Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For Sale

The Realtor called today and the house we currently live in goes up for sale tomorrow. So I guess that means I really need to start packing now and making things a tad more presentable. Of course it's one more thing to worry about right! I really hope it doesn't sell as fast as the Realtor thinks it will. He said they expect quite a bit of traffic... but I warned him that I work nights and sleep days and that I will not be amendable to spur of the moment walk throughs or even showings every day. I am not trying to sell it so they can work around my schedule.

I hope the other house is ready for us in time. The Realtor said they could close in as little as 45 days. Yikes!

***update*** So right after this post I received another call from my friend who owns the house that we are moving to saying that the people renting it now broke the lease and have moved out already! So we get to move in early.

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