Sunday, November 9, 2014

Finally knocked another one out

Class that is. Nutrition is in the books with a pass. I kinda psyched myself out more than spent any real time on the topic. What should have taken me all of a week to complete, took over a month, mostly because I didn't do anything with school for nearly that.

I have one more class open right now and it's still that communications class, why? Because I have been procrastinating on this one like no one's business. But today I tackle it in earnest and send the outline in for grading and get my visual aide completed. I will record the video on Tuesday no matter what.

Since I want to start a new job, and anyone in nursing knows that new jobs equal more learning and less time for extra stuff in the beginning, I know I need to get as much of this course finished as I can if I want to stay on target for my May BSN completion deadline.

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