Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Guess what I just did...

Sent away for information about the surgery tech occupation. What? You say. Well since as an RN I only want to work in the OR and the thought of well continuing on right now with RN school has me less than enthused, I thought well how about just finding out the details? Can't hurt and it sounds like FUN. All my favorite things. So we'll see what happens.

as of right now I am still actually in "program" for my lpn-bsn an considering taking Chemistry soon towards my RN-ADN so since I can't make up my mind and everyday I go to work realize I do NOT want to just be an LPN in LTC forever... well a girl has gotta have options.

Ok well time to go and get ready for day number 2 of 8.


  1. Don't surg techs make crap money? That's the only thing that's stopped me from getting into it (when I was looking for things to get into).. I've almost gone to school SOOOO many times for it... I like memorizing tools LOL

  2. lol its not the money its the experience. I will keep my day job as a nurse... but once I finish the RN I will be more marketable as a new grad with scrub as well as the RN to circulate. I only want the OR! :-)

  3. Yes! That's what I was thinking.. that is some well rounded experience- sure to land a job!

  4. Oh and I found job postings for $18 so thats not too bad actually considering.