Monday, October 4, 2010

New Nurses

Humm when a new nurse comes on board it is a crazy time. When said nurse thinks she knows it all and is a friend of the ADON it's worse. When said new nurse says, " I want Christine's hours." and ADON says ok then it's new nurse's fault that I am smarter than she is and said... " Ok you want Wednesday off ok. I'll take Monday!"

So now Christine has Sat,Sun, Mon off !! Woot!

Of course that doesn't mean that I ever seem to work only 32 hours. I have been working more than 40 for the past three weeks and it seems that even though I have 3 days off in a row I'll be making up for it this week. But oh well at least I get family time still.

Of course that doesn't mean that I wasn't called every day this weekend to come in... I just didn't answer the phone. 50 hours last week was enough.

We REALLY need some pool people with availability!


  1. Way to work that one!!!

    As a new nurse myself, I never assume I know much. I do know what the state expects and I try to follow that. Otherwise, I'm very teachable.

    I hope you get back to 32 hours soon!!

  2. I think this is correct but any new nurses can do mistake because they just joined after their nursing deegree and they have no any experience.