Monday, November 28, 2011

Decisions Decisions Decisions

Ok so I deleted the post about the HESI A2 I was supposed to take. Didn't have the extra cash after forking out money for unexpected things. Hubby's Jeep is dead again back to the one car shuffle for a bit. Now with 3 of us needing the car though it does make it a bit harder, but somehow I bet the gas used and miles put on the car will not even come close to being as high as they were before we moved.

So my son is going through some things with school. He has always been a problem when it comes to school. He is VERY smart, but unmotivated and lazy when it comes to things he does not see a point in. He has always been this way and its so frustrating as a parent. He has a logical answer for everything and a solution for each statement in his singular way of thinking. It's pretty hard to argue with him. I have also gotten to the point where I am sick of fighting over Highschool.

The problem is this. Dropping out is not an option, but its THE option at the moment that makes the most sense for what he wants. He's two weeks away from 17, and a JR. Nothing shocking there. The issue is he wants to join the Army. The problem, the school he is in now is considered to the Army to be only as good as a GED!

The dilemma, if the school, which is an online highschool is only as good as a GED to the one program he gives a shit about, how to convince the boy that getting his Highschool diploma is important?

Going to a brick and morter school is NOT an option. He flat out refuses to go back to his old highschool or to start at the local highschool here, simply to say he got a highschool diploma. He has also informed me that he will NOT go to graduation and will not participate in commencement with cap and gown even if he does.

We have discussed that he can maybe transfer in his last semester of his senior year and do half day of classes at the regular highschool to get "credit" from the Army as a diploma. The problem is he does not like the classes and format that he has now and its a constant battle to get him motivated to finish.

Option number two would be to withdraw and get his GED then enroll in the local community college and take 15 college credits, which in turns changes his enlistment status and he can go into the Army without any issues. He likes this option because the classes he would take in college are all geared towards law enforcement and not highschool classes.

So Junior in Highschool to College Freshman by spring semester? I know he can do it, he passed his AIMS (Arizona Standardized tests) graduation requirements with exceeds in everything, his practice tests for the ASVAB are in the 70's which is VERY high and qualifies him for any job. Soooo.... urgh decisions decisions.

The Mom in me just wants him to go to regular highschool do well, go to college do well, and stay home forever, with some grandkids added in the future.


  1. Has he talked to a recruiter yet? Maybe they can pound into his head the importance of a diploma over GED? Missing graduation ceremonies isn't that big of a deal in the big picture of things, so I don't think I would focus on that. But a GED won't get him very far in life anymore. My only concern going the community college route would be what if he decides he hates those classes too? Then he is really stuck with just a GED

  2. Pam I hear ya! We keep having this discussion. I told him he has to debate it with his Biodad over the Christmas break, score a HUGE score on the Asvab next week. The good part about the college classes is that he does extremely well on classes he likes. A's in fact, and with his college plan he can take only those he cares about. So who knows... its a huge debate in process.

  3. My husband is a Drill Sergeant in the Army. Does he need a pep talk?? lol