Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Facts

Fact # 1- Ok so I finally managed to get the financial aide thing all set... well I hope so cuz I received a weird email from them, but it didn't made much sense so I have to go in and talk to them once school starts, because it said something about financial aide not paying for classes at that school that were outside my "track". I only have 10 credits for that specific track. So I think I have to just make sure they put the correct major on there. I was told by my other school that as long as you put Nursing, they knew you had alot of classes to take. I am hoping that I'll have a job that will be able to help with paying for the RN portion in the future.

Fact # 2- My 15y/o nearly 16 y/o old daughter is officially driver's permitted! WOW... it seems like it was forever ago we were talking about it. She has been wanting to drive since she was 12 and she is now in the driver's seat... I think I only panicked a few times. LOL

Fact # 3 - I have a sore shoulder that just keeps getting worse. I fell around Christmas and since then my shoulder has been really sore, especially when I try and sleep, I get a burning feeling and a horrible sharp ache. I think I have to go back to the doctor and get it rechecked. I am thinking its possibly a torn rotator cuff or some such... and I don't want it to be anything that could be too bad as it may affect my clinicals and job hunting... although since I fell at the Mall I could sue them over it. I have no idea if I should do that. But its an option and well I ws luckey enough to slip and fall,and well damn, this thing requires so much Motrin to get me through the night and I am still taking my Flexaril once in a while... like last night, so I can sleep... the side effects to me is, I slept until 12:30 today... not good cuz no one woke me up. I have black-out shades because I used to work nights so I have no idea that it isn't still night.

Ok well enough blabbering... LOL off to get something done today!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

School Countdown has Begun!

Oh the joys of school shopping. Today was the real start of supplies. Backpacks, pencils, pens, sharpeners, highlighters, notebooks! I think everyone is excited about the first day of school. Next is doctor's appointments, driver's permits, and clothes & shoes. My least favorite parts.

So in Nursing school news, I headed out to meet with the Advisor to get signed off on my credits so I could continue my financial aide. The letter I received..." Our records indicate that you have acquired more credits than what you need for your current track."

Well no shit!!. Ever you tried and get a ADN from a Community College? Well, sometimes you have to take the long way when the line ahead of you is 2 years long. So yup even though I only need 22 credits to obtain a Diploma as a Practical Nurse, and I currently have 51... I do actually still have 10 more this semester alone to achieve said Diploma, plus the 3 I have to take to get IV certified, and heck while I'm at it I thought I'd... wait for it.... get a Nursing Degree! Um, that is what you get at a College right a Degree? Stupid people I hate red tape!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Depressed and I don't know why...

I sleep until 12pm and go to bed around 10ish. What is wrong with this picture? My dreams are more exciting than my life right now so I'd prefer to just continue to sleep.

I can't do much, because now we have two "broken" cars. Hubby has been taking the Jeep to work, it dies sometimes randomly, (a throttle issue I think) and now the Ford's check engine light has come on and its acting like it wants to stall and stuff. ( Not to mention the two broken A/C's- Jeep cost to fix $400, Ford cost to fix $200)

Its so HOT I don't feel like going outside and melting, and anything to do around here is a long drive ( impossible with two broken cars) and costs mucho money. Which I don't have any of at the moment.

So is it that I'm just bored or is it an alternate form of S.A.D? I used to suffer from S.A.D when we lived in Massachusetts because of the long winter and the lack of sun in the other seasons. Maybe because of feeling locked in by the heat right now and not being able to escape it is causing this blah!?! I don't know.

I hate to say this but I think I really miss Nursing School right about now! How crazy is that? LOL

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


same ol' stuff!

Not much going on right now. I'm trying to barrel through the last 4 tests in Algebra so I can concentrate on the final and take it so I can get some nursing school studying in. I feel like I won't know anything when August comes around.

I also found that Facebook is addicting, not so much facebook itself, but Farmville, Pirates & Mafia Wars! Mindless mush to play around on to avoid school and house work. No money to do anything fun right now, too hot outside even if we did have money.

I've watched: Harry Potter, I love you Beth Cooper & The Proposal. I want to watch My Sister's Keeper and can't wait for that new Katherine Heigle movie with the hottie from P.S I Love you in it!

Ok off to make some blueberry muffins!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Work Placement Over

Well my work placement with the baby is over. They found someone closer to their works, as I was hoping they would before I started back to school soon. I would have hated to leave them in a lerch come the 18th of Aug. But school comes first of course.

It was a great experience and really helped with my fears of Pedi patients and working with their families. I even got to help give meds through the G-tube... so that was an awesome new skill for me too! I think I used the phrase, " This is fun!" LOL

So time to buckle down and get this Algebra class out of the way and done with, then do some brush up for the next semester's nursing class. I have to go down and meet with the financial aide and nursing advisers to get a request for continued funding form completed and hope that everything works out for my tuition. Of course I don't feel like driving 35 miles each way in a car without a/c in 116 heat!

Alas, I have to fix the car and the Jeep now... AZ is not the place for the a/c's in the cars to break! I HATE freaking used cars!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to the grind

Well its back home and back to the normal of normal life here in AZ. School work to catch up on, respite care to provide, and stress to deal with at home.

Not much else going on right now! I have the blahs... I think its "vacation over" let down

Oh and I think taking this long off of nursing school is a stupid idea between semesters! When Aug 18th comes and Nursing classes start again, I feel like I'll be starting from scratch already! I must read! I must do more NCLEX questions! I must review all my notes!

I must be nuts!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

34000 feet

In flight Internet access! Awesome. Course my battery life is crap so it won't make it the full 4 hours of in flight but hey, its a couple of hours of diversion. Free movie, of course I have seen it, but Delta does not offer much by way of a breakfast like my husband got on Continental. Tickets aren't cheaper these days but you sure as hell get jipped!

Its like a flying minibar!

In other news I had a great vacation and I am sure going to miss everyone, but I am sooo looking forward to getting back to my own bed, my own space, and my dog! I miss her hugs!

Ugh! I wish my battery life was longer or we had a plug here, cuz I could track my flight, love to do that. Currently we are about to leave upstate New York, traveing through Michigan and across Iowa and Nebraska toward Utah.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Colorful trains, food, tall ships and Havard Yard.

Pictures to follow but needless to say we spent a very busy day in Boston yesterday.

We took the Green line into Boston from a T stop outside the city, as we are staying about 45 minutes outside downtown Boston. Then, we took the Red line The Capital Building, then to Harvard Square, had lunch at John Harvard's, great food! Then we took the Orange line to the Silver line to see the Tall Ships at the wharf, from there we walked down to the Old State House took the Orange line up to Quincy Market then took the Green line up to North Station to see the "Garden" and the Zachem Bridge. At that point we took a detour on the Orange line to Chinatown, then hopped back on the orange, headed off to the Blue line to Government Center, then caught the Green Line back out to the car.

At which time we headed to my favorite Irish restaurant and had some great food there, except that my tummy was still full from lunch, so I have some leftovers.

Today I went to a place in Worcester called Bollywood for Indian food... it was actually GREAT! Then for dinner we went for Lobster... i will post pictures of our awesome food vacation once I get home! Oh I miss my bed!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Relaxing vacation... filled with food

I think one of the major reasons to go on a vacation is the food! Being a regional transplant ( moving across country ) I miss some of the foods of the New England area that I can't get in Arizona. That being said, I just ate one of my favorites and it lived up to the hype! Steak, cheese, onion, green peppers & hot pepper relish in a pita!

Hubby and I are going to have a New England Clam Bake complete with lobster this weekend (belated anniversary dinner) with our trip up to Quincy Market Place.

Tonight I am going to have a maple walnut hot fudge sundae from Friendly's!

So I pick hubby up tomorrow at 5pm and we leave here in 6 days!

The kids are all off with their friends and my nephew is with my uncle right now. So just me and my sis and a house full little boys! It'll be nice when we can get at least 1 night and go out and have a drink just the two of us before I head back home. Who knows when the next time will be that I will see her, with school and then hopefully starting a new job after that, vacations are not first on the list!

Ok well off to... well nothing, cuz I have nothing to do at the moment!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Meanwhile in Massachusetts.....

Christine and children are really enjoying their time here. The 4th was wonderful, only thing missing was my husband... but I still had a nice time seeing people I haven't seen in awhile. Connected with a cousin I haven't been close to since we would play house together as children, and here we were with our two kids each, boy and girl and our lives almost nothing like we had planned as children... I however am closer to getting that life, Husband, daughter, son, check, RN ( coming soon ).

Looking forward to connecting with hubby's side of the family soon!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Plan for the Day... talk to you in two weeks

Well I'm about to head out soon to take my midterm. Then its off to the bank to try and get some money from my account, they told me my card would still work with the teller till the new card came in, so we'll see. Then its off to Wal-mart to get some last minute items for the trip and snacks for the plane.

I'm really excited and nervous today all at the same time! I have a love hate relationship with planes. Take off freaks me out! But I like getting on the plane as it means that I am going somewhere fun!

The debate at current time is to check bags or not to check bags? A packed plane doesn't look promissing for finding 4 carry-on spaces available for myself and three teenagers. I hate the hassel. Its so much easier to check bags, especially when it comes to getting through security too. But the thought of wasting $15 each to check bags just pisses me off!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And then there were two

So I should be able to spend the day studying today, and get some things for the trip, but my dumbass husband decided to steal my debit card today to get gas money and proceeded to enter the incorrect PIN number over and over and it locked my debit card, since its a bank in transition its hard to get anyone on the phone in customer service and the closest branch is over 22 miles away... no big deal you say? Well, it wouldn't be if my gas light were not already on! Yikes... so yeah not only do I have to ask my kid for some cash to just put enough gas in to get to the bank, I have to deal with the bank and hope they can reactivate the card, and not just send me a new PIN via mail, blah blah blah, because I am leaving in TWO DAYS! To top that off I'll have to go and pick him up from work, whenever it is that he gets out today because he couldn't put gas in his car!

Oh well, if it were not complicated it would not be my life!