Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Back to reality

Time to go back to work. I have limited ROM still but am able to function again with just Ibuprofen and Tylenol cocktails. I need help brushing and styling my hair of course, and getting into a shirt is pretty hard work, I also can not lift anything over boob level, but at least I am not in tears with every movement like I was Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday! Prednisone does wonders! I am glad when doctors take my opinion and my suggestions into account for my care. I do know what works.

According to Doc 1 I probably have a rotator cuff injury, Doc 2 probably just a sprain because I am able to move my arm backwards without pain. Doc 3 has no clue yet, thinks there could be a number of things wrong but with the tenderness, the limited ROM and the inflammation agrees that a nice course of prednisone would do wonders, as it has in the past with this same shoulder. Once that is completed we can determine if it has resolved, or if an MRI is warranted.

Here's hoping for complete resolution!

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