Monday, July 15, 2013

Let the party begin

Payment is due soon they have just started messing with that part of my online acct, some of my books have been ordered and will be here on Wednesday (as we have to get a jump start reading before class begins), and I just started the medical (ie immunizations and physical) stuff that needs to be completed. Good thing I really don't need to do any of the medical stuff, just need to get all of the papers in order. The school is the same one I completed my RN at so they actually have all of the immunization information, so all I have to do is submit my updated PPD and updated physical (which I just got for my Foster Care license) I have to do yet ANOTHER background check, waste of money, but whatever, it is what it is.

I have started watching youtube videos as well to get a start on the terminology of the unit, the tools, the set-ups...etc love that channel.

I also have to buy our uniform, but I do not think they have finalized that yet. It's just black scrubs with the logo from our school and Peri-Operative Nursing on it... they will also say my name,RN


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