Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Career News

Ok so I did get a call from HR from the ER position and tentatively accepted it. Given that I needed a start date that wouldn't bankrupt me and I have already given notice at work. I was starting to get worried that come my two weeks notice being up I'd be unemployed in the end.

So in order to not to burn a bridge I went to an interview at a closer facility in their Cardiac PCU (step down ICU) that a very good friend from nursing school told me about. Walking out of there, just like NCLEX, I left feeling like I totally blew it and had no hope. The floor is a big change for sure.

So lets see...

ER- too far away
ER- Kids
ER- more money than I make now
ER- Nights
ER- Huge variety, fast paced, some things I already know a lot about. Some things I know NOTHING about.

PCU- Lots of things I know nothing about, small things I know some things about, LOTS of learning potential and critical care experience
PCU- way closer
PCU- No kids
PCU- more money than I make now
PCU- Nights

There was one thing I had no interest in doing was kids ER... so that and the distance were the deciding factors for sure on why I would take the PCU job. I mean either way I am excited to get to be a NURSE!


  1. Good luck! If the ER job was with PCH, you made the right choice! They pay terrible, treat employees terrible and have a very high turnover rate. Something just isn't right there

  2. No not at PCH. Actually I think I am going to take the PCU one through Banner