Tuesday, August 2, 2011


On Monday my son will start his Jr/Sr year in Highschool. He is planning on accelerating the year. Conceptually he could graduate this year. A part of me is happy for his focus and his goal to finally concentrate on his studies and apply himself. Another part is scared because he is doing so because he wants to join the Army. He's excited about about it. He wants to be an Army Sniper so he can join the SWAT team when he finishes college for his Criminal Justice Degree and ultimately attempt a career with the FBI. I am scared of this on so many levels.

In 20 days my daughter will start her Freshman Year in College toward a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy or Psychology. Wow! So proud of her! So excited for her.

But still I feel so old right now and alot sad that my nest will be empty so soon.

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