Monday, October 13, 2014

Just slacking

Because I've had a crazy shift this week and an annoying Boss from hell...schoolwork didn't really get done this week. More so because the stuff I have left to do I need to be at home to complete. So no news on the school front right now to report any completed classes.

I have tomorrow off, at which time I will complete my visual aide part of my project. This weekend I will then try to complete the outline for the paper to submit with it. With that said, I still need to videotape the actual presentation,which probably won't happen until this weekend either, since I have my 4 in a row off starting Friday, I may get this done. I also need to bust out that Nutrition exam...I think I have that one planned for Monday (in my mind) we will see how the pretest goes.

No this wasn't actual procrastination,it was just simply life getting in the way this time...:-)

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  1. But that's the cool thing about WGU.. when life is crazy busy, it's OK to take a week off, no penalties there, no losing attendance points or missing an assignment.