Monday, February 24, 2014

90 Day review

Yup been at the new job 90 days I gues so time for my review. Today I felt like a successful RN here for the first time though. Like I a pro I started an IV on one attempt, drew labs, pushed zofran, and hung fluids. Go ER Nurse me. Good thing I got it though because well, I had been counseled for my poor IV skills after 30 days, but hey in my defense it's not like I'd had a lot of practice in a while at that point, I'd been accessing ports, piccs and broviacs mostly. But yeah being able to just do it like it was an everyday occurrence felt good and it proves that yes i can do it so they should keep me. Other than that its been all MA type of work around here with a lot of Case Management. Sorry there isn't much exciting on here, but hey my BSN is going to start again soon. Yup I'm finally doing it, but seriously even that isn't too exciting.


  1. Great job!!!!! I never thought of you as anything less than a pro! Which school did you decide on for the BSN?

  2. It's all very exciting, keep up the good work. When I started putting in IVs I was used to using butterfly needles in school. But on the birth center they really only use Insites. It took a longer time for me to get used to those. All the blood dripping if you don't push hard enough on the vein and all. But now I'm much better at it and so will you.
    Good job on getting back on track with your BSN journey too. That's no small feat. Keep your head up B-)