Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thinking a lot today

I have a few decisions to make and 1 is if I will drop the STORN program or continue. I have so much going on right now with the foster care and adoptions, not to mention the foreign exchange student, that I just don't feel like this program is going to fit into our schedule right now.

Babysitting is a huge issue. Who is going to watch the girls during the overlap in schedule? When we planned this part of our lives, hubby was to be a stay at home dad and I would concentrate on working. But that hasn't happened yet and probably won't for another year.

So it's almost like we are back to square one. Working full-time mother. Some men and when I say some, I mean mine specifically is just not able to balance work and taking care of kids. He never had to actually be the primary caregiver before, and honestly I am not even sure he gets it.

So until he is a stay at home parent... I have to just keep plugging along at my current job and see how things go. Maybe just maybe things will be different in the future. Maybe next fall I will be able to take the class? Who knows.

All I know is tomorrow is a class day and already I have a conflict. Next week hubby has to go out of town and already there is a conflict. Heck there is a conflict with who will be home with them as I work which is a BIG conflict since my check is the on that pays the bills.

Lots and lots of thinking to do. I may just have to miss Friday and then see what happens?

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