Friday, June 10, 2011

Temporary Lay Off

Due to a fever of unknown origin related to surgical complication, from what should have been routine, my night job has been on lay off status. Hopefully I will be able to go back to work next week. If she comes home. (This could get very ugly fast in the bill department), I may have to pick up some other hours, but with school right now I don't have many to choose from.

In school new Chemistry is going well, I have my first exam next week. Of course with the help of some tricks from the tutors. This test shouldn't be that bad. I am actually starting to be able to understand the concepts well enough.

Pharmacology is almost over. I have the final on the 29th. Nothing major to report there. It is what it is. Some NCLEX questions and short answer and case study homework every week and the grade rests on the final.

Tomorrow night is Les Miserables with the girls from my old work. Everyone else bailed on me. But it'll be nice to catch up. There have been major changes there, all the LPNs have in fact been replaced by new grad RNs... the worse part is that the LPNs were told to train them. FUCK that. No way would I do that. Its like here's the cart, management can train you. All I know is that if this economy changes once these RNs have some experience ( the word is this place will be subacute/rehab no longer LTC), then you know if the hospitals hire again they will all be out of there pretty damn quick. I mean what would you want 5 patients or 20-30?

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