Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bought out

So the place I work for has been purchased from a larger corporation. I have no idea how this will effect things, hopefully it can only get better. The worse thing is that they do not currently offer direct deposit. The best thing is that they do however have a tuition reimbursement options.

So we shall see what comes of this. Speaking of work... time for another fun filled night at the loudest place on earth... sometimes I think the flight deck of an aircraft carrier would be quieter than some of our nights.


  1. Oh goodness, what a wonderful blessing for you if you could be reimbursed for your school tuition!

  2. I worked at a hospital that was purchased by another system. A few things did change (mostly for the better) but contrary to our fears, it was still the same old place to work. I learned not to listen wild rumors during those months though!