Tuesday, September 6, 2011

When its easy....

Its easy to forget that I am actually taking a class. I have a quiz this week I need to take and an exam this week I need to study for. She says its the easiest of the 4 exams she will give and usually the one everyone does the worst on because of her style of testing. So either I should get my ass in gear and get cracking... or I already know the material. I can't figure out what it is just yet... because I can actually spit out a lot of crap on the topic. Hummm... why does it feel easy when I know it's really not?

The content should improve soon, I also need to study a bit to retake my HESI A2 and HESI-PN for the application. Mine have expired. Sucks because my scores rocked.

This heat is really adding to the tired and lazy feeling I have. I am sooo over this damn dog days of summer! Triple digits begone already... don't you know its nearly Fall?

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