Saturday, April 27, 2013

Withdrawl not accepted?

Seriously? I know I have been charged for it. Yeah maybe someday I want a BSN... but seriously I am beyond overwhelmed right now, and yeah I know I did this to myself... but seriously, if I need to withdraw then well... I must do so, because I am NOT going to do it all.

I have to make some hard decisions on just which path I want to take in my life right now. I have alot on my plate and sometimes because I have a bit of an issues sometimes with wanting MORE. Don't we all. I figured things would have more time for extra things because I handled it no problem this past semester in nursing school, but in reality it was all about perspective I guess.

I really tried to give a crap about the classes but at this point when I look at the assignments I really really just can't bring myself to complete them. I guess that means that I am just not ready to return to school for general education classes. I am just plain old burnt out!!

Maybe next year (shrug)


  1. Girl you've got time! Take a break if you need it. School will ALWAYS be there!

  2. I sincerely hope you keep persevering! I am a new nursing student myself. I googled "nursing studnet blog" and YOU were my first hit.

    I read the banner on your blog with pictures of you and your family and was so encouraged by your enthusiasm, ambition, and bravery. Then was SHOCKED to read in your recent posts you might be withdrawing :(

    Of course, my voice is not important in the decision but I hope you will persevere, fight the difficulty, and press on. How worth it when you are done!

    Encouragement from one student to another,

    1. Thanks... but I am only withdrawing from the RN-BSN program for the semester... just too much going on. I already have my RN. So to me, I have already met my goal and secured my dreams anything else is just icing on a perfect cake!