Friday, August 12, 2011

So guess what...

Another hospital trip and a forced extra long weekend. Pretty sure that I'll be able to pick up the hours at the end of the week if all goes well though.

Tonight was a long night... so hard to stay awake.( Ok I admit it my eyes did close a time or two) But I found this really cool Youtube site that was pretty funny to watch. A nurse who has all kinds of advice and she is really informative. So I really had nothing to do. my night consisted of monitoring an IV infusion, maintaining NPO status and a few accuchecks. Hummm... 1 med/shot to give this AM and a tiny bit of charting and my day is over and I can go home and sleep for a bit.

Oh and I had a thought during this time... Although I am really looking forward to Nursing School again (ok how psycho does that make me sound?) I really am not looking forward to being a "Student Nurse"... to me it feels like a backward step, because I AM a Nurse... ya know?? Oh well, just stupid thinking.

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