Sunday, August 24, 2014

Getting ahead of the course...

First class opened and I have been looking at the tasks and papers. First up Geographical Factors that contribute to the Diffusion of a Population and it's success.

Yeah ummm... I wanted to go to school why? Papers, papers and more papers.

Problem... I am really bad at concentrating on one topic without getting bored. That is why I must have more than one class opened a the same time. It was hard to explain to my Adviser why this was a good idea but I hope she sees it my way after I submit the first set of papers due next week.


  1. That is an interesting topic. Do they mean how the Eastern part of the world had an East/West Orientation vs. the North/South orientation in the Western Hemisphere, leading the peoples of the Eastern part of the world to expand and communicate, share cultures and ideas, much easier than the West, and that made the "Old World" more successful vs. the "new world" (I hate that eurocentric term but w/e).. bah, anyways, yeah, school shmool! LOL

    I am the opposite of you.. I like having one class to focus on at a time.. I feel confused and overwhelmed with too many classes, it's all mental.. I hope I can learn to be like you and spread myself evenly through many subjects, cause that is how my schedule will be in a couple years.

    Good luck! Exciting!!!

  2. Well taking all of the pre-reqs for nursing school helped me be able to multi-task my classes, and nursing school in and of itself had many components under its umbrella :-)