Sunday, January 2, 2011

Puppy Update

7 weeks old and all of the puppies have found new homes. Of course Moo is staying with us, Smith ( new name Teddy ) has moved in with my parents, Tika ( new name Lucy ) is enjoying her new family and they are enjoying her, and the two black ones Sako and Wes ( new names pending) will be going with their new family soon and going together.


  1. Aww how adorable. Are you breeding and expecting more litters or was this just a one time thing? How do you feel about it all, sad, happy?

  2. Oh a one time only... was trying to get a red healer like the mom so not an accident... but the dad was too dominate in color. The only one the same as the mom is the fluffy one who my parents took but he's still black.

    I do not think she will have any more litters. This one required a trip to the vet to deliver.