Saturday, December 10, 2011

what I learned this semester...

1. I am not cut out to learn anything that is based on the cellular level.
2. I must have been in a totally different class than the material being tested on.
3. If its a pathological immune response I understand it
4. Taking a Saturday only class is NOT good for the GPA!
5. I am so freaking glad that class is over!
6. I am pretty sure I only got a C :-( ( Which would make 3 C's in my entire college career... oh how funny, they are all based mainly on cellular level study!


***update: final grade still not posted, but according to the total number of points, all I need are 4 points out of the total 60 points available from the final and I will get a B for the class! No chance for an A unless I got a perfect score or pretty darn close to it, which is impossible! But I'll take a B ***


  1. #1 holds true for me too! Glad that class is over for you! On to the next one.

  2. Oh yay! I'll be taking Micro soon, kinda worried about it!

  3. I have very few Bs or Cs in school. However, I just got my first D studying for my BSN - Statistics. Ugh! Good luck to you! I am a new follower.