Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Career Update

So I quit the hospital in June after my Dad passed away. The cause of death was related to medical error caused by Physician and nursing staff at the hospital I worked at. To say I am angry is to say it mildly... biggest thing is that I am experiencing trauma related to the circumstances surrounding his death and the overwhelming grief. It's manifesting into anxiety and apathy about being a nurse. "How can I help others when I couldn't help my Dad?" or "What do I care if they get better or not?" So yeah I needed a break to step away and deal with what is going on in my heart.

I've looked into other avenues of nursing... I think at this point my love and passion in nursing are combined with mothering my special kiddos. I think my career path needs to reflect a flexibility to achieve that. Home visits I think, possible double weekends back in LTC or an Urgent Care. I haven't decided. Right now it's just an extra paycheck for spending and mad money that I even really need to return to work for.

At this time, even school is off the table as I have no vision for the future where nursing continuing education would be mandated or even used, except to say that I have such and such advanced degree.

We shall see where this detour shall lead... but in the mean time... I am weaning a 23 weeker off of o2, doing feeding therapy to help him get off of a feeding tube, managing physician orders, medication management, helping with physical therapy for 4 kids, doing trach care, suctioning, changing out gtubes, doing enteral feedings, constant assessments for COCs, not to mention prosthetic, brace, and cast care. I continue to maintain current skills on vents, BLS, and central line management... all from home for 4 patients a day.

What do you do?

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