Thursday, November 18, 2010

Excited and Annoyed

So I am pretty excited, I think, to start nursing school again. The one year off and distresser year, free of classes, has really made me long for the school atmosphere again. My mind needs to be learning again before it becomes mush. I am not looking forward to the work load and paper writing that this program consists of, but I am really looking forward to the letters RN, BSN after my name. ;-)

I am of course annoyed because the first whole year is nothing but Gen. Ed. classes again. So to me its like, am I really in nursing school or what?

Also I am wondering if I want to start looking for jobs closer to home to cut out the commute or do I want to stick with where I am because my hours may be more flexible?

All I know is one minute I have every Wednesday off, then they hire some new nurse who wants that day so I switch to Monday... cool both days work for me for school, the new nurse will switch for a month so I can take the Wednesday off. Then they hire another nurse to work those days we each have off and guess what? She can't work the Monday, can I take Friday off instead? Hummm... well yeah I guess. So I switched for days with the day nurse on Monday so I could go to school on Monday and still have Friday off... now she says she cant work Friday and can work Monday days.

Confused yet? Our staffing coordinator is going to go bonkers with this one.

PS... big pat on the back to me, from me, for remembering a lab value for K and knowing it was only 0.1 lower than the normal value off the top of my head.

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  1. Eww yay I'm soo excited for you. So what classes are you expected to take your first semester?
    Sorry to hear about your work schedule and the craziness of it all. Hopefully that will iron itself out.