Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nursing School starts again...

In 21 days school starts again. Not looking forward to the endless papers and the lack of any free time again. I must find an APA site, because let's face it, APA sucks and no one is as good at it as the professors require. Or is it just me? I am NOT looking forward to the rest of the general education classes they require, like crappy stats, but maybe taking some in person classes will be better. We shall see.

But the Journey through nursing school has started again and this time the end is RN with a BSN.

On the work front I start day shift tomorrow.


  1. STATS SUCKS BIG BOOTY!! When I'm writing papers I'm always stuck on the Works Cited page, but I've found a website that helps with that, called www.easybib.com (I've book marked that one on my computer). My writing is sucky when it comes to mechanics, but the meaning is good. Good luck to you on your beginnings, I start in about 24 days. Yahoo to us! When again do you plan to graduate?

  2. APA just came out with a new edition so make sure you're aware of the changes (they really nailed us on the details over the summer to make sure we were vigilant...ick).

    I highly recommend the Owl@Purdue's site if you don't want to buy the APA style guide: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/. It's really helpful!

    Good luck! Can't wait to hear about it!

  3. I'm pretty sure graduation is in 2013... but not sure of exact expected dates yet. It's a LONG way away!

  4. Best of luck! I feel ya on the APA thing. Right out of high school I went to University and we were doing footnotes cuz I'm ancient! Learning MLA and APA was no fun in my 40's. And I love to write papers. You can do it and do it well!