Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Job hunting again

It's not that I am a job hopper... it's that I am NOT a job settler... Tele... as I feared is not for me. A lot of things have happened to lead me this way... but most importantly was that this job interfered in my family too much. Since I do not work to live or live to work at this stage in my life... the priority has to shift. I just don't feel the need to work in acute care like a slave, when my true passion and enjoyment... I have already discovered. I guess it just takes that step away to reevaluate life where you learn that... Yes... I AM A CHRONIC CARE PEDS NURSE.

I am still going to go for my masters degree, however, it'll be in Management... since my new career path has lead me to that direction... now to just get all the life stuff out of the way and get onward toward a new... and not so new path.