Friday, October 18, 2013

This and That

So I did go to the interview, probably didn't get that position. I actually would love to work at an Urgent Care, but seriously can I? She had quite a few interviews so needless to say besides having the common name of the other staff that already worked there, well I won't count on it.

At current job I have been all over the place, actually next week looks to be about the same. Problem is that currently I have to drive back and forth to Tucson twice a week and the hours are interfering with the case she wants me to work. I am hopeful that something will work out though. Also though the Mom of the case I have been working t for the past two years has another child that has had acute changes in condition and now will get Nursing hours, so she is asking for me to be on his case. Now to just make sure that I get that one!

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