kitchen.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

When your birds are about to fly the nest

So I haven't really mentioned the fact that my daughter turned 18 a week ago. I actually was in a bit of a funk over it. I just felt bad all that day! Which is totally unlike me when it comes to birthdays with the kids. I did make her her craving and a cake and it was a quiet family night. But no big bash or anything. Have any of you other mother's out there had a hard time with 18? Its just such a reminder of that impending empty nest. Which still won't be for awhile, but you know what I mean. The option for her is there. She got her first job too!

Don't get me wrong I am so proud of her!! She is growing up a wonderful woman. But she is growing up so fast! My son is not far behind that, he'll be 17 in two months!

What's a Mom to do?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

House Updated!

Ok so I am happy, a little shell shocked with regard to last minute fees. But overall, I got the house. Oh and did I mention it is only $850 a month! 3 bed 2 bath 1400 sq ft, huge island kitchen, french doors onto the patio from the master, bonus step down family room & formal living room.

Yeah for a 7 frigging mile commute. My wallet is going to be so happy!!To put it into perspective, Currently my daughter takes my car to school 4 days a week then over to work then home. Her drive to school is 33 miles 1 way, then 15 miles over to work then another 25 miles back to our house. Then I take the car and drive another 48 miles 1 way to my work. So that is 169 miles each day round trip when you add that, with a car that gets only 22-24 miles MPG... NOT a good deal. Plus its the car we drive everywhere else too. I put almost 700 miles a week on my car!

Moving is gonna suck... I am going to paint before we move in too. So here's hoping we get it all together!