Monday, December 12, 2011

Nook Study and Aps for Nook Color

Really piss me off because I have a Nook. I love my Nook. I love having a million books in my hands at once and it being light as a feather! I love not getting the hand cramp from holding the books, and the backache from lugging them around.

But... I really would like my textbook and exam cram aps on the Nook I already have!

The problem with technology is that they don't make it universal for their products. So if I want exam books I need a pc, so I have to lug around my laptop. If I want exam aps, I have to buy a Nook color!

Frustrated, cuz I want them all with what I already have!


  1. I wish all of our books came on the Nook. THAT would be awesome! Of course I only have the original myself. Would love the Nook color, or even better the Nook tablet!! :)

  2. None of my books were on the Nook. I did have some tests that were on the PC. That was nice for studying. I am a new follower!

  3. Not familiar with a regular Nook and what is available for it (if anything) but may I suggest Evernote? I have it on my MacBook, iPad 2, and iPhone. Its cool because I can access it anywhere--because if nothing else I always have my phone. Also, since you have your new Dell, can you go completely techno (paperless)? That has become an option for me and I am not tuning back. I am a much faster typist than I am a writer. Just a thought!