Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sometimes you feel like a nurse...

I like it when patients don't know how sick they really are and come in here to be treated. ER acute care patients... DKA anyone... love it more when I get that difficult stick turned into a running IV!

How do you make people see that yes I do infact have acute care experience. That Chest Pain person was pretty real and needed full chest pain protocal work-up and then a lot of interventions prior to sending directly from our center to the cath lab at the heart hospital... isn't that what the ER does? Same with the acute kidney injury related to dehydration and a raging pyelo that needed iv antibiotics and a foley for strict I&O before heading out to be admitted to the floor.

Yes sometimes I feel like a nurse and then there are the times I actually get to be one instead of a glorified MA. Maybe I should apply to an ER?


  1. If you decide to go the ER route, be sure you can handle the drug seekers and homeless on a routine basis. My daughter got burned out on that pretty quickly and is now in the NICU

  2. Oh I know. We get a ton of drug seekers where I work.